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Moon Ga-Young is a South Korean actress and model known for her ability to portray characters of all genres. She began acting as a child actress and has worked hard to reach the industry’s top. 

She is an experienced actress blessed with a beautiful face and unique facial features, setting her apart from others. Besides being famous in Asia, she is an A-class celebrity worldwide and attends events internationally representing South Korea.

Her popularity is on the same level as Kim Se-Jeong and Lee Se-Young, both of whom started young just like her. 


Moon Ga-Young Biography

Date of BirthJuly 10, 1996
Age27 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.69m (5’6ft)
Net Worth$5 million
HometownKarlsruhe, Germany
NationalitySouth Korean, German


Moon Ga-Young Education

After coming back to her home country as a ten-year-old, Moon attended the Seoul Hannam Elementary School. From there she moved on to the Poongmoon High School

After completing her high school studies and maintaining an acting career, G-Young decided to enter Sungkyunkwan University and pursue majors in Humanities and Social Sciences

Moon Ga-Young Education

She has equipped herself in every way to compete in the industry and overcome any weaknesses. 

Physical Appearance

Moon G-Young physical Appearance

Moon, just like her name is as beautiful as the moon with her perfect Korean features. She is taller than most women in South Korea and stands 5’6 feet tall. Ga-Young has maintained an ideal weight according to the beauty standards and weighs about 45 kg. She has reduced her weight significantly in the past years but looks fresh just as always. 

She has a pale skin complexion and her heart-shaped lips make her attractive to all her viewers. 

Her long black hair is her best feature and front bangs suit her very much, complimenting her face shape. 


Moon Ga-Young Career

This ultra-talented young woman stepped into the world of acting just as a ten-year-old after she had shifted back to the country from Germany. Lady luck was on her side and she was cast in a four-episode drama. She portrayed her character so well in the mystery drama known as Mimi. 

From 2006 to 2014, she continued appearing in various small and bigger roles in both films and television series. Her experience continued to grow as she grew up and learned more about her craft. 

In 2014, she was awarded her first role as a leading lady when she was a teen girl. The name of the drama was EXO Next Door

Moon Ga-Young Career

For the past decade, Moon has blessed our screens with her appearance in many hit television series, proving her value as a top actress. Her latest drama The Interest Of Love was equally loved by all fans. 

Until she bangs with another hit drama in 2024, fans have resorted to re-watching her old dramas.

Television Series

  • Fallen Angel, Jenny – 2006
  • Cloudy Today – 2007
  • By My Side – 2007
  • With Yoo Hee – 2007
  • Merry Mary – 2007
  • Home Town Over The Hill – 2007
  • Bitter Sweet Life – 2008
  • J Myung Go – 2009
  • Friend, Our Legend – 2009
  • Good Friends – 2010
  • Our Reputable Family – 2010
  • Bad Guy – 2010
  • Heartstrings – 2011
  • Just An Ordinary Love Story – 2012
  • Who Are You – 2013
  • Wang’s Family – 2013
  • Mimi – 2014
  • EXO Next Door – 2015
  • The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 – 2015
  • Delicious Love – 2015
  • Mirror Of The Witch – 2016
  • Don’t Dare To Dream – 2016
  • Live Up To Your Name – 2017
  • Waltzing Alone – 2017
  • Tempted – 2018
  • Welcome To Waikiki 2 – 2019
  • Find Me In Your Memory – 2020
  • True Beauty – 2020
  • Recipe For Youth- 2021
  • Shooting Stars – 2022
  • Link: Eat, Love, Kill – 2022
  • The Interest Of Love – 2022
  • Delightfully Deceitful – 2023


  • To Sir, With Love – 2006
  • Bunt – 2007
  • Black House – 2007
  • Shadows In The Palace – 2007
  • Our Town – 2007
  • Do You See Seoul – 2008
  • Killer Toon – 2013
  • Salut D’Amor – 2015
  • Island – 2015
  • Eclipse – 2016
  • Twenty Again – 2016

Net Worth

Moon Ga-Young Net Worth

G-young is one of the richest young girls in the South Korean Drama Industry. Although acting is her major job, she also earns through modeling and brand endorsements. She leverages her massive fan following on social media and promotes various brands to earn as well. Moon has been in the industry for a long time, hence her net worth, as of 2023 is around $5 million. This is a rough estimate and it could be more than this considering her current success. 

Family and Relationship

Moon Ga-Young Family And Relationship

Ga-Young’s both parents are South Korean but were set in Germany at the time of birth of our beloved celerity. Coming back to the country proved very beneficial and Moon started her acting journey. The total family members of Moon’s family are unknown. However, she has revealed about an older sister with whom she is very close. 

She derives her strength from her family especially her sister and shares with them whenever the times get tough. 

Moon Ga-Young Family And Relationship

As for the dating life of this beauty, it is very colorful. 

Ga-Young is engaged to marry the famous soccer player, Son Heungmin

There were rumors of her and Cha Eun-Woo dating in the past month. But it has been clarified that they were only working on a new project and nothing romantic was going on. 

Social Media

Moon Ga-Young Social Media

Moon is present with an official account on Instagram. Her fan following there is a whopping 11.6 million. Her whole page is a fashion statement and an overload of beauty. Fans can not get enough of her and shower much love in the comments. She is not available on any other platform as of today but we will update our readers as soon as she does. 

Social Media Handles


Moon Ga-Young hobbies

Moon is very close to nature. When she is not working, she likes to spend time anywhere near nature. She loves capturing and watching the sunset.

She has several close friends and she loves to hang out with her group. 

Besides the usual activities, G-Young is a gym girl and regularly works out to maintain her perfect figure. She loves good food and is always mindful of what she eats. 

Some Interesting Facts

Moon Ga-Young Some Interesting Facts

  • She learned the German language at a very young age while she was still there with her family.
  • She loves handwritten notes from loved ones. 
  • She likes books better than other forms of media, 
  • Her least favorite subject is maths.
  • She loves to experiment with her acting. 

Is Moon an Cha Eun-Woo ins a reltionship?

No, They are nor dating. Moon is set to marry a soccer player soon.

Which is the most famous drama of Moon?

Moon has many famous dramas under her belt. True beauty, Welcome To Waikiki 2 and Delightfully Deceitful are her some famous dramas.

Did Ga-Young get any surgeries?

There is no confirmation of her getting any sort of plastic surgery.

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