Michael Le Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Michael Le is a skilled dancer, choreographer and social media content creator. He comes from Florida, United States. Michael is an exceptionally talented artist who started at a young age just like JoJo Siwa and was able to pursue his dreams through social media. 

He has worked hard over the years and finally has the recognition he deserves. Le is popular on TikTok, YouTube and even on Instagram with his dance reels and tutorials. He teaches dance moves through his videos setting him apart from all other popular dancers of the day. 

Michael’s hard work has not only helped him, but also his family as almost all of them are social media stars. They have made a name for themselves as The Shluv Family, their content very popular on TikTok. 

Due to his increasing popularity and expertise in the field of dancing, we have collected details about his life for his growing fanbase to enjoy!

Michael Le Biography

Michael Le Biography

Date of BirthMarch 19, 2000
Age24 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.73 m (5’7  ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$3.5 million
HometownPalm Beach, Florida, United States


Michael Le Education

Michael was an oldest child and hence very responsible out of all siblings. He did well in school despite being bullied. Le studied at a local school in his hometown. He has never revealed the exact school from where he graduated for privacy reasons. It was in middle school when he started dancing. His dream of learning how to dance professionally came true only when he joined a Dance Academy in a studio in Florida. 

Physical Appearance

Michael Le Physical Appearance

Le is an Asian-American with his mother being of Asian descent. He is 5’7 feet tall and has maintained his body weight around 70 kg. Usually his dance routine keeps him active and healthy but he also works out to maintain his core energy. Michael has black curly hair and asian features. His hip hop style has always been unique as a trend setter. 


Michael Le Career

When Michael was 14 years old, he started his YouTube dance channel with his mother’s permission. YouTube was it’s way to the top and Le took full advantage of it. He gained more popularity when he started posting dance tutorials as not many content creators were doing so. 

However, his original account was banned by YouTube but Michael was far more resilient. 

He worked on building his fanbase on various other social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. 

After gaining millions of followers on other platforms, Le came back to YouTube in 2019 and started again. He also made a different channel by the name of Justmaiko where he posted comedy content and vlogs. His alternate channel gained fame just like his main channel. 

Michael Le Career

Since his talent and dancing skills were exceptional, he soon started professionally training people and even choreographing dance moves in popular songs. 

Michael gave a guest appearance in Tom Holland’s Spiderman sequel in 2021. 

Besides choreographing and dancing, Le is the official brand ambassador of Bang Drinks

He promotes various other brands on his social media and is also developing his family’s brand, Shluv. 

Net Worth

Michael Le Net Worth

Michael has multiple income streams. From his social media accounts to his brand, everything is a stable source. Le also earns a good sum with brand endorsements and sponsorships. He has learned the art of leveraging traffic on his socials through social media marketing. 

Le’s net worth had crossed $2 mullion by 2022. In 2024, his net worth can be rounded off to $3.5 million as a tentative estimate. 

Family And Relationship

Michael Le Family And Relationship

Michael’s family is pretty famous on social media, especially TikTok. He has two younger sisters and a brother. All of family members are social media personalities including his mother who appears in The Shluv Family content every now and then. She has raised all of his children with love and given them confidence to be unapologetically themselves. 

Michael was born in West Palm Beach in  Florida but moved to Los Angeles for work purposes. Now all of his family reside in Los Angeles. 

As for Le’s love life, he is previously known to have dated fellow social media content creator, Analisseworld. The couple broke up after some time of dating due to unknown reasons. After his breakup, Michael became private about his love life and apparently has not dated anyone since then. Le is single in 2024. 

Social Media

Michael Le Social Media

Michael has been ruling TikTok with his dance moves and currently has 51 million followers and 1.2 billion likes on the platform. His next most famous social media account is YouTube where he has 3.61 million subscribers. Le’s Instagram account is relatively new. For now he has 2.3 million followers with more than 1000 posts. His fans enjoy his content on a regular basis on all of his socials. 

Social Media Handles


Michael Le Hobbies

Michael is one of the most energetic creators. He spends most of his time dancing and creating content. When he is not doing either, he relaxes with his family and prioritizes them over most people. Le loves to travel. He has been to South Korea recently where he collaborated with many famous K-pop groups. Le works out in his free time to maintain his agility and fitness. 

Some Interesting Facts

Michael Le Some Interesting Facts

  • Michael gained more followers in Covid just like Alissa violet.
  • He resides in California, Los Angeles like fellow social media creator, Larray. 
  • Le wants to travel to Japan as it is his favorite country.

Why is Michael Le so famous on TikTok?

Michael is famous on social media due to his dance moves and dance tutorials.

How old is Le in 2024?

He turned 24 on March 2024.

Is Michael Korean?

Michael is mixed race Asian-American with his mother being an Asian.

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