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Kim Young-Dae is a young South Korean actor. He is known and loved for his innocent yet handsome face. Currently, Kim Yung-Dae is starring in a new fantasy Fiction Korean Drama called “Moon in the Day” along with Pyo-ye Jin, Ju Wan On, Jung Shin-Hye, Ye-Won Mun and many other notable mature actors from the South Korean Industry. Kim Namjoon is another notable actor from Korea.  

Kim Young-Dae appeared on screens in 2019 and has since been an eye candy for most Korean Drama fans. His last project, “The Forbidden Marriage” left fans wanting to see more of him and their wishes were answered this year in November when he showed up as lead in yet another exciting drama, “Moon in the Day”.

Kim Young-Dae Biography

Kim Young-Dae Biography
Date of BirthMarch 2, 1996
Age27 years old
Height1.85m (6 ft)
Weight70kg ~
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$5 Million 


Kim Young-Dae Education

Kim attended Fudan University but dropped out later and did not complete his degree. He later attended Digital Seoul Culture Arts University

Physical Appearance

Famous for his contrasting looks of innocence yet tough looks, Kim Young-Dae is 6ft tall, dark haired young man. His slender physique with weight about 70kg. His physical fitness adding to his general attractiveness. 


Kim Young-Dae Career

He started his career with a one act stage Drama called “The Time Left Between Us”.

He continued appearing in small cameo roles from 2018 to 2021 in various television series until he landed a major role in “The Penthouse: War in Life” and “Shooting Stars”.

Television Series

  • Welcome to Waikiki 2 2019
  • Extraordinary You 2019
  • When the Weather is Fine 2020
  • Cheat on me If You Can 2020
  • The Penthouse: War in life 2020
  • True Beauty 2021
  • Undercover 2021
  • Shooting Stars 2022
  • The Forbidden Marriage 2022
  • Moon on the Day 2023

Music Videos

  • The First Night by Ben and Kim Woo-Joo
  • Graduation Tears by Yoo Jongshin

Social Media

Kim Young-Dae Social Media

Kim Young-Dae has a 4.9 Million Following on his Instagram. While his managing company has a page about him on Facebook with 5.4k Followers

He is Specifically active on Instagram and posts his photos regularly.

Social Media Handles

Net Worth 

Kim Young-Dae NetWorth

As He is a relatively new actor, Young-Dae is working his way up very fast. 

Currently, his Net worth is estimated to be $5 Million

Family and Hometown

Kim Young-Dae was born in the city of Seoul, South Korea. So far, the number of his siblings have not been mentioned anywhere. What we do know is that he went abroad to pursue his studies and later returned to his home town in Korea where he dived into the industry. 


To no one’s surprise. Young-Dae is a big sports fan. He expressed his love for most ball games, especially soccer and basketball

Not just that, Our favorite actor is also a book-lover. In his interview with ‘Vogue Korea’, he even recommended two books for his fans to read. 

Interesting Facts about Kim Young-Dae

  • Kim did not initially consider acting.
  • He was first offered roles while he was still studying but he declined.
  • He wanted to play soccer as a child. 
  • His first acting gig was a One act Drama called The Time Left Between us.

Did Kim Young-Dae appear in “True Beauty”?

Yes! As many fans recognize now, he gave a small cameo in the drama.

How old is Kim Young-Dae?

As of 2023, he is 27 years old and will turn 28 in March, 2024.

Who is Kim Young-Dae dating?

Kim Young-Dae is single. There have been many rumors of him dating Kim Hyun Soo. However, there has been no official statement on whether it is true or not. 

Which Social Media accounts does Kim Young-Dae use?

Kim Young-Dae is active on instagram and posts regularly. Fans hope he will join other platforms soon too.

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