Seol In-Ah Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Seol In-Ah is a breathtakingly beautiful actress from the South Korean Industry. She has been impressing her audience worldwide through her amazing acting skills and well above average looks. 

This young actress gained international fame with the Netflix famous drama Business Proposal along with Kim MIn-Gue, Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo-Seop. Despite being a second lead, she managed to shine through due to her energetic portrayal of her character. 


Seol In-Ah Biography

Date of BirthJanuary 3, 1996
Age27 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.67m (5’5ft)
Net Worth$5 million
HometownSuwon-si, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Seol In-Ah Education

Seol has worked hard in honing her skills as an actress. She has been preparing for a long time for this specific profession. She studied acting as a major subject in the university of Seoul Institute of Arts in Seoul, South Korea. 

Besides acting, she can play guitar. But it is not confirmed if she learnt it on her own or from an academy. Whoever has seen In-Ah on screens is a fan of her expression control. 

Physical Appearance 

Seol In-Ah Physical Appearance

Seol is one beautiful woman with a perfect height of about 5’5 feet. In-Ah has a slim and fit body and weighs about 45 kg. She had dark eyes, pale skin and dark, straight hair

She has two adorable dimples on both cheeks that make her smile more attractive.

In-Ah has all the features of a true Korean beauty since she fits all standards. She always dresses cute and elegantly, adding to her overall charm. 


Seol In-Ah Career

This cute girl began her journey just like many others from small roles in the year 2015. For the next three years, she was casted in supporting roles. Fans recognized her capabilities soon and wished to see more of her on their screens. Some of her dramas as a supporting actress include School 2017, Strong girl Bong-Soon and Flowers Of The Prison. 

2018 proved to be her year and she was casted as a female lead in the drama called Sunny Again Tomorrow. Although the drama got mixed reviews, In-Ah still managed to win many awards for her role in that show. 

Seol In-Ah Career

She was also a member in a variety show called Law of Jungle in Mexico. In later years Seol appeared as second lead roles in many dramas. Most famous dramas include Mr. Queen and Business Proposal

In-Ah has also worked on a few movies giving her more experience of her art. 

Her recent drama Twinkling Watermelon created ripples in fans’ hearts and they all loved her as Se-Kyung. 

Television Series

Seol In-Ah Television Series

  • Strong Girl Bong-Soon – 2017
  • School 2017 – 2017
  • Sunny Again Tomorrow – 2018
  • Special Labour Inspector – 2019
  • Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – 2019
  • Mr. Queen – 2020
  • Business Proposal – 2022
  • Oasis – 2023
  • Twinkling Watermelon – 2023


Seol In-Ag Filmography

  • Closed Eyes – 2017
  • Emergency Declaration – 2022
  • Love My Scent – 2023

Net Worth

Seol In-Ah Net Worth

In-Ah has an all-time rising fame curve from the past eight years. Her popularity increased and she became an international boy’s crush after her drama Business Proposal. At the moment, her net worth is estimated to be $5 million according to many sources.

 It is growing thanks to her being part of many worthy projects just this year. Seol is sure to become one of the most successful actresses of the K Industry in the near future. 

Family And Relationship

Seol In-Ah Family and Relationship

Like most female actresses of the South Korean Industry, Seol also likes to keep her family matters very quiet. She comes from a family of four and has an older brother. No wonder In-Ah exudes younger sister energy so often. Apart from this, there is no other information available about her family at all. What we do know is that she is currently living in the house her family used to live in while she was growing up.  

As for the dating history of this charming girl, she was known to date Park Bo-Gum. They are not together anymore even if they were actually dating.

Seol In-Ah Family and Relationship

Seol was rumored to be dating Kim Min-Gue, her co-star from Business Proposal. They seemed to love each other’s company even in real life. Neither of them has confirmed the relationship. They have a close bond of friendship with each other and fans wish to see them together in real life too. 

For all we know, Seol is single as of 2023. 

Social Media

Seol In-Ah Social Media

In-Ah has an Instagram account with about 9.8 million followers from around the world. She posts every week and is pretty active as compared to many other Korean Actors. She posts cute photos of herself and behind the scenes from her sets as well. 

To fans’ dismay, she is not available with an official account on any other social media platform.  

Social Media Handles


Seol In-Ah Hobbies

In-Ah is a cute and fun-loving person. Her energy is very contagious and she gets along well with most people. Her hobbies include playing her guitar. She loves music and is specifically very fond of her guitar. She has a dog and she considers him her family.

Seol loves beaches and is often seen hanging by them in her posts. In-Ah loves being close to nature. She often takes long walks with her beloved dog. 

Some Interesting Facts

Seol In-Ah Some Interesting Facts

  • Seol is good friends with Kim Sejeong. 
  • She is a Fur mom and has a white dog.
  • She does board surfing and is very good at it. 
  • She loves to eat good food. 
  • She likes to draw doodles as well. 

How Tall is In-Ah?

In-Ah is about 5'5 feet tall.

Which is the latest project of In-Ah?

Her latest drama Twinkling Watermelon aired on television in 2023.

Is she close to Kim Sejeong?

Yes, Kim and Seol are close in real life as well.

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