Younes Zarou Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Younes Zarou is a popular social media influencer, content creator, and entertainer. He comes from Frankfurt, Germany but has made a name for himself worldwide in the past few years. Younes rose to fame during Covud 19 when he took to TikTok and posted illusion videos. He later made an Instagram account and debunked his illusions, raking fans from all over the world. 

Now his content ranges from all sorts of entertaining content featuring his daughter also. Zarou is one of the few social media celebrities with nearly 50 million followers on TikTok. His popularity among people has compelled us to write all about him for our readers. 

Younes has accumulated as many followers as that of popular singer Jason Derulo in a much shorter time. 

Younes Zarou Biography

Younes Zarou Biography

Date of BirthJanuary 26, 1998
Age26 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.72 m (5 ’7 ft)
Weight75 kg~
Net Worth$10 million
HometownFrankfurt, Germany


Younes Zarou Education

Younes is a brilliant mind combined with talent in one body. He started his educational journey at a private school in Frankfurt. He came from a middle-class family and only thought of pursuing his passion of becoming a magician at a later age. Zarou chose a more practical educational path and graduated in Business Studies from Provides School Of International Management And Technology.

His profession has helped him take his social media career to another level and his current success is a combination of all his past ventures. 

Physical Appearance

Younes Zarou Physical Appearance

Although Zarou has mixed ethnicity, his black curly hair makes him look Middle Eastern. He stands 5’7 feet tall and weighs about 75 kg. Younes goes to the gym regularly and maintains his health to stay fit. He has attractive features and often only dresses casually for his videos. 


Younes Zarou Career

Zarou’s social media career started back in 2019 during the pandemic. He made his first account on TikTok and started posting illusion videos. What was special about his content was that he made videos debunking his tricks and filming behind the scenes as well. Viewers were in awe of his contempt and he gained a massive following on TikTok within a year.

After his initial success on TikTok, he expanded his work to other platforms as well. Younes started his own YouTube channel in 2021. Just like TikTok, his YouTube channel became viral as well. He rakes over 1 million views on each video that he posts. 

Zarou not only posts videos with illusions, but His Instagram is also famous for illusion photography as well. He teaches his audience how to take extraordinary photos. 

Besides his social media shenanigans, Zarou is also a dancer. He took part in Let’s Dance Season 16. Sadly he was not in the first 10 contestants. 

Net Worth

Younes Zarou Net Worth

In a short period of five years, Younes has made quite a fortune and a name for himself. His social media following gains him a good amount on each post he makes. He leverages his mass following in the best way possible and works with different brands for endorsements and sponsorships. 

There are varied opinions on his estimated net worth and no certain value is known but we can safely assume that it is nearing $10 million in 2024. 

Family And Relationship

Younes Zarou Family And Relationship

Younes comes from a mixed-race family. His mother is half German and his parents have resided in Germany since his birth. Zarou has five siblings but that’s all we know about them.

He has maintained his family’s privacy, living their lives in private. 

Younes married at a young age and has a daughter who often appears in his videos. He has never revealed any details about his wife as he is a Muslim and his wife maintains pardah. 

Zarou is happily married and enjoys a peaceful home life with his family in Germany. 

Social Media

Younes Zarou Social Media

Being a TikTok illusion king, Younes has the highest following out of all his social media accounts on TikTok standing at 54.5 million followers and 1.2 billion likes. 

Zarou has made quite progress on his YouTube channel with 21.8 million subscribers on 2.9k videos. 

His official Instagram page comes next with illusion photography and video content with 8.7 million followers and almost 1800 posts as of 2024. 

Social Media Handles


Younes Zarou Hobbies

Younes is a family man with many talents. Besides being an illusionist, he has a passion for traveling and photography. He is now focused on these hobbies more but Zarou is a great dancer and singer. His passionate personality has made him a master of his field. 

He also maintains a healthy diet and works out to stay fit.

Some Interesting Facts

Younes Zarou Some Interesting Facts
  • He is as famous as any other TikTokers such as Loren Gray and Kimberly Loaiza. 
  • He once collaborated with well-known TikToker Trulybyjojo. 
  • Zarou is a co-founder of a consulting agency called Totally mgmt. 

Is Younes Zarou a Muslim?

Yes, He is a practicing Muslim from Germany.

Who is Zarou's girlfriend in 2024?

Younes is happily married for years but has not revealed the identity of his wife.

What is Younes's specialty?

Younes is an illusionist and a photographer. He also makes videos on various challenges.

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