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Ryeoun is a rising actor and model from South Korea. This young man got noticed for his acting skills and boyish looks. His recent role as main lead this year made him into a shining star of the industry. 

His real name is Go Yoon-Hwan but he is mostly known from his stage name. Yoon-Hwan managed to impress directors within the short years since his arrival. He is expected to become just as famous as Rowoon, Lee Junho and Ahn Hyo-Seop

He did a great job as a lead in The Secret Romantic Guesthouse alongside Kang Hoon.  


Ryeoun Biography

Date of BirthAugust 26, 1998
Age25 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.81m (5’10 Ft.)
Weight65 kg~
Net Worth$1 million
HometownJeonju, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Yoon-Hwan is known to have attended Hanlim Arts Institute. He later got admission to the Seokyeong University. He successfully graduated from university, majoring in the subject of acting

After joining the industry, he received training and upgraded his skills. His educational background has helped him a lot in honing his abilities and finally landing lead roles.

Physical Appearance

Ryeoun Physical Appearance

Go Yoon is rapidly getting famous among ladies due to his cute looks. He is 5’10 feet tall and weighs about 65 kg. Yoon-Hwa has maintained himself well and is known to work out regularly. He is not too pale,, which gives him a more masculine touch. 

He is always dressed in the most recent Korean fashion trends, making him a rising fashion icon as well. 


Ryeoun Career

This talented boy debuted only six years ago in the year 2017. He signed with Lucky Company and worked in many small roles. Some of his dramas from early years include You Are Too Much and Doctor Prisoner

He still managed to impress audiences and producers despite having minor roles and soon he started getting better roles in the year 2020. Fans know him best from his characters in 18 Again and Through the Darkness

2023 proved to be his year when he finally landed not one but two Lead roles. After his hit dramas this year, fans cannot wait to see more of him and wish that he keeps appearing as male lead and lighten up their hearts and screens.

Besides many television series, he has worked on different web series as well. He is also famous for his roles on the web such as Adult Trainee and Borrowed Body

Television Series

  • You Are Too Much – 2017
  • Temperature Of Love – 2017
  • Doctor Prisoner – 2019
  • 365: Repeat The Year – 2020
  • 18 Again – 2020
  • Homemade Love Story – 2020
  • Through The Darkness – 2022
  • The Secret Romantic Guesthouse – 2023
  • Twinkling Watermelon – 2023

Web Series

  • Instant Romance – 2018
  • In-Seoul – 2019
  • The World of My 17 – 2020
  • In-Seoul 2 – 2020
  • Adult Trainee – 2021
  • Borrowed Body – 2023

Net Worth

The net worth of this young but capable actor, as of 2023 is $2 million. He has made a name for himself through acting and modeling jobs, acting being his major source of income. Go Yoon was recently photographed by Elle Korea while promoting his latest drama. He has done an amazing job up until now and is expected to grow much more with time. 

Family And Relationship

Ryeoun Family And Relationship

Like so many other actors, Yoon-Hwa has maintained complete silence on his family matters. He has chosen not to reveal information about his parents or his siblings. However, we do know that he grew up in the city of Jeonju, in the province of North Jeolla, South Korea.

Looking at his career arc, we can assume that he hails from a very supportive family who helped him reach his current status in life. 

Yoo-Hwa is single at the moment. He has not been in any relationship previously. Considering he is still very young; he is paying all his attention towards his career and is not looking for a life partner just yet. Many fans are looking forward to his ideal type which he has not talked about yet. 

Social Media

Yoon-Hwa has bedazzled his fans with his Instagram account where he posts regularly and has about 1.8 million followers. To his fans’ dismay, he does not have official accounts on any other social media platforms. Fans cannot wait for him to start his own YouTube channel like many other celebrities so they follow his life more closely. 

Social Media Handles


Ryeoun Hobbies

Yoon is a fun loving and outgoing person. He gets along very well with his co-stars and hangs out with them regularly. As we can guess from his recent drama, he loves to play guitar and sing even in his real life and often practices it. Hwa also has a special passion for working out regularly. He used to post his own workout videos as well. 

He loves good food and he has a sweet tooth. HeYoon-Hwa used to love riding his bicycle and hanging out by the sea, his favorite spot. 

Some Interesting Facts

  • He loves meeting his fans in fan meetings.
  • His zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • He is good friends with Seol In-Ah.
  • He loves pets and is often seen cuddling with cats and dogs alike. 
  • His recent drama, Twinkling Watermelon has gained him about a million fans and followers on Instagram alone. 

Who is Ryeoun?

He is a new South Korean actor, model who is very good at singing.

Who is he dating at the moment?

Yoon-Hwa is single as of 2023.

Which are is most famous dramas?

Twinkling Watermelon and The Secret Romantic Guesthouse are his latest and most famous dramas.

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