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Na In-Woo is a mature and sophisticated actor from the South Korean Industry. He has been a part of the screen life for about a decade and is rising in popularity even to this day. 

He is one of the tallest men in the industry with immense talent for acting. 

His actual name is Na Jong-Chan but he prefers to be known by his stage name, In-Woo. 

He is currently a male lead in an ongoing drama called Marry My Husband. In-Woo has worked in many famous dramas before with well-known actors such as Kim Jung-Hyun, Shin Hye-Sun and Park Min-Young.

Na In-Woo Biography

Na In-Woo Biography

Date of BirthSeptember 19, 1994
Age29 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.89 m (6’2 ft)
Weight75 kg~
Net Worth$3 million
HometownGwangju, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


In-Woo is a hard-working man known for his resilience. He polished his skills of acting through is education. He was lucky enough to attend the Dankook University for higher education. In-Woo decided to study at the Department of Performing Arts due to his passion for acting and the industry. 

Physical Appearance

Na In-Woo Physical Appearance

Na In is one of the most handsome men in the industry who has managed to stand out even when he was not in a leading role. He is 6’ 2 feet tall and has maintained a perfect body and weight between 70 to 75 kg

His height makes him a good candidate for leading roles. He has a charming smile and is winning the hearts of new generation K drama lovers with his screen appearance.


Na In-Woo Career

In-Woo started getting chances to be on television while he was still a student. After a few small gigs and appearances, his official debut came in 2015 from the television series Shine Or Go Crazy. His big screen debut was also in the same year in the movie, Twenty alongside Lee Junho

In-Woo has also experience with Web dramas and his first web series was  Spark in 2016.

For a few years, he was a part of the acting industry in various supporting roles when finally, in 2020, he was cast as one of the major actors in the high-rated series, Mr. Queen. At this point, he became a well-known actor. 

2021 was In-Woo’s year when he was cast as the main lead in the series River where The Moon Rises after replacing Ji Soo

As 2024 started, he appeared on screens once again in the much-awaited ongoing drama, Marry My Husband. 

Television Series

Na In-Woo Television Series

  • Glorious Day – 2014
  • Shine Or Go Crazy – 2015
  • This Is My Love – 2015
  • Cinderella With Four Knights – 2016
  • Golden Pouch – 2016
  • Home For Summer – 2019
  • Best Chicken – 2019
  • Unasked Family – 2019
  • Mystic Pop-Up Bar – 2020
  • Mr. Queen – 2020
  • River Where The Moon Rises – 2021
  • At A Distance, Spring Is Green – 2021
  • Cleaning Up – 2022
  • Jinxed At First – 2022
  • The Golden Spoon – 2022
  • Longing For You – 2023
  • Marry My Husband – 2024


  • Twenty – 2015
  • The Car Crash: Hit By Dongho – 2016
  • The Faceless Boss – 2019
  • Her Bucket List – 2021
  • Ditto – 2022

Net Worth 

Na In-Woo Net Worth

In-Woo has worked very hard over the years. He started acting as a male lead only a few years ago and has excelled a lot. He has also an active social media so he endorses different brands by leveraging his influence on fans. His net worth as of 2024 is an average of $3 million. 

His male-lead era has just begun and he is expected to rise further so is net worth will also increase in the coming years. 

Family And Relationship

Na In-Woo Family And Relationship

In-Woo has managed to keep his family life private for now. There is no information available as to whether he has siblings or not. But we can safely assume that his family has supported his dream of becoming an actor and must be very happy with his progress. 

As for the love life of this charming man, he is rumored to be dating Seohyun from the famous girl group, Girls’ Generation. However, there has been no official statement from either of the actors or their agencies. 

So apparently, In-Woo is single in 2024. 

Social Media

Na In-Woo Social Media

Na In is available on Instagram with an official account. Although he does not have a great following like so many others his fan base is increasing with each passing year. 

His current followers are 946k and are expected to hit a million this year. He has posted about 129 times so far, all reflecting his life from behind the camera.

Social Media Handles


Na In-Woo Hobbies

In-Woo is an introvert. Besides general hobbies like working out and maintaining a diet, He enjoys singing and playing instruments. He has a special knack for guitar and has posted a few videos of him playing on Instagram. 

Some Interesting Facts

Na In-Woo Some Interesting Facts

  • He has won about 9 Awards so far for various projects.
  • He starred in a musical called Bachlor’s Vegetable Store in 2013. 
  • He also hosted the KBS Song Festival in 2022. 
  • He is a part of an ongoing television show called 2 Days and 1 Night as a cast member.  

Which is the latest drama of In-Woo?

In-Woo is appearing as the male lead in an ongoing drama Marry My Husband. 

How tall is In-Woo?

He is one of the tallest men in Korean industry. He stands 6'2 feet tall.

Is Seohyun from Girls' Generation really dating In-Woo?

People have speculated that both these celebrities are secretly seeing each other but there is no official statement.

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