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Luke Newton is a rising actor in the romance genre from the famous Netflix series, Bridgerton. Luke is an English actor and comes from Sussex, England. He has been in theater and television for a long time. Newton’s much-awaited success came when he was cast as Collin, a side but major character in Bridgerton, giving him the chance that he deserved to show off his acting skills

Newton has proven his acting skills and more of his talents are coming to light as he appears before the public in various interviews and events. 

He is blessed with good looks as well as many other qualities. Luke’s on-screen couple with Nicola Coughlan is loved very much and fans keep shipping them together. 

For his rising popularity and growing fan base, we have accumulated more facts about Newton’s life in this biography for our readers! 

Luke Newton Biography

Luke Newton Biography

Date of BirthFebruary 5, 1993
Age31 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.83 m (8’  ft)
Weight65 kg~
Net Worth$2 million
HometownShoreham, West Sussex, England


Luke Newton Education

Luke grew up in a traditional English home. He started his education at St Nicolas and St Mary’s Primary School. He moved on to Northbrook College Sussex. While he was a college student, Newton became very interested in music and even started his band. He was lucky enough to be scouted by an agent and his career finally moved in the right direction. To train further professionally, Luke attended the London School Of Musical Theater. 

Physical Appearance

Luke Newton Physical Appearance

Newton has all the characteristics of a handsome English man. He is almost 6 feet tall and weighs about 65 kg. He has worked hard to maintain his physical fitness over the past few years and is currently sporting six abs making him more attractive than he already is. 

Newton always had brown hair and plump lips. He is particularly famous among female fans due to his role in the Bridgerton series. 


Luke Newton Career

Newton was not new to the entertainment industry. His father and aunts were all related to the music industry and naturally Luke also went that way but fate had other plans in store. 

He debuted as an actor in 2010 in a television series called The Cut. Fortunately, his first role was a main role and he started his career in acting on the right foot. 

However, Luke only appeared in small roles in various television series for the next few years. He also did two short films during this period. 

In 2016, Newton was again given a chance as the main lead in the television series, The Lodge as Ben Evans. He nailed his character and was noticed by more producers during this time. 

Newton’s career took a turn for the better in 2020 when he was cast as Collin in the first season of Bridgerton as the third brother of the family. Although his screen time was short in the first two seasons Luke’s time has finally arrived in 2024. 

Luke is cast as the main lead of the third season in Bridgerton where he plays a romantic character, stirring the hearts of so many ladies worldwide. His popularity has increased many folds and Newton now has a loyal fan base. 

A list of all Newton’s acting projects is provided for our readers. 


Luke Newton Television Series

  • The Cut – 2010
  • Daddie J – 2011
  • Mr. Selfridge – 2013
  • Doctors – 2014
  • The Lodge – 2016
  • Lake Placid: Legacy – 2018
  • Bridgerton – 2020

Short Films

  • Twist And Pulse’s Halloween Thriller – 2014
  • Youth In Bed – 2019

Net Worth

Luke Newton Net Worth

Luke is a dedicated actor who has worked hard on each one of his projects. He has gained more fame and popularity in the last few years. Newton is money-smart and has a few assets to himself. He is on the right path and will certainly be more successful in the coming years. His current net worth is around $2 million. However, Luke’s financial status has made him even more humble and down to earth and it is the best quality any celebrity can have. 

Family And Relationship

Luke Newton Family And Relationship

Newton was born in a family of four in Shoreham-By-Sea. He has a younger sister but unfortunately his parents separated in his early teens. Luke took inspiration from his father and chose music when he was in college but later changed his direction. 

Newton has been in relationships previously. He first dated Sophie Simnett but broke up in 2018. The next year, Luke started dating Jade Davies. The couple dated for four years and broke up in 2023.

Fans love Luke’s chemistry with Nicola so much that they continuously ship them together. However, they are not dating in real life and Luke is single in 2024. 

Social Media

Newton is actively available on Instagram only. He was not very active on the platform in past but since his current series came out, Luke has been promoting it through his social media. He currently has 2.3 million followers on just 69 posts. 

Social Media Handles


Luke Newton Hobbies

Although it does not look like it but Luke has a shy and introverted personality. He has limited friends with whom he likes to spend time with. These days, he is mostly busy with promoting Bridgerton through interviews and events. When Newton wants to relax, he takes a hiatus from work and goes on a vacation. Boating and sunbathing are his two favorite hobbies. 

Some Interesting Facts

Luke Newton Some Interesting Facts

  • Newton has been nominated for one award so far and has not won any awards. 
  • His full name is Luke Paul Anthony Newton. 
  • Luke’s Zodiac is Aquarius just like Jaden Hossler.

Which character does Luke Newton play in Bridgeton?

Luke plays the character of Collin Bridgerton in the series.

How old is Luke now?

Luke turned 31 years old in 2024.

Is Newton dating Nicola Coughlan?

No, the two are very close friends and not dating in real life.

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