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Nicola Coughlan is a talented and well-established actress of modern television and cinema. She is of Irish descent and was also born in Ireland. Nicola gained fame through her portrayal of Jess in Derry Girls as well as Penelope in the Netflix series Bridgerton. 

Coughlan struggled for many years in her acting career, but her breakthrough came in 2018 when her talent was finally recognized. 

This amazing actress leads a very interesting life. She has a very positive personality adding to her charm. Nicola is a woman of many talents and all her qualities are showing in her latest projects and interviews. Fans fall in love with her every day and are curious about Coughlan’s life. Her fame has increased this year just like Jang Ki Young, the Korean actor and model. 

Let’s learn about this beautiful woman who has become an inspiration to every girl around the globe to achieve their dream. 

Nicola Coughlan Biography

Nicola Coughlan Biography

Date of BirthJanuary 9, 1987
Age37 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.55 m (5’ 1 ft)
Weight56 kg~
Net Worth$1.6 million
HometownGalway, Ireland


Nicola Coughlan Education

Nicola’s educational journey began at Scoil Mhuire where she began her primary education. It was during those years that her passion for acting developed. Coughlan then moved on to Calasanctius College from where she received her secondary education. 

Finally, she attended the National University Of Ireland in Galway and secured a degree in English and Modern Civilization

It was after she graduated that she was able to pursue her dream of acting. To fulfill her dream, she moved to England where she studied at the Oxford School Of Drama as well as at the Birmingham School Of Acting. 

Physical Appearance

Nicola Coughlan Physical Appearance

Nicola is breathtakingly beautiful woman despite her not fitting into the traditional beauty standards. She is 5’1 feet tall and weighs about 56 kg at the moment. Coughlan has struggled with obesity just like Kang Ha Neul but is slowly working towards a more healthy body. She is all about body positivity and inspired women to embrace their looks. 


Nicola Coughlan Career

Nicola’s acting career began long before she trained in acting. When she was just ten years old, Coughlan was cast in a minor role in a thriller film, fueling her passion for acting. 

At the age of 17, she was cast in a short film as well. To gain more exposure, Coughlan started doing voice-over for many films as well as animated series for kids including The Fairytales and Summer Of Flying Saucer. 

After she completed her professional training for her acting, Nicola ran through a patch of bad luck and was not able to land any acting roles. 

She moved back with her parents due to financial issues. Coughlan struggled with mental health issues and depression. 

Many years of struggle paid off when she instinctively auditioned for Derry Girls. Coughlan landed the main role as it fit her perfectly and she played the role of a 17-year-old Jess at 31. Nicola did a great job as her character. She was so much loved that more producers noticed her work and wanted to work with her. 

Coughlan’s international fame came to her with the series Bridgerton in 2020. The series aired on Netflix where Nicola had a major role as Lady Whistledown/Penelope Featherington. 

2024 brought Coughlan more success and popularity as she appeared as the leading lady of the third season of Bridgerton. 

Coughlan is all over the news promoting her new series with co-stars and is very famous for body positivity in different magazine shoots. 

A complete list of all her acting projects is provided for our lovely readers. 

Television Series

Nicola Coughlan Television Series

  • Doctors – 2012
  • Derry Girls – 2018
  • Harlots – 2018
  • Bridgerton – 2020
  • Dodger – 2023
  • Big Mood – 2024


  • Svengali – 2013
  • Barbie – 2023
  • Seize Them – 2024


  • Nadya – 2015
  • Jess And Joe Forever – 2015
  • The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie – 2018

Net Worth

Nicola Coughlan Net Worth

Coughlan is an inspiring lady who has worked hard to get where she is. Her current success is very well deserved. Nicola has struggled in the past and when no one, not even herself thought she could make it in the industry, she found much-awaited fame. Her financial worth grew rapidly in the past five years with two popular television series. The audience internationally acclaimed both of her works. Nicola’s current net worth has surpassed $1.6 million and it has increased more as she has many acting projects lined up for her. 

Family And Relationships

Nicola Coughlan Family And Relationship

Nicola was born in the heart of Ireland in Galway to two loving parents. She is the youngest of three siblings with an older brother and sister. It was her sister who inspired her to be an actress. Coughlan’s parents did not initially support her dream of acting but eventually came around to it and gave her blessings. Her father passed away some years back but She has 4.8 Nicola is very close to the rest of her family members. 

Coughlan has reportedly been in a relationship with one man in the past. Her current Bridgerton co-star Luke Newton a crazy chemistry with Nicola and the two are very close friends. However, as much as their fans wish, Coughlan has repeatedly denied being in a relationship with Luke. So to summarize, according to Coughlan, she is single at the moment. 

Social Media

Nicola Coughlan Social Media

Coughlan mostly uses two social media platforms namely Instagram and TikTok. She has 4.9 million followers on her Instagram at the moment whereas her TikTok fan following stands at 1.8 million. She is using her social media to promote her current project.

Social Media Handles


Nicola Coughlan Hobbies

Coughlan has a bubbly and charming personality. She makes friends easily and has a wide circle of friends already. These days she spends most of her time in promoting her series, attending events and interviews. Nicola has also gotten into modelling and is often busy with shoots. When she is not working, Coughlan spends time with her family. She maintains a clean diet and also goes to gym to keep herself fit and healthy. 

Some Interesting Facts

Nicola Coughlan Some Interesting Facts

  • Nicola has been nominated for six awards so far and has one award out of them 
  • She has been part of two audio dramas namely, Whistle Through The Shammocks and Oliver Twist. 
  • She is set to star in the upcoming television series Doctor Who. 
  • Coughlan is a Capricorn just like Quen Blackwell and Mads Lewis.

Are Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton in a relationship?

No, Nicola and Luke are close friends. They are not romantically involved with each other.

What is Nicola's body weight?

Coughlan has worked on herself and lost a few pounds. She currently weighs 56 kg.

What is Nicola's ethnicity?

Nicola is of Irish descent, born in Galway, Ireland.

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