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Lee Jae-Wook is a rising celebrity from the land of South Korea. He is an amazing model and actor. Jae-Wook rapidly rose to fame after just a few supporting roles. His most popular drama of all time is Alchemy Of Souls which received international fame through Netflix. 

Many people recognize him now and are fan of his acting skills due to his acting craft. He has proven his mastery in te Industry at a very young age and is expected to rise to new heights in the coming years. 

He is one of the rising male leads of the South Korean Industry just like Ryeoun, Bae In-Hyuk, and Song Kang

Lee Jae-Wook Biography

Lee Jae-Wook Biography
Date of BirthMay 10, 1998
Age25 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.87 m (6’1 ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$5 million
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Lee Jae-Wook education

Jae-Wook started his educational journey at Daechi Middle School. After which, he moved on to Seocho High School. At this point, he had already developed a liking for performance arts and decided to pursue higher studies in the subject. He took admission in the Chun-Ang University in the Seoul city campus. His passion led him to the Department of Theater and Film. 

Physical Appearance

Lee Jae-Wook Physical Appearance

Jae-Wook had a very unique look and he appeared more Japanese rather than Korean. 

He has a perfect height of 6’1 feet and has maintained his body weight near the ideal range of 70kg.

 His perfect jawline and sharp eyes made him irresistible to look at. Most of his female fan base is crazy about his handsome features. Lee is often seen dressed in modern fashion trends and carries them gracefully. 


Lee Jae-Wook Career

Lee debuted not very long ago, in 2018 from a supporting role in a well-known project called Memories Of The Alhambra. His first role was good enough for him to get noticed and the next year, he appeared in a major role in the television series Search: WWW

He has wisely chosen his work projects which is filled with promising roles and dramas with high ratings.

His film debut came the same year with a movie called The Battle Of Jangsari

As the years progressed, he increased his experience with both, big and small screens increased and he worked on many projects. Some of his most famous dramas are Extraordinary You, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, and Alchemy Of Souls. 

Television Series

Lee Jae Wook Television Series

  • Memories Of The Alhambra – 2018
  • Search: WWW – 2019
  • Extraordinary You – 2019
  • When The Weather Is Fine – 2020
  • Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – 2020
  • Alchemy Of Souls – 2022 


  • The Battle Of Jangsari – 2019
  • Kill Boksoon – 2023

Web Series

  • Move To Heaven – 2021
  • Kiss Sixth Sense – 2022
  • Death’s Game – 2023

Net Worth

Lee Jae-Wook Net Worth

Lee Jae debuted just five years ago and has already worked on many great projects. Besides being A full-time actor, he is also a big name in the modeling industry. Furthermore, he has worked hard and has collaborated with many major international brands such as YSL, Prada, and Chanel

Besides this, he has also modeled for many magazines. His current net worth considering his work history is very appropriate. According to many sources in 2023, his net worth is roughly calculated to be around $5 million. His assets will increase in the coming years as he continues to gain more fame. 

Family And Relationship

Lee Jae Wook Family And Relationship

Le Jae comes from a family of five. He is a middle child born between an older sister and a younger brother. Originally, he was only known to have an older sister but his younger brother has also entered the industry but is keeping a low profile and not much is known about him. 

To No one’s surprise, his family always supported him while pursuing his dream of being an actor. 

The love life of Jae-Wook is very colorful these days as there are various news of him dating a girl. To fans’ dismay, the identity of his girlfriend and any details about her were not revealed to the media and Jae-Wook is keeping his dating life very private from the eye of the camera. 

Social Media

Lee Jae-Wook Social Media

As for his social media presence, like so many South Korean celebrities of the current era, Lee Jae is also only available with an official account on Instagram. He has made about 624 posts and has 6.3 million followers at the start of 2024. His posts are mostly photos of himself from various places. We can see a glimpse of his life through his Instagram account. 

Social Media Handles


Lee Jae Wook Hobbies

Lee Jae is a very humble guy considering the amount of fame he has. He likes to wear casual clothes most of the time. Moreover, When he is not working, he relaxes in outdoor spaces. He likes pets, especially dogs. 

Jae-Wook has maintained his body well through workouts and he loves to swim

He likes fine dining experiences and meeting with his fans through fan meetings

Some Interesting Facts

Lee Jae Wook Some Interesting Facts

  • In this short period, he has already won 8 awards.
  • He was an ambassador for the Korea Tourism Organization in 2022
  • He has not started his military service yet. 

What is the name of Jae-Wook's Girlfriend?

The name of is girlfriend is not revealed to the public yet.

Did Lee already serve in the military?

No, Jae-Wook has not served in the military yet.

Which is the most famous project pf Jae-Wook?

Lee is mostly known for his lead role in the internationally famous drama, Alchemy Of Souls.

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