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Nick DiGiovanni is a professional chef and a well-known social media personality. He belongs to Rhode Island, United States. Nick is not only an accomplished chef but also an environmentalist. His thesis at Harvard University entailed carbon emissions from various restaurants around the world. 

Most people know DiGiovanni as a Masterchef America contestant. He won many hearts but finished in third position. Nick trained hard as a chef later on and was a mentor for finalists of the next Masterchef season. 

Nick’s talents got him even more fame on social media. He is among the most followed chefs on YouTube, gathering millions of followers worldwide. 

Let’s dive into the inspiring life of this young man to know how he achieved so much at such a young age. 

Nick DiGiovanni Biography

Nick DiGiovanni Biography

Date of BirthMay 19, 1996
Age28 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.91 m (6’3 ft)
Weight75 kg~
GirlfriendIsabelle Tashima
Net Worth$60 million
HometownRhode Island, United States


Nick DiGiovanni Education

As we can all guess, Nick had a passion for cooking because of his grandmother and great-grandmother with whom he spent a great amount of time growing up. After DiGiovanni graduated from Milton Academy with distinction, he took a more mature path and followed his love of food.

He was lucky enough to be accepted into Harvard University. Nick chose the topic of Food And Climate for his thesis and his paper impressed renowned names of the food industry. 

Physical Appearance

Nick DiGiovanni Physical Appearance

DiGivanni is an exceptionally good-looking guy and his female fans agree. He stands 6’3 feet tall and weighs about 75 kg. Nick has green eyes just like Daniel Thrasher. Nick has always kept his hair short and it suits him the best. He has also kept himself physically fit by working out according to body requirements.


Nick DiGiovanni Career

While Nick was still a student at Harvard University, he applied for the tenth season of Masterchef auditions and was lucky enough to be selected. He displayed his cooking skills all throughout the show and was the third finalist of Masterchef America season 10

After DiGiovanni got exposure in the field of cookery, he trained further and became a mentor for the finalists of the next season of MasterChef. 

Nick began his social media journey just after that. His first YouTube video was cooking the dish he wanted to cook if he made it to the finals. The video was well-received by all his fans and DiGiovanni found the inspiration to post more cooking videos and the rest is history. Nick only became famous on YouTube but also on other social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. 

He has collaborated with almost all famous food bloggers and creators in the social media industry. 

Not only that, DiGiovanni has two made Two Guinness World records, one for the largest cake pop which weighed 44 kg, and one for the largest chicken nugget which weighed 21 kg. 

Nick has also made records for constructing the largest sushi roll, creating the largest fortune cookie and the highest number of fast-food restaurants visited in 24 hours. DiGiovanni has also managed to beat Gordon Ramsay in filleting the fish in the shortest amount of time

Nick is also an entrepreneur as he started his food setup called Voodles which is vegetable-based. He has also released his own cookbook which has taken households by storm. 

Net Worth

Nick DiGiovanni NetWorth

DiGiovanni has made quite a fortune in a few short years due to his skills and relentless Hard work. He has multiple sources of income and social media accounts for a major portion of his finances. Nick is the brand ambassador of the Farmlik Project and has partnered with famous brands such as Amazon, Nutella and, Walmart. DiGiovanni’s net worth has skyrocketed in the past years. His current net worth is an astounding $60 million and he is not stopping anytime soon. 

Family And Relationship

Nick DiGiovanni Family And Relationship

DiGiovanni was born in a comfortable house in Barrington, Rhode Island in the United States. He has three other younger brothers and Nick has set a great precedence for all his younger siblings. Digionvanni family has a mixed ethnicity of Italian, British, and German descent. Nick was always supported by his family in every way possible. 

DiGiovanni has kept his love life open. He has been in a relationship with Isabelle Tashima for a few years now. They are going strong as a couple and are happy. 

Social Media

Nick DiGiovanni Social Media

Nick has gathered a massive following of 17.7 million on YouTube on nearly 850 videos. His next most popular social media account is TikTok where he has 12.9 million followers and 384.9 million likes. DiGiovanni has a much underrated Instagram account where he has only 3.1 million followers and more than 100 posts. Nick has a Facebook presence as well where he has 175k likes

Social Media Handles


Nick DiGiovanni Hobbies

Nick spends most of his time in the kitchen whether he is creating new recipes or creating content for his social media. When he is not working, DiGiovanni spends time with his family and girlfriend whom he loves dearly. Nick indulges in healthy activities like running and exercising to keep himself healthy and fit. 

Some Interesting Facts

Nick DiGiovanni Some Interesting Facts

  • Nick has won Streamy Awards twice, once in 2021 and again in 2023. 
  • Nick is a Taurus just like Issa Twaimz and Emilio Martinez.
  • DiGiovanni has been featured in famous magazines like Today, Harper Bazaar and Good Morning America. 

Is Nick DiGiovanni an Italian?

Nick is of Italian, British and German descent but was born in United states. 

Who is Nick dating in 2024?

DiGiovanni is in a steady relationship wit Isabelle Tashima.

How tall is Nick?

DiGiovanni is 6'3 feet tall.

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