Quen Blackwell Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Quen Blackwell is a social media content creator and internet personality from Texas. She rose to fame at a young age from the social media platform for Vines. Although Vine platform is no longer present, Quen had already formed a fanbase and people started following her on other social media platforms as well. 

Blackwell is an ambitious woman who has achieved worldwide popularity due to her engaging content. She is very spontaneous making her chaotic personality speciality. 

Quen has had close with many well-known social media influencers such as Dixie and Charli D’Amelio. 

Let’s find out about the interesting life of Quen through her biography!

Quen Blackwell Biography

Quen Blackwell Biography

Date of BirthJanuary 17, 2001
Age23 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.62 m (5’ 3 ft)
Weight47 kg~
Net Worth< $1 million
HometownDallas, Texas


Quen Blackwell Education

Quen is an intelligent individual with many abilities. She started her educational journey started in her hometown in Texas. First, she was a student at Good Samaritan College Of Nursing. After graduating college, Blackwell pursued higher education at the University Of Texas situated in Arlington. 

Although she had a good social media career going on, Quen did not compromise on her education. 

Physical Appearance

Quen Blackwell Physical Appearance

Blackwell is one of the most beautiful young ladies on social media. She is 5’3 feet tall and has a slim body. Quen has always maintained a good figure with her weight around 47 kg

She has a slim waist as a result of an active lifestyle. Blackwell is a pro at doing her makeup making her one of the best fashion influencers. 


Quen Blackwell Career

When Quen was just 12 years old her social media career started as a hobby. She made an account on Vine and made short comedy videos. Blackwell’s content was so good that about half a million people were following her by the time Vine was discontinued. 

Blackwell was not disheartened and started her new journey on YouTube where she also posted various long videos and interacted with her followers. Her TikTok also gained much recognition as a short video platform. 

Like any other smart internet personality, Quen uses all mainstream websites including Instagram. She rapidly gained followers and crossed 2 million fan followers.

Blackwell has a deep passion for creating her songs and singing. However, that is where Quen encountered some bad luck.

 She was rumored to be associated and groomed by an older Music Producer. After a long time of their acquaintance, Quen still had no music which led to many speculations about foul play.

However, both parties came forward and denied any grooming rumors between the two.

Net Worth

Quen Blackwell Net Worth

Blackwell has made all her fortune through her social media journey. She has worked with many brands and their sponsorships. The various platforms she uses are her major source of income. Quen has changed her life through hard work over the years. Her net with in 2024 is reaching $1 million. Blackwell’s determination that brought her here is sure to take her to further heights.

Family And Relationship

Quen Blackwell Family And Relationship

Blackwell was born in Texas and that is the only information she has shared online about her family life. She has kept her private life away from social media and Quen claims to be a very quiet person behind the camera. It appears from her interviews that she cherishes her family a lot and loves to be around them. 

Quen’s love life has been in the news many times. She was seen kissing the famous singer Billie Eilish once and also publicly displayed affection for the actress, Odessa Azion. However, she is not in an official relationship with anyone. 

Social Media

Quen Blackwell Social Media

Blackwell has amassed 9.5 million followers and 635 million likes on TikTok. Her Instagram following at the moment is 2.2 million with more than 100 posts so far. 

Quern has 1.29 million subscribers on YouTube and has posted about 43 videos currently. She is also quite popular on X with 1.6 million followers 11 years after starting the account. 

Social Media Handles


Quen Blackwell Hobbies

Quen is an extrovert in her videos but a very different person off camera. Her favorite hobby is spending time with her family. She has a few close friends. Blackwell is present at all events related to her work requirements. She spends a lot of time taking care of herself and styling as she is a fashion influencer. 

Some Interesting Facts

Quen Blackwell Some Interesting Facts

  • Quen is born under the sun sign Capricorn just like Mads Lewis.
  • She has been accused of getting plastic surgeries done but there is no evidence of that so far. 
  • Blackwell has appeared on Teen Vogue and also attended Coachella this year with Billie Eilish and Odessa Adlon. 

Why is Quen Blackwell famous?

Blackwell is famous for her content and fashion videos.

Is she Quen friends with Billie?

Yes,  Blackwell is a close friend of Billie.

Is Blackwell a member of LGBTQ community?

Yes, Quen identifies as bisexual.

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