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Song Kang is an actor and model from South Korea with fans all over the world. He has been famous with the younger generation who watch Netflix. Most of his dramas have aired on Netflix, earning him the title of Son Of Netflix

He is known and loved for his handsome looks and a talent for acting. His recent drama, My demon is winning the hearts of many. He is in the same league of mature  actors such as Kim Young-Dae, Lee Junho, Byeon Woo-Seok


Song Kang Biography

Date of BirthApril 23, 1994
Age29 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.86m (6’1 Ft.)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$5 million
HometownSuwon, Geonggi, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Song Kang Education

Kang is yet another talented and educated actor in the industry. He had planned ahead and studied in the department of Film Arts in KonKuk University. To fan’s pleasure, Jin of Bts was also a senior at the same university and they had seen each other in the hallways. 

While he was studying, he received many offers to become a K pop singer. He preferred to focus on his studies and turned down all such offers. 

Physical Appearance

Song Kang Physical Appearance

Song is making ripples in the industry with his looks. He is 6 ‘1 feet tall and weighs about 70 kg. He has maintained his body well and is known to work out regularly

Kang has pale skin and dark hair making a deadly combo for women with weak hearts. 

Song Kang Physical Appearance

His looks makes him look like a guy in his early 20’s despite being almost 30. 

He has won hearts of millions internationally with his charming and witty personality and continues to do so. 


Song Kang Career

This skillful and good looking actor started his career in the year 2017 as a supporting actor in two dramas. His screen presence was enough success to help him appear in two music videos the same year. That was the beginning of his much deserved fame. 

The next year was the year of more success for Kang, as he was casted in different tv shows as a host and as a cast member. He was also awarded a movie role the same year. The name of the film was Beautiful Vampire. 

The year 2019 brought more popularity to Song as he was selected as the main lead for a Netflix series known as Love Alarm. That web series was so good that it got him another role, again on Netflix. But this time he was cast in a horror genre series known as Sweet Home. Both these Netflix series were based on webtoon and they earned Knag international success. His stardom had truly started with these series. 

Song Kang Career

Since 2020, he has worked in various roles of various genres and has done an exceptionally amazing job in each one of them. Some of his series are Love Alarm 2, Navillera and Forecasting Love And Weather. 

The latest series called My Demon has made Song a domestic name and everyone is going crazy for his portrayal of the demon with a beautiful face. 

All fans hope to see more from Kang in the coming years as well. 

Television Series

Song Kang Television Series

  • The Liar And His Lover – 2017
  • Man In The Kitchen – 2017
  • Touch Your Heart – 2019
  • When The Devil Calls Your Name – 2019
  • Navillera – 2021
  • Nevertheless – 2021
  • Forecasting Love And Weather – 2022
  • My Demon – 2023


  •  Beautiful Vampire – 2017

Music Videos

  • Sweet Summer Night by Ade – 2017
  • Love Story by Suran – 2017
  • Call me Back by Vibe – 2019

Net Worth

Song Kang Net Worth

Song has been an actor for about six years now. Acting is his major source of income while he does modeling for various brands as well. He has been a main lead for many years now and has a significant number of good series under his name. He makes a comfortable living for himself and his net worth, according to many sources, as of 2023 is $5 million, making him one of the rich male leads of the industry. Besides that, he has a large number of social media following earning him significant revenue from these platforms as well. Some of the famous brands he has endorsed and worked with are Prada, Cartier and Marie Clair

Family And Relationship

Song Kang Family And Relationship

Song has managed to keep his family and private matters hush and there isn’t a lot of information regarding his family online. We were able to find out that this charming man comes from a family of four. He has a younger brother, almost four years younger than him. His father is known to be a former gymnast. His family has always been supportive of his endeavors and love him dearly.

As for the love life of Kang, there has not been any confirmed news of his girlfriends. However, there had been a few rumors. Jennie from the black pink who was his cast mate in a tv show is rumored to have dated him at the time. The rumor was most likely started by the fans.

Song Kang Family And Relationship

Song had amazing chemistry with his co-star from the drama Nevertheless. Ha So-Min has also been his girlfriend due to a few public spotting of them hanging out together. There has never been a confirmation so far. 

Kang, for all we know, is single as of 2023.

Social Media

Song Kang Social Media

Kang is very famous among gen z and has managed to keep three official social media accounts on different platforms. He is available on Instagram with a huge follower number of 17.1 million. His Facebook page has 1 million followers while his Twitter/X account has 104.5k followers. He is the most active on Instagram.

Kang regularly retweets posts from his managing company on Twitter/X, promoting his dramas and series. 

Social Media Handles

Song Kang Social Media Handles


Song Kang Hobbies

Like so many other Korean leading men, Kang also works hard to keep himself fit and enjoys it too. He loves to start his day with stretching or sometimes doing yoga. Son loves to go running too. He is not a shy person and has a good affinity with people he works with. His spontaneous nature makes him fun to hang out with. 

He also loves to read books before he goes to bed to relax himself and fuel his imagination.

Some Interesting Facts

Song Kang Some Interesting Facts

  • He knows ballet dancing and was cast as a dancer in his series Navillera. 
  • His famous genre of books is thriller.
  • He has enrolled himself for mandatory military service and will soon be off the radar for two years.
  • He can play piano and has inherited that talent from his mother. 

Who is the actor in My demon?

Song Kang is the main lead of the drama My Demon.

Did Kang serve in military?

Kang has enrolled for the military and will leave soon.

How tall is Kang?

Kang is around 6 feet tall.

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