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Seo In-Guk is a well-known South Korean actor, singer and songwriter. He has been in the showbiz industry for over a decade and has reached this point after many years of working resiliently as an actor and a singer. 

Besides being extremely talented, he is blessed with good looks that have stolen the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. In-Guk has made his name in almost all fields of the industry from singing to writing lyrics to acting in both television series and films. 

Towards the end of 2023, his web series, Death’s Game became extremely popular not just in South Korea but internationally. He has worked in it with famous actors such as Lee Jae-Woo, Kim Ji-Hoon, and Go Youn-Jung

In-Guk is lucky enough to have also worked with beautiful actresses such as Jung So-Min and Park Bo-Young.  

Seo In-Guk Biography

Seo In-Guk Biography

Date of BirthOctober 23, 1987
Age36 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.8 m (5’10 ft)
Weight72 kg~
Net Worth$6 million
HometownUlsan, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


In-Guk is one of the most educated celebrities in the South Korean Industry. He was originally a singer and his passion for music began at the young age of 10 so he pursued his education in those subjects as well. He studied at Daebul University and took the major subjects of Applied Music.

After trying to pursue a career and failing to pass any auditions, he did not give up and continued his education. He changed his direction a bit and chose to study Information And Communication from Kyun Hee Cyber University. Despite choosing very practical subjects, he did not give up music and pursued a master’s degree in the subjects of Performing Arts at Dongguk University. He also honed his talent for lyric writing by studying Practical Music at Baekseok University. 

Physical Appearance

Seo In-Guk Physical Appearance

Seo is blessed with very unique features and ethereal looks. He is 5’10 feet tall and has a weight of 72 kg. In-Guk pays special attention to his physical health as he was a little underweight before he stepped into the industry. He has monolid eyes and a mole right under his left eye making him very eye-catching. 

His looks make him suitable for fantasy roles and he has played the character of a grim reaper more than once. 


Seo In-Guk Career

In-Guk officially debuted after he won the talent show known as Superstar K. 2009 was a turning point in his career as he signed with an agency and also won an award. His first album was released the next year, in 2010 called Just Beginning. 

He came in front of the camera for the first time in one of the videos of the songs. 

In-Guk’s first television cameo was in the series called Love Rain. 

In 2012, he properly debuted as a television actor in the series Reply 1997.

Seo started his big screen journey in 2013 with the film No Breathing. After dipping his toes in almost all fields of performing arts, In-Guk did not give up on any of them and continued acting and singing at the same time. He had struggled a lot in his personal life and acting helped him navigate through such times in his life. 

In-Guk was cast as the lead and major roles in the next years of his career. Some of his famous dramas are Doom At Your Service, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, and Master’s Sun. 

In addition to being an actor, he has been a part of some television shows as well and won a few. The complete list of his projects and famous web series is provided below. 

Television Series

Seo In-Guk Television Series

  • Love Rain – 2012
  • Reply 1997 – 2012
  • Master’s Sun – 2013
  • High School King Of Savvy – 2014
  • The King’s Face – 2014
  • Hello Monster – 2015
  • Squad 38 – 2016
  • Shopping King Louis – 2016
  • The Smile Has Left Your Eyes – 2018
  • Doom At Your Service – 2021
  • Cafe Minamdang – 2022


  • No Breathing – 2013
  • Pipeline – 2021
  • Project Wolf Hunting – 2022

Web Series 

  • Soundtrack #1 – 2022
  • Death’s Game – 2023

Net Worth

Seo In-Guk Net Worth

As fans already know, Seo is a genius when it comes to music and he brings soul to all of his characters through his acting. He is widely famous in the current generation due to his web series and recent television series. In-Guk has a good follower count on his social media, allowing him to use his influence to endorse brands adding to his financial stability. 

Having multiple sources of income makes him more rich than celebrities with only acting as their source of income. Seo’s net worth in 2024, according to many sources is averaging about $ 6 million. He has come a long way considering his humble beginnings. 

Family And Relationship

Seo In-Guk Family And Relationship

In-Guk was born in Ulsan in a very humble home. Both his parents were very hard-working but earned significantly less than average people. He inherited his hard-working nature from his parents and learned different martial arts at a very young age. He has a younger sister named Seo Bo-Ram. 

As for the love life of this amazing celebrity, he previously had one relationship. In 2017, his agency confirmed his relationship with the South Korean Singer, Park Bo-Ram. They were together for two years but broke up due to unknown reasons. In-Guk has not dated anyone since or if he has dated, Seo has opted to keep it private. As far as the news goes, In-Guk is single as of 2024

Social Media

Seo In-Guk Social Media

Just like many other millennial celebrities, Seo has also not limited himself to one social media account. Besides having an official Instagram account, he can be found on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. He has the highest number of followers on Instagram at about 4.3 million. His Facebook comes next with 1.2 million followers. In-Guk has a channel on YouTube dedicated to his music and travelling vlogs. He has 97 videos and 322k subscribers. Seo’s Twitter/X account comes last with 82.4k followers. He is active on all of his accounts and posts regularly for the people who love him. 

Social Media Handles 


Sei In-Guk Hobbies

In-Guk is an artist through and through. Most of his hobbies revolve around working and music. However, he has given special time to his workout and diet routine due to suffering from obesity and an eating disorder in the past. Seo is an empath and when he is not working or attending events, he gives his time to the people he loves and friends. 

Some Interesting Facts

  • In-Guk has won twenty awards throughout his career until now. 
  • He is involved in various ambassadorships including Seoul Tourism Promotion
  • In 2023, he went back to musical theater after almost a decade.

Why was Seo-In Guk exempted from military service?

Due to suffering from a disease making him unfit for serving, he was exempted from mandatory military service in 2017. 

Is In-Guk married?

No, he is not married nor dating anyone at the moment.

Did Seo get any plastic surgeries in the past?

Contrary to popular belief, he did not get any surgeries. He lost 15 kg weight making him look different from past self. 

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