Pyo Ye-Jin Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Ye-Jin is a beautiful rising star of the South Korean Industry. Her beauty is starting to get noticed with her drama Moon in The Day streaming on screens alongside Kim Young-Dae. Her acting is as good as many other actresses such as Kim Sejeong and Jo Bo-Ah from the South Korean Industry. 

This charming new actress has been around for some years now. Her fanbase is increasing with each passing day and we can already see her cute fan made edits on the internet. 

Pyo Ye-Jin Biography

Pyo Ye-Jin Biography
Date of BirthFebruary 3rd, 1992
Age31 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.65m (5’5ft)
Net Worth$7 million
HometownChangwon, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Pyo Ye-Jin Education

Ye-Jin is a highly educated actress. Before acting, she was in the Airline industry. She had completed her education and training according to the requirements. 

After she decided to join the Showbiz industry in South Korea, she joined JYP Entertainment.

She enrolled as a trainee actress and worked hard to complete her training. 

Her acting skills are reflected in all the work she put into her training as she continues to amaze us all. 

Physical Appearance

Pyo Ye-Jin Physical Appearance

Pyo has a height of about 5’5 ft. She has a perfect figure and weighs about 48 kgs.

Her perfect looks have all her fans mesmerized.

She has almond shaped, double lidded eyes and a straight nose. Her heart shaped face is beautiful to look at and she has a perfect pale complexion. She fits Korean beauty standards in every way. 

We have seen Ye-Jin in various styles in different dramas. So far, her sageuk look from Moon in the Day is the best with long dark hair and troubled expressions. 


Pyo Ye-Jin Career

Pyo Ye-Jin’s acting career after she decided to say goodbye to Korean Air in the year 2015. 

It was a year later, in 2016 when she finally started to land small roles in the industry. Her first proper acting role was in the drama The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop.

Another year later, in 2017, she was cast in a leading role in the drama Love Returns as Gil Eun-Jo. 

In her small time in the industry, she has already received an award for her role in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Ye-Jin has been receiving some major roles in various drama series since the year 2018. 

Her first female lead is Kang young Hwa who travels back in time to her older self and has an intricate story. Pyo is doing a great job as a leading lady and she will surely receive more such roles in the future. 

Television Series

Pyo Ye-Jin Television Series
  • Marriage Contract – 2016
  • The Doctors – 2016
  • The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop – 2016
  • Fight For My Way – 2017
  • While You Were Sleeping – 2017
  • Love Returns – 2017
  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim – 2018
  • VIP – 2019
  • Taxi Driver – 2021
  • Our Blooming Youth – 2023
  • Moon In The Day – 2023

Net Worth

Pyo Ye-Jin Net Worth

Her total net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be between $1 million and $4 million. She has worked hard over the span of the last seven years. Her main source of income comes from being an actress. She is rising up the ladder fast as she receives more brand endorsements. She recently modeled for Cosmopolitan Korea

Family and Relationship

Pyo Ye-Jin Family and Relationship

Ye-Jin is relatively new to fame and spotlight. There is very little known about her background just yet. She comes from the town of Changwon in South Korea. There aren’t any pictures of her parents or any siblings available on her social media. 

She has a pet dog, as close to her as a family member. She loves him dearly and spends a lot of time with it.

Ye-Jin keeps her private life separate from her work life. The eye of the camera hasn’t been able to capture much of this beautiful mysterious actress. 

Pyo has dated a fellow South Korean actor, Hyun Woo. There are many pictures of them available on the internet. To many people’s dismays, this cute couple broke up in the year 2019. 

So far, Ye-Jin has not dated anyone else. There are rumors of her dating but there has been no official statement. 

She is single at the moment. Fans are shipping her hard with the handsome Kim Young-Dae, her leading man from their latest drama. 

Social Media

Pyo Ye-Jin Social Media

This pretty actress can be found on Instagram. She has a total of 856k followers on Instagram and about 627 posts available for us to see. Her pictures for Cosmopolitan Korea were well loved by all her fans and got 99k likes. Her second post with the most likes was where she posted behind the scenes from the set of Moon In The Day.  

She does not have many official social media accounts just yet. A lot of fans made edits and her interviews are available on YouTube. Her growing fan base is waiting to see more of her on different platforms. 

Social Media Handles

Pyo Ye-Jin Social Media Handles


Pyo Ye-Jin Hobbies

Pyo is an extremely fun-loving person. She has lots of fun hobbies. She loves to eat and is a Foodie. Judging by her social media posts, she is a fan of good food and her social media is filled with cute pictures of her eating good food and or just her plates. 

Ye-Jin has posted a lot about books so we can guess, she also loves reading books. She has posted about books that she reads and she recommends them to her followers. She likes to read Comics or Manga as well. Ye-Jin loved watching movies to relax and learn. 

She loves watching and taking photos of the moon.

Pyo Ye-Jin Hobbies

Some Interesting Facts

Pyo Ye-Jin Some Interesting Facts
  • Pyo Ye-Jin does not have lip surgery or Botox. Her plumpy lips are all naturally beautiful. 
  • She loved sunny weather and clear skies.
  • She loved to bake and eat cookies.
  • Ye-Jin loves eating from food trucks. 

Is Pyo Ye-Jin older than Kim Young Dae?

Yes, Ye-Jin is four years older than Young-Dae.

Is Ye-Jin female lead in the drama Moon In The Day?

Yes, Ye-Jin has a leading lady role in the latest K Drama, Moon In The Day.

Did Ye-Jin win any awards?

Ye-Jin has many awards in her name for her supporting roles as best newcomer actress.

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