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Lee Jun-ho is South Korean actor, singer, songwriter and dancer. His fame spread throughout the world with his recent hit K Drama “King The Land”. Many fans originally know him from the K pop band 2PM.

Jun-Ho has a very pleasant screen presence. Junho has proved himself in both Korean drama and music industry. His dance skills are exceptionally good which he displays every now and then. Fans witnessed Jun-Ho and his co-star Yoona dancing on stage on the famous song “Senorita” by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.   


Lee Junho Biography
Date of BirthJanuary 25. 1990
Age33 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.78m (5’8ft)
Net Worth$16.6 million
HometownGunsan, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


He did his bachelors degree from Howon University, Gunsan. After completing his bachelors, he did not stop there and got a degree in cinematography from Sejong university. 

Physical Appearance 

Lee Junho Physical Appearance

Lee Junho is a fair skinned, 1.78m tall man of tough build. He has changed a lot over the years since his first appearance on screen as a teenager and every fan agrees that he is becoming more attractive with each passing day. He works out regularly and shows off his good physique in different dramas he has been in. He weighs about 67kgs.


Lee Junho Career

Junho appeared as a 17-year-old in a show called “Hot Blood Men” in the year 2008.

His music career started in the year 2009 in the boy Band that we know as 2PM. The second song was greatly recognized and the fame of the band increased over the years. So far, 2Pm has about 10 Albums in which Junho is a vocalist and also contributes to the lyrics. 

He has also presented many Solo Albums and gained much popularity through them too. His solo music demonstrated his expertise as a great music composer as well as song lyricist. 

Lee had many acting cameos on the television here and there but his acting career actually started with his role as Seo Yul in the drama called Good Manager. The comedy series was received well and many fans recognized him from his boy band. He then continued acting in various dramas. His most famous drama till date is The Red Sleeve where he plays the character of historical figure, King Jeongjo.  

Television Series

Lee Junho Television Series
  • Memory 2016
  • Good Manager 2017
  • Rain or Shine 2017-2018
  • Wok of Love 2018
  • Confession 2019
  • The Red Sleeve 2021-2022
  • King The Land 2023

Solo Music Albums

  • So Good 2015
  • One 2015
  • DSMN 2016
  • 2017 S/S 2017
  • Winter Sleep 2018
  • Sozo 2018
  • Two 2019

Net Worth

Lee Junho Net Worth

Current Net Worth of Lee Jun-Ho is $16.6 Million. He has been in the industry for a very long time and has worked very hard to get where he is today. 

Family and Relationship

Lee Junho Family

He grew up in a loving family of four. His family comprises both his parents and an elder sister. His elder sister has a son, nephew to Junho who he cherishes a lot. He has posted about his nephew on his social media and fans equally adore little Woojin.

He grew up in the city of Seoul, South Korea. 

After his drama, King the Land aired, he was rumored to be dating his co-star, Yoona. Neither actor has confirmed anything but it is a widely known fact that both actors were good friends long before they appeared together on the screen, Lee jun-Ho is officially single.

Social Media

Junho rapidly got famous on social media as his followers reached 6.4 million on Instagram and 1.9 million followers on Twitter/X. His YouTube channel, which is relatively new, is also getting a lot of attention lately. He posts his songs and vlogs where he talks about his day-to-day life and projects. Fans get to see a lot of him in his self-recorded videos and vlogs. So far, he has about 628k followers and about 77 videos on YouTube. 

Social Media Handles


He is an animal rights activist and owns many cats. He is very good at sports and knows acrobatic dance as well. He is currently a brand ambassador for Sauvage and Dior. 

Vlogging about his daily life is one of his hobbies that he and his fans seem to enjoy equally. 

Some Interesting Facts

  • He is a cat person and owns many cats. 
  • He is fluent in Japanese as well as English besides Korean. 
  • He has released many Japanese songs as well.
  • His nickname is Junho.
  • He is the first idol to get The Best Actor Award.

His zodiac sign is Aquarius just like Sophie Turner, Bella Poarch and Meghan Thee Stallion.

Where is Lee Jun-Ho from?

Lee Jun-Ho is from South Korea.

Is Lee Junho dating Yoona?

Lee Junho and Yoona are not dating.

Which K pop Band is Lee Jun-Ho from?

Lee Jun-Ho belongs to the band called 2PM.

Did Lee Jun-Ho serve in the military?

Yes! Junho served in the military for two years from 2019 to 2021.

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