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Shaggy is a Jamaican singer, reggae rapper and a musician. His real name is Orville Richard Burrell and he is one of the most talented and famous American musicians. He has won two Grammy awards for his albums Bombastic (1996) and Sting (2019).

Orville has served in the American Marine Corps and achieved the rank of Lance Corporal. In 1993, he released his first hit “Oh Carolina” and debuted his outstanding music career. 

He has given the American music industry some very beautiful rape songs. His most remarkable hits are “It Wasn’t Me”, “In The Summertime”, , “Angel”, “Oh Carolina” and “Boombastic”. In 2002, he also won the Brit Award. 

The other famous American singers are Megan Thee Stallion, Taylor Swift and Marc Anthony

Shaggy Biography

  • Date of Birth: Orville’s date of birth is October 22, 1968.
  • Age: Orville is 55 years old.
  • Height: Orville is 5 ‘9 tall
  • Weight: Orville weighs 69 kg
  • Zodiac sign: Orville is a Libra.    
  • Marital Status: Orville is married to Rebecca Packer.  
  • Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica. 

Shaggy bio


After moving to the USA with his mother at the age of 18, Orville went to Erasmus Hall Campus High School and completed his education. He was honored with the Doctors of Fine Arts Degree from Brown University

Physical Appearance 

Orville has a Jamaican Psychic. His black color and a toned body shape makes him a perfect reggae singer. He weighs 69 kg and his height is 5 ‘9. Rowan Row is a UK based fitness model. 


Orville started to write songs at a very young age. He wrote his first song at the age of 12 when he was living with his grandmother. He released his first hit in 1993 and after this, he made various hits which were recognized globally. He has given the American music industry some very beautiful rape songs. His most remarkable hits are “It Wasn’t Me”, “In The Summertime”, , “Angel”, “Oh Carolina” and “Boombastic”. In 2002, he also won the Brit Award. Gal Godot, Florence Pugh and Katy Perry are famous American actors. 

Shaggy career



  • Pure Pleasure (1993)
  • Original Doberman (1994)
  • Boombastic (1995)
  • Midnite Lover (1997)
  • Hot Shot (2000)
  • Lucky Day (2002)
  • Clothes Drop (2005)
  • Intoxication (2007)
  • Shaggy & Friends (2011)
  • Summer in Kingston (2011)
  • Rise (2012)
  • Out of Many, One Music (2013)
  • 44/876 with Sting (2018)
  • Wah Gwaan?! (2019)
  • Christmas in the Islands (2020)
  • Com Fly Wid Mi (2022)


  • Never Mind the Buzzcocks (1997)
  • Blast (2004)
  • Game Over, Man (2018)
  • American Idol (2019)
  • The Little Mermaid Live! (2019)
  • The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your (2019)
  • The Masked Singer (2022)
  • Never Mind the Buzzcocks (2022)

Net Worth

Orville has earned an estimated net worth of $15 million from his singing career as of 2023. 

Family and Relationship

Orville was born in a Jamaican family in Kingston. His parents Veronica Miller and Clinton Burrell moved to the USA when he was 18. 

In 2014, he married Rebecca Packer whom he has been dating for a long time. He has three daughters and two sons. His daughter’s names are Sydney, Madison and Kelsey.  His sons are Richard O’Neil Burrell and Sydney Burrell

Shaggy family

Social Media 

Orville has a huge fan following on social media. There are 954 k Instagram followers of Orville as of 2023. Moreover, there are 2.1 million Facebook followers of Orville. Shalini Suryavanshi, Lanie Gardner and Sophie Turner are famous social media personalities. 

Social Media Handles 

  • Instagram       direalshaggy
  • Tiktok             @direalshaggy
  • Youtube         @shaggy
  • Twitter            @direalshaggy


Orville loves to do social welfare activities. In 2016, he started a project and donated one million US dollars to Bustamante Children’s Hospital. He has also performed in many concerts just to help different institutes and for the sake of Charity.  Saad Lamjarred is a famous singer. 

Shaggy hobbies

Some Interesting Facts

  • He won two Grammy Awards.
  • His most famous song is Bombastic (1995).
  • He won the Brit Award.
  • He was honored with the Doctor of Arts from Brown University. 

Why is Shaggy so famous?

He is famous for his reggae rape music and Bombastic song of 1995.

Who is Shaggy’s wife?

His wife is Rebecca Packer. 

What is Shaggy’s Instagram account?

His Instagram account is @direalshaggy

What is Shaggy’s twitter account?

His Twitter accounts is @direalshaggy

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