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Park So-Dam is an internationally acclaimed film and drama actress from the South Korean Industry. She has been part of the acting industry for about a decade now and has many well-known films and dramas in her name. 

So-Dam built her name with her talent and hard work and proved to everyone that she is as good as any other actress in the South Korean Industry. 

Her most famous role so far was the Grammy Award film Parasite. After the film, she was known as “Jessica Jingle” due to her role. 

Park has worked with many mature and mainstream actors and actresses including Choi Woo Shik, Seo In-Guk, and Byeon Woo Seok

Park So-Dam Biography

Park So-Dam Biography

Date of BirthSeptember 8, 1991
Age33 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.65 m (5’2ft)
Net Worth$5 million
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
ReligionNo Religion


Park So-Dam Education

ASo-Dam’s dream of becoming an actress began when she was in high school. She was a student at Chungshin Girls’ High School. After watching a musical, she became interested in acting for herself. The passion for performance arts drove her to pursue higher education in similar subjects. She was lucky enough to attend Korea National University Of Arts.

Her career had already kicked off as she was acting in independent films before she had graduated. 

Physical Appearance

Park So-Dam Physical Appearance

So-Dam has very unique features making her very eye-catching. She stands 5’4 feet tall and weighs about 45 kg. Her weight as varied over the years for different roles she portrays but she always maintained her health. She has mono lid eyes and dark hair.


Park So-Dam Career

So-Dam failed many auditions before she stepped into the showbiz industry. Instead of giving up, she started working in independent films. When she finally graduated, she was already an experienced actress due to many short films. 

For a few years, she kept on taking small roles but her actual breakthrough came from the films The Silenced

She officially debuted on the television screens with the series A Beautiful Mind in 2016. 

Her focus was always the film industry and she bagged many major roles in unforgettable projects such as The Preists in 2015. 

So-Dam rose to international fame and admiration from the award-winning film, Parasite in 2019. The movie left its mark on every viewer and Park delivered her best performance till date in the film. 

She has continued appearing in films each year and gave us a few television series to cherish as fans. 

Recently, she appeared in the role personified as Death in the popular web series, Death’s Game. She continues to amaze the viewers with her acting abilities. 

Television Series

Park So-Dam Television Series

  • My First Time – 2015
  • A Beautiful Mind – 2016
  • Cinderella With Four Knights – 2016
  • Record Of Youth – 2020


Park So-Dam Films

  • Steel Cold Winter – 2013
  • One-on-One – 2014
  • The Royal Tailor – 2014
  • The Silenced – 2015
  • Veteran – 2015
  • The Throne – 2015
  • The Priests – 2015
  • Man Of Will – 2017
  • Ode To The Goose – 2018
  • The Underdog – 2018
  • Parasite – 2019
  • Fukuoka – 2020
  • Special Delivery – 2022
  • Phantom – 2023

Web Series 

  • Death’s Game – 2023

Net Worth

Park So-Dam Net Worth

So-Dam is a high-profile film actress. Most of her roles have been well acclaimed. Park became one of the top film actresses in the South Korean film industry hence she has earned good financial paybacks and assets through her hard work over the years. Her net worth in 2024 is averaging about $5 million and it could even be greater than this according to many sources. She continues to rise in the ranks as she appears in more films and series. 

Family And Relationships

Park So-Dam Family And Relationship

So-Dam grew up in Seoul in a comfortable home as her father is a businessman. She is the eldest daughter in an Asian household making her very responsible by nature. Her two younger siblings, a brother, and a sister, do not belong to the industry and are living private lives. 

Park was always supported by her family when it came to pursuing a career in acting. 

As for her love life, So-Dam has apparently never dated anyone and was never in a relationship. 

A few years ago, rumors of her dating Park Bo-Gum circulated the internet but there was no confirmation or denial from either of the actors. 

So-Dam is single in 2024 as per our sources. 

Social Media

Park So-Dam Social Media

So-Dam has limited herself to an official Instagram account only. She has about 53 posts and 1.8 million followers. Although her account is not very old, she posts for her fans regularly. Park’s posts are very adorable and wholesome. 

Social Media Handles 


Park So-Dam Hobbies

Fans were able to learn a lot about the hobbies of their favorite actress through social media. Park loves to go out with people she loves. So-Dam is a cat-lover and owns a pet cat. Besides working out and maintaining a good diet, she does pilates. Her favorite drink is coffee. 

Some Interesting Facts

Park So-Dam Some Interesting Facts

  • She has won a total of 13 awards for various projects. 
  • She recently hosted the 37th Golden Disc Awards in 2023.
  • She was a school and university mate with Kim Go-Eun and maintained a good friendship with her. 

Which character did Park So-Dam play in the films Parasite?

So-Dam played the younger sister of the male protagonist in the film Parasite.

How old is So-Dam in 2024?

She will turn 33 in September this year.

Is So-Dam a rich actress?

Yes, Park grew up in a comfortable family and has earned a good amount over the years.

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