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Shuba is a famous TikTok singer. Her talent has spread to other social media and she is currently a well known YouTuber. This rapidly rising to fame artist us super talented and attractive. Her full name is Shuba Vedula.

Her popularity began a few years ago with her short singing TikTok. The story of her success is very inspiring for any new and struggling artist with limited means. She is considered among famous TikTokers and Youtubers of the time such as Chris Barnett, Nisha Guragain and many more. 


Shuba Biography
Date of BirthAugust 3, 1996
Age27 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.65m (5’5ft)
Net Worthunknown
HometownUnited States
NationalityAmerican, Indian


Shuba Education

Shuba being a very hard working and intelligent woman studied Music Theory. There was a time when she came to a crossroad. She wanted to go to college for further studies but her heart pulled her towards music. There is no mention of a college name so we can assume she chose to self explore music. She also took lessons for vocals

Physical Appearance

Shuba Physical Appearance

Shuba is one good looking young woman. Her height is 5’5 ft. She has a slim body. Although there is  no mention of her weight, we can guess that it is around 45 kg. Her toned physique and perfect waste shows she takes care of herself and indulges in some kind of workout routine. 

She has dark hair and deep dark eyes that attract so many onlookers. Her natural hair texture is curly which she wears in various hairstyles. 

Besides the obvious features, she has a beautiful smile. She has always styled herself according to the latest trends. She looks the best in bright colors and sparkly dresses that she wears now and then. 


Shuba Career

Vedula’s career took a turn when she submitted a video of her singing for American Idol 12. To no one’s surprise, she passed the auditions and became one of the contestants. She worked her way up in all rounds successfully. She went as far as the semi finals but left after winning many hearts and people started recognizing her only when she was 17. Finally, she spent the next few years learning music on her own. 

Her TikTok journey began when she started posting her singing videos for fun. Her videos were of herself impersonating the singing of Shakira, Ariana and many other notable singers. What she didn’t expect was the attention her TikToks would get. People soon started to notice her music more. 

She allowed herself to move to other platforms too such as YouTube and Instagram. Her shorts and reels got the same praise and she started getting millions of views. 

She was always working on writing her lyrics. 

Her first song was available to the world in the year 2020 by the name of Eye to Eye. The 2021 song, Indian Summer, gained much more popularity and everyone was singing it. Since then, her music has improved further and we have numerous songs from her available. She recently collaborated with her favorite musician and composer A.R.Rehman. She sang an upbeat song Raawadi for a south Indian movie. 

Besides that, she can be seen collaborating with various south Asian singers and rappers. 

Music Albums

  • Eye to Eye – 2017
  • Little Rain – 2017
  • Not Like Them – 2018
  • Blue Fantasy – 2020
  • Gimme Gimme – 2020
  • I bet – 2020
  • Indian Summer – 2021
  • Love Runs Out – 2022
  • True Colors – 2022
  • Icon – 2022
  • Bad Date – 2023
  • Hot Girls – 2023
  • Come Here – 2023
  • 1st Gen – 2023

Net Worth

Shuba Net Worth

Vedula comes from a humble background. Her parents immigrated to the States before she was born. Her parents eventually made a comfortable living. With increasing fame, Vedula’s followers on social media are also going up. It is estimated that she makes somewhere around $800,000 through her social media sponsorships. She is excelling in her music so it is expected that she will have much greater net worth in the coming years. 

Family and Relationship

Shuba Family and Relationship

She was born to parents Ramesh and Vandana. Both her parents belong to different parts of India. They had already settled in America before little Vedula came into this world in 1996. Her father often appears in her videos and we can guess, she has a close relationship with her parents. She also has an older sister named Priya Vedula. Priya is also a gifted singer but she pursued the field of medicine instead of singing. 

This beautiful singer was introduced to music at a very young age by her mother. Her mother’s love for music transferred into her and she was supported by both her parents to achieve her dreams. 

As for dating life of hers, we are in complete darkness for she has maintained a complete silence on the subject. There has never been mention of a man so we can only hope to hear more from herself. She is currently single and it seems like she is not ready to  mingle either. 

Social Media

Shuba Social Media

Shuba has the highest followers on TikTok as the brown chick. It is her oldest account and has 5.8 million followers. Her second most famous social media is YouTube with 1.58 million followers. She has 697k followers on Instagram, 29k followers on Facebook and about 3.7k followers on Twitter/X. 

 Social Media Handles


Shuba Hobbies

As we can guess, her major passion is her music. She spends most of her time exploring music. She has worked hard on her vocals and has a great control of it. In her free time, she creates content for different social media platforms. 

Recently, she was seen traveling to her parent’s home country and trying out new food

Some Interesting Facts

Shuba Some Interesting Facts
  • She is proud of her Indian heritage and culture.
  • She was introduced to music at the age of three. 
  • She used to practice singing on a karaoke machine when she was a young child. 
  • She loves animals, especially cats.

Who is Shuba?

Shuba is a Youtuber and a singer. She started her journey from TikTok.

Is Shuba married?

NO, she is single as of 2023.

What is Shub's TikTok handle?

Shuba's TikTok username is tiktok brown chick.

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