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Stephen Lang is an American actor, writer, director, and producer who has a successful career in film, television, and theater. He was born in New York City on July 11, 1952. Stephen studied at Swarthmore College and the Yale School of Drama before beginning his professional acting career.

He is popular for his roles in films such as Tombstone, Avatar and Don’t Breathe as well as his appearances in television shows like Salem and Into the Badlands. His acting career began in 1980 with small roles in many television series and films. Some of his famous film roles include his character of the villainous Colonel Miles Quaritch in James Cameron’s “Avatar”, Ike Clanton in the Western film “Tombstone” and Freddy Lounds in Manhunter.

He has also appeared in many television shows, including “Crime Story”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Into the Badlands”. He has been nominated for and won various awards including a Tony Award for his performance in the play “The Speed of Darkness”

Stephen Lang Biography

Real Name

Stephen Lang




July 11, 1952


70 (As of now, 2023)




Manhattan, New York, United States






Actor, producer & writer


TV Show: Twice in a Lifetime
Movie: Uncharted Live Action Fan Film

Net Worth

$5 million (As of 2023)

Zodiac Sign


Father Name

Eugene Lang

Mother Name

Theresa Lang


Jane Lang & David Lang


Kristina Watson


Noah Lang
Grace Lang
Lucy Lang
Dan Lang

Marital Status



Playing Guitar, Harmonica & Mandolin

Early Life

Lang was born in New York City, USA on July 11, 1952, and grew up in a well-established family including his father Eugene Lang who is a businessman, and his mother Theresa Volmer who is an artist and a food writer. He attended George School in Pennsylvania, where he developed his passion for acting and theater.

After completing his education, Stephen returned to New York City and began his acting career. He started with small roles in various theater productions and television shows.

Stephen Lang Early life


Stephen was born into a well-established artist family in which his father “Eugene Lan” is a businessman and philanthropist who founded the “I Have a Dream” foundation, which helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their educational and career goals, and his mother “Theresa Volmer” who is an artist and a food writer.

He had a close relationship with his father and he admired his father’s philanthropic work. Stephen has two siblings “Jane” and “David”.


He married Kristina Watson on June 1, 1980, who is a costume designer and teacher. The couple has four children, Noah, Grace, Dan, and Lucy.


He did his schooling at George Ryan Junior High School and completed his graduation in English Literature from Swarthmore College. He pursued his passion for acting by enrolling in the Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University in Chicago, where he received his Master of Fine Arts degree.

  • George Ryan Junior High School
  • Swarthmore College


Lang started his career as an actor in a small role. He has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and stage productions, and has been recognized with awards and nominations for his work. He began his professional acting career in theater and performed in Off-Broadway productions.

The actor made his career debut with “Twice in a Lifetime” (1985) which earned him critical acclaim. He then went on to appear in several films including Last Exit to Brooklyn, The Hard Way, and Tombstone. In 2000, he worked in both film and television, appearing in projects such as “The Men Who Stare at Goats”, “Public Enemies” and “Avatar”.

His performance in “Avatar” was highly praised worldwide. Throughout his career, he has been nominated for and won various awards.

Stephen Lang Career

Movies List

  • 1985 Twice in a Lifetime
  • 1986 Band of the Hand
  • 1986 Manhunter
  • 1987 Project X
  • 1989 Last Exit to Brooklyn
  • 1991 The Hard Way
  • 1991 Another You
  • 1993 Guilty as Sin
  • 1993 Gettysburg
  • 1993 The Making of Gettysburg
  • 1993 Tombstone
  • 1994 Murder Between Friends
  • 1995 Tall Tale
  • 1995 The Amazing Panda Adventure
  • 1996 Loose Women
  • 1996 Gang in Blue Moose
  • 1996 An Occasional Hell
  • 1997 Shadow Conspiracy
  • 1997 Niagara, Niagara
  • 1997 Fire Down Below
  • 1998 Escape 
  • 1999 The Story of a Bad Boy
  • 2000 Trixie Jacob Slotnick
  • 2001 The Proposal
  • 2002 D-Tox
  • 2002 The Making of Tombstone
  • 2003 The I Inside
  • 2003 Code
  • 2003 Gods and Generals
  • 2003 Gods and Generals
  • 2006 The Treatment
  • 2006 We Fight to Be Free
  • 2007 Save Me
  • 2008 From Mexico with Love
  • 2009 Public Enemies
  • 2009 The Men Who Stare at Goats
  • 2009 Avatar
  • 2010 Christina
  • 2010 False Creek Stories
  • 2010 White Irish Drinkers
  • 2011 Conan the Barbarian
  • 2013 Officer Down
  • 2013 Pawn Charlie
  • 2013 The Gettysburg Story
  • 2013 Pioneer
  • 2013 The Monkey’s Paw
  • 2013 The Girl on the Train
  • 2014 The Nut Job
  • 2014 In the Blood
  • 2014 Jarhead 2
  • 2014 A Good Marriage
  • 2014 Gutshot Straight
  • 2014 23 Blast
  • 2015 Exeter Father
  • 2015 Band of Robbers
  • 2015 Gridlocked
  • 2015 Beyond Glory
  • 2015 Isolation
  • 2016 Don’t Breathe
  • 2016 Beyond Valkyrie
  • 2017 Hostiles
  • 2017 Justice
  • 2018 Braven
  • 2018 Mortal Engines
  • 2018 The Gandhi Murder
  • 2019 VFW Fred Parras
  • 2019 Rogue Warfare
  • 2019 Rogue Warfare 2
  • 2020 Rogue Warfare 
  • 2020 Death in Texas
  • 2021 The Seventh Day
  • 2021 Don’t Breathe 2
  • 2022 The Lost City Fantasy Villain
  • 2022 Mid
  • 2022 Old Man
  • 2022 The Independent
  • 2022 My Love Affair With Marriage
  • 2022 Avatar 


  • 1985 Death of a Salesman
  • 1986–1988 Crime Story
  • 1989 The Equalizer
  • 1991 Babe Ruth
  • 1992 Taking Back My Life
  • 1993 Darkness Before Dawn
  • 1994 Baseball
  • 1995 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • 1996 The West
  • 1997 The Outer Limits
  • 1997 Liberty
  • 1998 Escape 
  • 2000 Running Mates
  • 2000–2001 The Fugitive
  • 2001 After the Storm
  • 2002 Ed Jack Foster
  • 2003 Law & Order 
  • 2005 Jonny Zero Officer Tanner
  • 2005 Law & Order Terry Dorn
  • 2007 The Bronx Is Burning
  • 2008 Medal of Honor
  • 2009 Law & Order 
  • 2009 Psych Mr. Salamatchia
  • 2011 Terra Nova Commander Nathaniel Taylor
  • 2012 In Plain Sight James Wiley Shannon
  • 2014 Salem Increase Mather
  • 2015 To Appomattox
  • 2015 2018 Into the Badlands
  • 2016 Shades of Blue
  • 2019 The Rookie Chief Williams
  • 2021 The Good Fight


Stephen Lang fame


  • Grace Award for Acting
  • Saturn Award
  • Fangoria Chainsaw Award


  • Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Villain
  • Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Fight
  • MTV Movie Award for Best Villain
  • MTV Movie Award for Best Fight
  • Scream Award for Best Villain

Social Media

He is active on two social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, his username is @IAmStephenLang, where he shares his thoughts, opinions, and updates on his career and personal life. On Instagram, his username is @slang_711.

Stephen Lang Social media


Stephen has 98k followers on Instagram with a verified badge. 


He has 25.4K followers on Twitter with a Twitter Blue Tick. 

Social Media Handles

Net Worth

As of 2023, his net worth is almost $5 million.

Monthly Income

His monthly salary is more than $83,000.

Source of Income

His source of income is acting, directing, voiceover, and screenwriting.


His nickname is Slang.


Favorite Places

Paris, Hawaii & New York City

Favorite Movies

The Godfather, On the Waterfront, Lawrence of Arabia, & The Searchers

Physical Appearance


5 feet & 10 Inches


84 kg


Muscular & Athletic







Show Size

8 (US size)



Eye Color


Hair Color


Skin Complexion


Stephen Lang Physical appearance

Amazing Facts About Stephen

  • He served as a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve from 1970 to 1976.
  • He is an accomplished playwright and has written several plays including “Beyond Glory.
  • Stephen has a scar on his forehead due to a stage performance.
  • Stephen is a musician and plays several instruments including the guitar, harmonica, and mandolin.
  • He has a tattoo of a Celtic cross on his upper arm which he got during a trip to Ireland.
  • Lang is a trained stage actor and has performed in over 40 theatrical productions, including many Shakespearean plays.
  • He is a trained horse rider and enjoys horse riding.
  • He served as a member of the board of directors for the non-profit organization, the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, in New York City.
  • He is also a screenwriter, and he wrote the script for the 2009 film “The Men Who Stare at Goats”.
  • He is an accomplished voice actor and has voiceover for several video games and animated shows including “Call of Duty-Ghosts” and “The Last Airbender.”
  • He is a big fan of the rock band Led Zeppelin, and he once performed in a one-man show called “His Dark Land”.
  • He is a licensed commercial pilot and has been flying airplanes since the 1980s.
  • He is also an active philanthropist and supports several charities, including the Boot Campaign, which provides assistance to military veterans.
  • He is a fitness enthusiast and has shared his workout routine in interviews which includes weight training, running, and boxing.
  • Neymar Jr and Sophie Turner are also among the list of most influential personalities on the internet.

Who is Stephen?

He is an actor, producer, and writer.

How old is Stephen?

He is 70 years old.

What is Stephen’s net worth?

As of now (2023), his net worth is $5 million.

What is his full name?

His full name is Stephen Lang.

When was Stephen born?

He was born on July 11, 1952.

Is Stephen dating?

He is not dating anyone.

Is Stephen married?

He is married.

What is the Zodiac sign of Stephen?

His zodiac sign is Cancer.

Where is Stephen from?

He is from Manhattan, United States.

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