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Son Geon Hee is a rising actor in the South Korean film and drama Industry. He has remained in the shadows up until now, playing small roles on the side. However, with his latest project, Geon Hee is taking television by storm. His popularity has significantly risen in the past month. 

Geon Hee is blessed with handsome looks and many hidden talents that the audience is waiting to discover. 

Song’s newly formed fanbase is now finding all his old projects while desperately waiting for him to appear as a male lead in a drama as well. 

With Geon Hee’s boisterous fame, we have brought you his biography so you can know more about this charming young man. 

Song Geon Hee Biography

Song Geon Hee Biography

Date of BirthAugust 16, 1997
Age27 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.78 m (5’ 9 ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth<$1 million
HometownGunpo, South Korea


Song Geon Hee Education

As Geon Hee is a relatively new actor, the exact names of his initial schools have yet to be discovered. He started his educational journey in his hometown of Gunpo. For higher studies, he chose to attend Sejong University, the same institute with Shin Hye Sun as an alumnus. 

Song successfully graduated from university and is pursuing a career as an actor. 

Physical Appearance

Song Geon Hee Physical Appearance

Geon Hee has won the hearts of many women in Asia and other countries due to his adorable yet manly looks. He is 5’9 feet tall and has maintained his weight around 70 kg

He has a beautiful smile and monolid eyes with a fair complexion. Song looks younger than his age like many other Asian men. 


Song Geon Hee Career

Geon Hee started his career as a professional actor in 2017 with a few web series. 

His first experience of working in a television series was in the drama Gangnam Beauty where he got a very small role. 

Song’s first major role came in the Sky Castle series in 2018. The drama allowed him to showcase his acting skills in a better way. Since then, he has appeared in many series including Tale Of Nokdu, Snowdrop, and Joseon Attorney. 

Song Geon Hee Career

Geon Hee’s most famous character is Kim Tae Seong in the ongoing series, Lovely Runner alongside the charming Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon. The drama has broken record ratings and is currently popular worldwide. 

Geon Hee considers himself a movie enthusiast and wants to star in good films. He has only done one film so far and is looking for better movie roles. 

Television Series

Song Geon Hee Television Series

  • Gangnam Beauty – 2017
  • Sky Castle – 2018
  • At Eighteen – 2019
  • Arthdal Chronicles – 2019
  • Birthday Letter – 2019
  • The Tale Of Nokdu – 2019
  • Mystic Pop Up Bar – 2020
  • Missing: The Other Side – 2020
  • Snowdrop – 2020
  • Joseon Attorney – 2023
  • Lovely Runner – 2024


Song Geon Hee Films

  • The Christmas Carol – 2022

Web Series 

Song Geon Hee Web Series

  • Flat – 2017
  • Hello Stranger – 2017
  • Not Alright, But It’s Alright – 2018
  • Love Alarm – 2019
  • Alice: She’s The Last Weapon – 2022

Net Worth

Song Geon Hee Net Worth

Song’s career only properly started a few years ago. He is working hard and consistently to make a name for himself in the K Drama Industry. Geon Hee’s efforts are slowly but surely paying off as he levels up. However, It is still too early to estimate his net worth in terms of finances and assets. His major source of income is acting where Song is doing a pretty good job. Currently, Geo Hee’s net worth is under $1 million. It is expected that he will become one of the highly paid actors in the future. 

Family And Relationships

Song Geon Hee Family And Relationship

Eon Hee was born in Gunpo City South Korea in a comfortable home to two parents who love him a lot. Fans are still waiting to discover if Song has any siblings or if any of his family members are associated with the Industry. Geon Hee is still to disclose those facts about himself. 

As for the dating life of this handsome man, He is single in 2024. Like most South Korean actors, he has kept his love life a secret so far. Song is busy making a career and has no intentions of settling down just yet at the age of 27. 

Social Media

Song Geon Hee Social Media

Geon Hee has limited himself to two social media platforms namely Instagram and YouTube. He has become more active on Instagram since his new drama was released. Song’s Follower count is about to reach one million as they are increasing each day due to his rising popularity. 

Geon Hee uses his YouTube channel for vlogging mostly and has posted 16 videos so far with 18.3k subscribers at the moment. 

Social Media Handles


Song Geon Hee Hobbies

This new shining star is a very warm and friendly guy. He gets along well with all his co-stars and makes good friendships. Song loves to hang out with his friends and drink coffee. 

His favorite hobby is watching movies

Geopn Hee also loves to be around animals, especially dogs. He is good with the camera and often makes videos when he is out and about. 

Some Interesting  Facts

Song Geon Hee Some Interesting Facts

  • Geon Hee is a great singer and he sang at the King Of Mask Singer, a television show. 
  • Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is his favorite movie. 
  • He has also done a theater show by the name of Midnight Sun in 2022

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