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Lee Joon-Gi is yet another mature and attractive actor and singer from South Korea. He has appeared as the male lead in many dramas of various genres. Lee has millions of fans all around the world thanks to his amazing acting and handsome personality. 

He has been on the screens for almost two decades and has provided us with some great dramas and movies. Lee, along with actors such as Kim Young-Dae, Lee Junho and Kim Namjoon have played memorable historical characters as well. 


Lee Joon Gi Biography
Date of BirthApril 17, 1982
Age41 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.78m (5’8ft)
Net Worth$5 million
HometownBusan, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Lee Joon Gi Education

He graduated from the Seoul Arts College and completed his degree in 2007. Despite being a good student, he took a break from studies after high school. He spent a few years doing odd jobs after coming to Seoul. Luck was on his side and after auditioning for some time, he got modeling jobs in 2001 and after. It was after a few years that he worked for a scholarship and continued his studies.

Physical Appearance

Lee Joon Gi Physical Appearance

He is 1.78 m tall. Joon-Gi has a well maintained and healthy body. He weighs about 65kg. He is well maintained. He is known to pay special attention to his daily workout sessions.

He has dark eyes and dark Hair. Apart from being attractive due to his abs, Joon-Gi has beautiful features which set him apart. 

He is always styled and dressed according to the latest fashion trends. His Sague look with long hair that distinct him from so many other actors. 


Lee Joon Gi Career

After small jobs and getting minor gigs in the field of acting, Lee auditioned for the role of clown in The King and the Clown. He competed against thousands of people and won the role. That character was his first real success. He started getting noticed all through Asia. That particular role, however, gave him an image of Kkonminam (Flower Boy). 

His first famous drama was My Girl along with the famous South Korean actor, Lee Dong-Wook. 

He appeared in the second film of his career named Virgin Snow. The movie was co-produced with Japan. He became well known internally after this movie.

He was able to shed his previous pretty boy reputation in coming years as he took on acting roles from different genres. He has worked very hard and is an all rounder. He is nicknamed King of Sageuk due to his amazing work in historical dramas.

He becomes the center of attention in any drama he acts in and has a long list of great drama names under his belt. 

Television Series

  • My Girl – 2005
  • The Time between Dog and Wolf – 2007
  • Iljimae – 2008
  • Hero – 2009
  • Arang And The Magistrate – 2012
  • Two Weeks – 2013
  • Gunman in Joseon – 2014
  • The Scholar Who Walks the Night – 2015
  • Criminal Minds – 2017
  • Lawless Lawyer – 2018
  • Flower Of Evil – 2020
  • Again My Life – 2022
  • Arthdal Chronicles – 2023


Lee Joon Gi Filmography
  • The King And The Clown – 2005
  • Virgin Snow – 2007
  • May 18 – 2007
  • Never Said Goodbye – 2016
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – 2016

Music Albums

  • My Jun, My Style – 2006
  • Nam Hyun-Joon – 2006
  • J Style – 2009
  • Deucer – 2012
  • Case by Case – 2013
  • My Dear – 2013
  • Exhale – 2014
  • ThankYou – 2016
  • Delight – 2018

Net Worth

Lee Joon Gi Net Worth

Lee Joon-Gi has a current net worth of about $5 million. Although he has been in the industry for a long time, he did suffer from some financial troubles at one point as he disclosed in one of his informal interviews. However, he bounced back and worked harder still to get where he is now. 

Family and Relationship

Lee Joon Gi Family

Lee grew up in a family of four. Besides his parents, he has a sister that he has a close relationship with and appears in his pictures once in a while. His hometown is the city of Busan.

He lived with his family until he moved to Seoul for his love of media arts. 

He has a specifically close relationship with his father. He owes his grounded personality to his dad and holds him in high regard.

As for the dating history of our beloved actor, he has been linked to many names before. Most of his girlfriends were his co-stars. He has never dived into too many details about his dating life. At the moment, he is single and there aren’t any rumors about any secret dates either. 

Lee Joon Gi Relationship

Social Media

All Joon-Gi fans are happy with his regular presence on social media. He has 6.6 million followers on Instagram. His second highest follower number is on Facebook i.e. 3.8 million

He has both Twitter/X and YouTube accounts. With his Youtube being fairly new, the followers are about 90.8k there. His Twitter follower is 204k.

Social Media Handles

Lee Joon Gi Social Media Handles


Lee Joon Gi Hobbies

Lee Joon Gi has special interests in Martial Arts. He is a master in martial arts and he is known to perform his own stunts in his dramas. He loves to sing and has released many singles over the years. He has a sweet voice and  his songs are available on his YouTube channel as well. 

He has a special knack for style and has started many fashion trends. 

While growing up, he was a fan of sports and loved computer games that all people in those years loved playing. 

Some Interesting Facts

Lee Joon Gi Interesting Facts
  • He is very nice to his fans and always stops to say hi politely. 
  • He maintains a close friendship bond with his co-star from the famous drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • He has appeared as himself in many dramas in the form of special cameos
  • His current drama Arthdal Chronicles is proving to be yet another unforgettable series. 
  • He tested positive for Covid in the year 2022 but recovered fully soon after. 

Did Lee Joon Gi date Jeon Hye Bin?

Yes, joon gi was in a relationship with Jeon but broke it off in 2017.

What sort of diet is Lee Joon-Gi on?

Lee Joon-Gi maintains a carb free diet. He adds Tofu to his meals to replace carbs.  

What sort of Martial Arts does Lee Joon-Gi know?

In addition to Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he also knows various Korean forms of martial arts such as Hapkido and Taekkyeon.

How old is Lee Joon-Gi?

Lee Joon-Gi is 41 years and 7 months old at the moment.

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