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Wi Ha Joon is a South Korean actor famous for his versatile acting. He has been in the industry for a long time and worked hard to get to where he is today. His fame and popularity are all well deserved. 

Besides being a good actor, he also has a great personality behind the camera, and many people like his actual self more than his characters. 

He has worked with many mainstream actors and actresses such as Lee Dong-Wook, Kim Go-Eun, and Hwang In-Yeop.  

Wi Ha Joon Biography

Wi Ha Joon Biography

Date of BirthAugust 5, 1991
Age32 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.8 m (5’9 ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$3 million
HometownWnado County, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Wi Ha Joon Education

Ha Joon comes from a humble background. He attended the local schooling system in his nearby area. He developed a passion for acting at a young age and moved to change his fate. Since his interest lay in the performance arts, he was admitted to the Sungkyul University in Anyang. He was admitted to the Department of Theater and Film where he learned all about his current profession. 

Physical Appearance

Wi is a rather good-looking man with a great physique. He is 5’9 feet tall and has a very muscular body but has maintained his weight around 75 kg. This handsome man has no surgeries and has very Asian eyes, adding to his overall handsomeness. He has a beautiful goofy smile which makes him instantly likable. 

He dresses in a very masculine way which suits his overall image. 


Wi Ha Joon Career

Ha Joon started acting as a 21-year-old guy after he had completed his military service. 

He first starred in a few short films and gained exposure and confidence to be in front of the camera. Ha Joon stuck with the big screen although the roles he got were all minor and small. He spent six years working hard until 2018 when his skills were finally noticed and he appeared in a film known as Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

The same year, he debuted on the small screen with a supporting role in the series called Something In The Rain

Wi Ha was finally on the screens and his actual success began. He worked in several dramas and films for two more years. 

The year 2021 brought him more success when he appeared in a Netflix series The Squid Games and received international fame. His face was recognized all through the world. 

Ha Joon has since played a serial killer in the film,  Midnight and also starred in another Netflix series Little Woman. He is currently rocking the web with a web series called The Worst Of Evil

Television Series

Wi Ha Joon Television Series

  • Goodbye Mr. Black – 2016
  • My Golden Life – 2017
  • Something In The Rain – 2018
  • Matrimonial Chaos – 2018
  • Romance Is A Bonus Book – 2019
  • Soul Mechanic – 2020
  • 18 Again – 2020
  • Bad And Crazy – 2021
  • Little Women – 2022


  • Coin Locker Girl – 2015
  • Bad Guys Always Die – 2015
  • Anarchy From Colony – 2017
  • The Chase – 2017
  • Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum – 2018
  • Miss And Mrs. Copps – 2019
  • Midnight – 2021

Net Worth

Wi Ha Joon Net Worth

Although Ha Joon has been active as an actor for more than a decade he received true recognition in 2018. He started doing major roles only a few years ago. His net worth is not as high as many of the actors his age but he has worked very hard to get here. His current net worth according to many sources by the end of 2023 is $ 3 million

Family And Relationship

Wi Ha Joon Family And Relationship

Wi comes from a family of four. He is an older brother to a sister who is married now and has a daughter. Ha Joon loves his niece Hyeoni very much and shares a close bond with her as a loving uncle. 

He had humble beginnings. He was the son of a seafood farmer in the Southern Joella. Joon has managed to change his life and turn it around completely due to his hard work and resilience. 

As opposed to his family background, Ha Joon has chosen not to divulge any information about his dating life and history. Various rumors circulate the internet from time to time but they have never been confirmed by the actor. As far as we know Wi Ha is single as of 2023

Social Media

Wi Ha Joon Social Media

Like most mainstream artists of the time, Ha Joon is also active on Instagram. He has a whopping 10.8 million followers at the moment and has made more than 350 posts altogether. 

His recent Christmas posts were viral and his fans loved them a lot. 

Social Media Handles


Wi Ha Joon Hobbies

Ha Joon is a very friendly and fun-loving guy. He is often seen among his co-workers and friends. 

Besides these, he likes to travel to places and post photos. He also has a passion for expensive cars. Wi Ha loves to work out and often flaunts his six abs. He has a regular schedule for working out and he follows it with all his heart. He has a very close relationship with his family and spends his time with them as well. 

Some Interesting Facts

Wi Ha Joon Some Interesting Facts

  • He has not won any awards yet but has been nominated several times. 
  • He has amazing vocals and has sung the OST of Matrimonial Chaos. 
  • He has appeared in two web series this year and another is to be announced for the next year. 

Did Ha Joon serve in the South Korean Military?

Yes, he has already served in the military before he even began is career.

Which is the latest project of Ha Joon?

Ha Joon has recently appeared in a web series known as The Worst Of Evil.

Is Wi Ha single?

Yes, he is single as of 2023.

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