Kristina Collins (KallMeKris) Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Kristina Collins is a very well-known TikTok star, social media influencer, and comedian. Kristina who is mostly known by her username KallMeKris is from British Columbia, Canada

She has risen to popularity in very short years since the pandemic just like many other TikTokers such as Loren Gray and Younes Zarou.

Her hilarious content and comedic timing caught people’s attention very quickly and she gathered millions of followers from all over the world. 

Today Kristina is a successful social media celebrity and YouTuber and almost every one of us has seen her content.  

Kristina Collins Biography

Kristina Collins Biography

Date of BirthJuly 1, 1996
Age27 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.70 m (5’ 6 ft)
Weight52 kg~
BoyfriendCaleb Phelps (Oompaville)
Net Worth$4 million
HometownAbbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. 


Kristina Collins Education

Kris has always been an intelligent girl but struggled with attention. She was a student at East High as a high school student in Salt Lake City. She took the usual path and started her college degree at the University Of Fraser Valley. Kristina was an unusual girl and the college environment did not sit well with her. She soon dropped out and decided on a drastic career change by going to the Vancouver Hair Academy South Surrey. After graduating as a professional Hairdresser, Collins gained experience in the same field.   

Physical Appearance

Kristina Collins Physical Appearance

Collins has exceptional good looks which she compliments with her amazing makeup skills. She stands 5’6 feet tall and weighs an average of 50 kg. She has a very lean body and has always maintained her figure. 

Kristina has a pale complexion, naturally blue eyes, and blond hair which she recently dyed red. Most of the time, she wears dark lip colors which have become her signature. 


Kristina Collins Career

Collins was working as a hairdresser when Covid 19 started. She was between jobs and looking for a career change when one of her many siblings suggested that she start her TikTok account. Kriss did not take it seriously but still made an account and posted a lip-syncing video the same day. It became a fun hobby for her and little did she know, it would become her full-time job in later years. 

The TikTok account she started in 2020 gained massive recognition. People found her content hilarious and wanted to see more of it. It compelled her to start a YouTube channel later in 2020 as well. Slowly but very steadily, her number of followers increased and it became her steady stream of income. 

Collins always wanted to become an actress and acting out her small skits gave her a sense of achievement. 

Kristina Collins Career

Kriss has worked as a hairdresser on the set of Riverdale. Her first television experience as an actress was in 2022, Kids In The Hall with a minor role. 

She has also starred in a short web film called Woman In Red and few episodes of a 2023 web series by the name of Ginormo

So far Kristina has not started acting professionally but she aspires to be a film actress one day.  

Net Worth

Kristina Collins Net Worth

Collins has gone from living at her parent’s house to onwing her own assets. She has worked very hard in past few years and acheived so much. She works in collaboration with brands and also earns from various scholarships. 

Kris has also started a merch for her fans which is very famous among people. Her estimated net worth is reaching $4 million in 2024. It is very inspirational to see a talented young woman like Kristina receive the recognition she deserves. 

Family And Relationship

Kristina Collins Family And Relationships

Kris comes from a big family. She has both blood siblings and half siblings. She is the second out of five brothers and sisters. Kristina was born in Abbotsford, Canada in a middle class home. She reflected in an interview that she was deprived of attention as a middle child which fuels her humor and skits. 

Kristina Collins Family And Relationships

Kriss has always been vocal and open about her love life. Prior to her success, she was seeing Aron Brown. Both of them broke up after a six-year relationship in 2022 for unknown reasons. Afte staying single for about a year, she started dating another YouTuber, Caleb Phelps, who goes by the username, Oompaville. Both of them have been gowing strong since and often appear on eachother’s social media content. 

Social Media

Kristina Collins Social Media

Kris is among the TikTok users who crossed 50 million followers in last few years. At the moment, she has 50.7 million followers and 2.3 billion likes. 

She started er YouTube Channel a little later but she still has 10.9 million subscribers on 445 videos. Most of her YouTube videos are reactions.

 Kristina has a very interesting Instagram page with 3.2 million followers and about 1500 posts so far. 

Social Media Handles


Kristina Collins Hobbies

Kris is an introverted extrovert and a very fun loving person. She has turned her hoby of acting into a full time profession. In her free time collins likes to listen to music and hang out with her family members. She and her boyfriend enjoy time close to the nature

Some Interesting Facts

Kristina Collins Some Interesting Facts

  • Kristina has appeared as herself in the music video of San Quentin by Nickleback. 
  • Collins was nominated for four different awards in 2022 and 2023 for her comedy, acting and cllaborations. 
  • Her first acting gig was a very small role in the film, Into The Storm which went uncredited. 

Kris has shied from any sexual orientation but when asked, she called herself Pansexual.

How old is Kris?

Kristina Collins will turn 27 in July, 2024.

What is Kris' natural hair color?

Her natural air color is Blond but she recently dyed it red.

Why did Collins breakup with her boyfriend?

She broke off with Aron Brown for unknown reasons but is going strong with her current boyfriend, Caleb Phelps.

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