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Lee Dong-Wook is a legendary Actor and Model hailing from South Korea. He is also a well-known host and entertainer. Dong-Wook has been around for some time now and is loved all around the world for his various famous roles. 

Lee has done so many projects and all of them were so amazing that it is difficult to mention just a few. But the most recent work of his include Tale of Nine Tailed alongside the attractive actress Jo Bo-Ah and Bad and Crazy. He is as good as any other young actor of the day such as Lee Junho or Ahn Hyo-Seop


Lee Dong-Wook Biography

Date of BirthNovember 6, 1981
Age42 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.84m (6’ ft)
Weight75 kg~
Net Worth$10 million
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Lee Dong-Wook Biography


Lee Dong-Wook Education

Since Lee has been in the industry for a long time now and fans have uncovered much about him and he himself has shared about his private life unlike so many other actors. 

He started his educational journey at Hansin Elementary School. Lee then shifted to Baekwoon Middle School as he grew up. He is known to have graduated from Shinil High School. For higher studies he got admission to the Joongbu University and successfully graduated from there in Media and Broadcasting Arts. 

He has many years of acting training under his belt and he has surely mastered the art of it. 

Physical Appearance

Lee Dong-Wook Physical Appearance

Don-Wook has stolen the hearts of so many over the years due to his looks. He is 6 feet tall and has a lean toned body. He weighs somewhere around 70 kgs and. His weight has fluctuated over the years but he has never been unhealthy. 

He has pale skin that suited him just the best in the role of a grim reaper in a drama. 

Fans have playfully commented many times that he resembles Olaf, the cartoon character. But he vehemently denies it but finds it very amusing. 


Lee Dong-Wook Career

Dong-wook stepped into the world of success with a modeling contest. He won the grand prize in the said contest. His looks took him to the acting profession of acting and he starred in his first one episode drama in the year 1999.

Lee was cast in the School Series and he worked hard in his early 20s until 2005 when he reached a new level with his rom com drama My Girl. This drama made him a star all across Asia and he raked many fans from countries outside of Asia. 

He continued his studies while he was in the profession and chose his majors accordingly. Lee gave us so many memorable and hit dramas all through the late 2000s and early 2010s. Some of his notable acting projects include Scent Of A Woman, Fugitive Of Joseon, Hotel King and Blade Man.

Lee Dong-Wook Career

After being active for more than a decade, everyone thought Dong-Wook has done his share of work but he proved them wrong after making an amazing comeback in the hit drama series Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. He was given the role of a grim reaper who formed an unlikely friendship with a goblin. This drama proved him to be a forever star. Younger people who didn’t know about him before started to re-discover his previous work and he found a whole new range of fans admiring him.

After that drama, he continued to appear on our screens in various roles. The latest of which is the second part of his famous series, Tale Of The Nine Tailed. 

He also has a few hosting jobs throughout his career and his own personal Talk Show which proved to be a treat for his fans. 

Here is a detailed list of all his dramas so far.  

Television Series

Lee Dong-Wook Television Series

  • School 2 – 1999
  • School 3 – 2000
  • Secret – 2000
  • Four Sisters – 2001
  • Pure Heart – 2001
  • This Is Love – 2001
  • That’s Perfect – 2001
  • Let’s Go – 2002
  • Loving You – 2002
  • Honest Living – 2002
  • Land Of Wine – 2003
  • Mary Go Round – 2003
  • Island Village Teacher – 2004
  • Precious Family – 2004
  • Hanoi Bride – 2005
  • My Girl – 2005
  • La Dolce Vita – 2008
  • Partner – 2009
  • Scent Of A Woman – 2011
  • Wild Romance – 2012
  • Heaven’s Order – 2013
  • Hotel King – 2014
  • Blade Man – 2014
  • Bubblegum – 2015
  • Golin – 2016
  • Life – 2018
  • Touch Your Heart – 2019
  • Strangers From Hell – 2019
  • Tale Of Nine-Tailed – 2020
  • Bad and Crazy – 2021
  • Tale Of Nine Tailed 1938 – 2023

Net Worth

Lee Dong-Wook Net Worth

Lee is among the richest actors from the industry. All throughout his career, he has mostly won major roles which has made him a highly paid artist. Last few years alone have added a lot of his wealth with the second season of his Fox God appearance. His net worth, as of 2023 according to many sources, has soared up to $10 million. Besides acting, he has been a model for various brands and also hosted a few shows, adding to his overall income. 

Family And Relationship

Lee Dong-Wook Family And Relationship

Lee comes from a family of six. He is the eldest brother and has always played his part as an elder sibling very well. His upbringing was thoroughly middle class and he was never ashamed of that fact. As soon as he stepped into the industry, he supported his family in every way including financial help. He set all of his siblings on the right path. His younger sister, Lee Seong Hee is also associated with the industry. 

Lee Dong-Wook has been rumored to date many celebrities and co-stars in the past. The most rumored names are Yoo In-Na, Lee Da-Hae, Jessica Jung and Kim Hyun-Joo.

Lee Dong-Wook Family and Relationship

However, there is one celebrity, Lee confirmed that he dated. Suzy Bae dated Lee in the year 2018. The cute couple faced a lot of backlash due to their 13 year age gap. They called it quits the same year for same reasons.

Dong-Wook is single at the moment.

Social Media

Lee Dong-Wook Social Media Handles

Our favorite Lee is available on three social media platforms with official accounts. He has a massive number of 17.2 million followers on Instagram. 3.3 million followers on his Facebook and 899.2k followers on TikTok. Despite being inactive and having just four videos, he still has millions of likes on TikTok. He has been inactive on Facebook this past year and fans still follow him. He is most active on Instagram and posts regularly.

Social Media Handles

Lee Dong-Wook Social Media


Lee Dong-Wook Hobbies

Besides looking dapper all the time, Dong-Wook is a very shy man and likes to relax in the comfort of his own home. He sometimes plays phone games as well to pass his time. He loves food and Lee sure knows how to make it too.

Some Interesting Facts

Lee Dong-Wook Some Interesting Facts

  • He can sing well as proved by him singing a cover of City Of Stars in a recent video.
  • He loves children and loves to play with them as well. 
  • He had a great on screen chemistry with Yoon In-Ah and appeared with her on screen more than once. 
  • He is good friends with his Goblin Co-star, Gong Yoo
  • He recently appeared on the cover of Esquire.

Did Lee Dong get any surgeries?

Lee is not known to have any plastic surgeries.

Who is Dong-Wook dating?

Lee is single as of 2023.

Did Lee serve in the military?

YES, he served two mandatory years in the military.

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