Sandra Jinhee Kwon (Jeenie Weenie) Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Sanda Jinhee Kwon is a popular social media influencer, content creator, and successful businesswoman. Her ethnicity is Korean but she has resided in Canada since birth. Jinhee is most commonly known by her social media name, Jeenie. 

She came to the public’s notice after posting a hilarious video only four years ago in 2019; the rest is history. Besides being an amazing entertainer, she has attracted a lot of attention due to her youthful looks and content that makes you smile no matter the age of her audience.

Jeenie’s popularity is as much as any other social media star such as Kristen Hancher

We have compiled a complete biography of this ultra-talented woman for our readers and her fans.  

Sandra Jinhee Kwon Biography

Jeenie Weenie Biography

Date of BirthMay 11, 1983
Age40 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.64 m (5’4ft)
Net Worth$15 million


Jeenie Weenie Education

Jinhee is not just a hilarious content creator, she has an intelligent brain and a resilient personality. At a very young age, she prepared for an air hostess job and went through tough training, successfully passing them all and securing a job. Her intelligent brain could not rest and Jeenie wanted to continue her studies. She was admitted to the university and completed her Degree In Business and Entrepreneurship. Sandra is blessed with the creative ability of her high degree and her content reflects her intelligence and life learnings. 

Physical Appearance

Jeenie Weenie Physical Appearance

Jeenie is not only famous for her funny videos. Her skin care videos also received love and fans could not believe it when they discovered her real age. Sandra stands 5’4 feet tall and has maintained herself very well over the years. Her slim and toned body weighs around 43 kg on average. Jinhe serves as an inspiration for all middle-aged women who desire to look young. 


Jeenie Weenie Career

Just like many Canadian young adults who struggle to find their path in life, Jeenie was struggling too. She tried everything to manage her own expenses. Odd jobs like selling as a retailer, doing Etsy crafts, and working at food chains, Jeenie did it all. One day, her friends who were preparing to appear in ari hostess interviews persuaded Jeenie to do the same. Due to her exceptional abilities and good luck, Sandra passed all written and practical exams. She became an air hostess for Emirates Airlines and began her journey towards success. 

After working for two years in the airline industry and getting paid for her passion for traveling, Jeenie wanted to experience more in life. She made the bold decision of quitting her job

Her goal was to complete her education which she couldn’t complete due to expenses.

Sandra graduated with a degree and began a new chapter in life. 

Jeenie only posted on social media during COVID-19 like many other people who were bored but she didn’t know it would change her whole life. 

Her first video was so well received and Jeenie enjoyed doing it so much that she decided to continue creating content. 

Her popularity increased with a collaboration with the famous TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio in 2020. 

Her content in the beginning was all about her life as an air hostess but with a funny touch. The small skits and information about cabin crew were not only entertaining but also very informative. 

As her popularity began, Jeenie started to post about other topics as well such as lifestyle, skin care, traveling, and even motherhood. 

After earning enough through social media, Jinhee made a smart decision and opened restaurants in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, she owns two restaurants which are very popular in the area. 

Net Worth

Jeenie Weenie Net Worth

Jeenie is one of the rich but humble social media celebrities. Her following has increased to a massive number on all her social media platforms where she not only errands through her content but also through brand endorsements and partnership programs

Her restaurants and official merch are also very popular with her fans. Jeenie’s net worth is a result of her multiple sources of income. Many sources claim that Jinhee’s net worth is around $15 million which is a huge but well-deserved amount. 

Family And Relationship

Jeenie Weenie Family And Relationship

Jinhee was born to two very loving South Korean parents who immigrated to Canada before She was born. Her parents were residing in Toronto, Ontario at the time of her birth. Although her parents are Korean, Sandra always lived in Canada so she undertook both cultures very well. Her multicultural upbringing contributes to her creativity a lot. 

Jeenie has been open about her love life and married life subsequently. She met he now husband Johnny Ung after her social media fame. After dating for a year or two, they decided to tie the knot amongst family and friends. Jonny is of Chinese decent

Sandra under went some tough times when she was trying for a baby. She was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Nari

Social Media

Jeenie Weenie Social Media

Sandra is a social media skit queen. She started with TikTok and has the most number of followers on it i.e 10.7 million. Her YouTube comes next with ~9.4 million subscribers. 

Surprisingly, her Instgram stands next with 1.6 million followers. Jeenie has also a social media presence on Facebook with an official page where she has 596k followers

Social Media Handles


Jeenie Weenie Hobbies

Jinhee is the true representation of sunshine. She has a very bubbly personality. Jeenie started her social media accounts as a side hobby which later became a full time job. Creating videos and writing skits is her most loved hobby Besides this, she takes goodcare of her skin and as a very homely life with her daughter and husband. 

Some Interesting Facts

Jeenie Weenie Some Interesting Facts

  • Jeenie can speak fluent Koerean.
  • She has multiple collaborations with other social media influencers often. 
  • Most people are unaware that she was a flight attendant almost 15 years ago. 

Who is Jeenie married to?

She married Johnny Ung who is not related to the industry but appears in her videos sometimes.

What is Jeenie's ethnic background?

Jeenie was born to South Korean parents but has Canadian nationality.

What is her full name?

Her full name is Sandra Jinhee Kwon.

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