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Larry is a well-established YouTuber, TikToker, and social media influencer known for his videos on a wide range of topics. He has been making content since before COVID-19 and has garnered followers from all over the world.

Larray has worked closely with many other notable social media stars as he was a part of the Hype House for almost a year. He had James Charles, Dixie D’Amelio, and Charli D’Amelio in his close circle. 

Larray’s massive fan following has led him to achieve a lot at a young age and he has supported his family through hard work as well. He has proven to be a great human being with multiple skills under his belt. 

Let’s dive into the life of this amazing young man and learn more about him!

Larray Biography

Larray Biography

Date of BirthJuly 22, 1998
Age226 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.72 m (5’ 7 ft)
Weight65 kg~
Net Worth$1.5 million
HometownLos Angeles, California, United States.


This charming young man was a highly intelligent child when he started school. He did moderately well in his studies. He was a student at the Alta Loma High School when he was introduced to the world of social media. Larri graduated from High School and officially began his career as a creative mastermind. 

Physical Appearance

Larray Physical Appearance

Merritt is a man with very charming looks and a great body. He stands 5’7 feet tall and has maintained his weight around 65 kg. Larri has worked hard on his physical fitness, has abs, and has many tattoos adorning his body. He has curly long hair always styled and on point. 


Larray Career

Larri has been a part of the social media industry since 2015. He started via YouTube and slowly built his audience by engaging content. Just like his buddy, Issa Twaimz, he also first started making content on the Vine app. Before the app was discontinued, he had managed to gather thousands of followers.

Later on, his fans followed him on TikTok where his videos were well-received and liked. Merritt knew that the success of any social media personality relied on his presence on all major platforms. Keeping that in mind, he joined both Instagram and Twitter at the right time making him a recognized creator on those platforms as well. 

After raking followers worldwide, Larri had a good social influence and he leveraged it in the best way possible by launching a Merch. His brand is known as Girliesxo. His brand sells various clothing items with Larri’s logo on it. 

Merritt’s passion for music has driven to create his own songs. A list of all his songs is given below. 


Larray Singles

  • First Place – 2018
  • Last Place – 2018
  • Canceled – 2020
  • Thanos – 2020
  • Latina – 2021
  • Canceled Remix – 2023

Net Worth

Larray Net Worth

Larri has made quite a fortune for himself in all these years. He has worked hard to rise from the bottom and is making his way to the top with speed. Merritt’s major source of income is social media. However, his merch sales add enough to his total assets. In 2024, Larri’s net worth will reach $1.5 million. He is going strong with his music and social media, and he has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. 

Family And Relationships

Larray Family And Relationship

Merritt was born into a big family. He has 13 siblings in total from both maternal and paternal side. There is not much information available about his family online apart from the fact that Larri had humble beginnings. Larri is close to his mom and every now and then, he talks about her. 

As for the complicated love lie of this charming man, Larri has dated Brady Potter in the past but the two broke up for unknown reasons. Larri is presumably single at the moment. 

Social Media

Merritt has the highest number of followers on TikTok i.e. 27.4 million and 773 million likes. His next most famous social account is YouTube where he has 9.4 million subscribers on almost 200 videos. Larri has gathered 6.3 million followers on Instagram on just 92 posts in a few short years. He has been present on Twitter since 2011 and has 1.3 million people following him currently. 

Social Media Handles


Larray Hobbies

Larri has a very charming personality and the ability to make friends easily. He Likes to party and have fun with his peers. Besides enjoying, he listens to music to relax and regulate his emotions. Merritt religiously goes to the gym to maintain his body and also follows a clean diet. 

Some Interesting Facts

Larray Some Interesting Facts

  • Larray’s full name is Larri Merritt. 
  • He has been nominated for four awards so far and won the award of 2020 Streamy Awards for lifestyle. 
  • He was under fire for not following Covid protocols during his 2020 birthday. 

What is Larray's ethnicity?

Larray is mixed race with one parent being black and other is white.

Is Larray gay?

Merritt has dated a guy in the past so he is not straight but he has not labeled himself as gay yet.

Why is Larri famous?

He is famous for his comedic videos and engaging content.

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