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Kim Min-Gue is a prominent actor from the South Korean Industry. He has worked in various well known dramas but internationally he is known for his character in the hit Korean drama, Business Proposal

Min-Gue is a good looking and humble actor who has gathered fans all over the world for his cute smile. His popularity is growing and every one of us can’t wait to see more of him on our screens. He is as popular as the famous Lee Junho, Kim Young-Dae and Ahn Hyo-Seop


Kim Min-Gue Biography
Date of BirthDecember 25, 1994.
Age28 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.83m (6’ ft)
Net Worth$10 million
HometownSouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Kim Min-Gue Education

The specifics of Min-Gue’s education are unknown. However, we know that is a well educated individual. He studied in a private school while growing up. He has a graduation degree. His majors and the name of his university are unknown. He is a super talented actor and he also sings well. If he took any acting lessons, they are not known to the public. 

Physical Appearance

Kim Min-Gue Physical Appearance

This amazing looking man has proven to be an eye candy for his fans. He is 6’ ft tall and weighs about 75 kg. His best feature are his two dimples that adorn his cheeks. 

Kim adorns medium brown hair and mischievous eyes. He loves to work out regularly and has six perfect abs. He prefers dressing naturally which suits his down-to-earth nature. 


Kim Min-Gue Career

Kim’s career began like many other actors of the same age from small roles. He first appeared on television screens in the year 2013. He worked tirelessly for years and never gave up despite not being a lead. 

His first main leading role was given to him in 2019. It was a famous historical drama and he played the character of a real life king from the Joseon era. The drama was called Queen: Love and War. After the drama, he landed more notable roles in dramas such as Perfume and Backstreet Roockie

With the k drama Business Proposal, he became an international heart throb along with his co-stars Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Sejeong and Seol In-Ah.

He has appeared in various Music videos as well as a model. 

Kim has great singing skills and he has received many offers to become a K pop idol. So far, he has not accepted those offers but his fans are desperately waiting for him to do so.

Television Series

  • Who Are You? School 2015 – 2015
  • Signal – 2016
  • The Sound Of Your Heart – 2016
  • Because This Is My First Life – 2017
  • Meloholic – 2017
  • Rain Or Shine – 2017
  • Rich Family’s Son – 2018
  • Let’s Eat 3 – 2018
  • Drunk In Good Taste – 2018
  • Perfume – 2019
  • Queen: Love Or War – 2019
  • Backstreet Roockie – 2020
  • Snowdrop – 2021
  • Business Proposal – 2022
  • The Heavenly Idol – 2023

Net Worth

Kim Min-Gue Net Worth

 With rising fame came the financial uplifting of our favorite artist. The current net worth of Min-Gue is $10 million. His major source of income comes from acting. Apart from this, he endorses many brands. Recently he was seen promoting close up and an herbal tea brand as well. 

He is working day and night to open his own cafe too. 

Family and Relationship

Kim Min-Gue Family And Relationship

Kim has been very silent about his personal life. He believes in keeping  his private matters away from the public eye and has done an amazing job at doing so. 

All we know about his home town is the fact that he grew up in South Korea. There has been no  mention of his parents or siblings on his social media or his interviews. 

He is currently single. In one of the interviews, Kim revealed that he had dated older women before. He likes mature and sensible women and wishes to date such women.

His pairing with Seol In-Ah on screen was so iconic that many fans ship them together. 

There have been no rumors of that happening anytime soon.  

Fans wish to learn more about him and wait patiently for him to reveal his life story. 

Social Media 

Kim Min-Gue Social Media

Min-Gue is active on two social media platforms i.e. Instagram and Twitter/X. 8.8 Million people follow him on his Instagram account. His Twitter/X account comes next with 20.2k followers. 

He does not have an official YouTube account for now but there are thousands of his fan made videos and different interviews available there. 

Social Media Handles


Kim Min-Gue Hobbies

Min-Gue is a man with a lot of different interests. He loves to travel. He was seen in Rhodes Island recently. Before that he was traveling to Greece. 

He also loves to work out. Hitting the gym is his favorite free time activity. We all have seen him show off his perfectly carved body as a result of the regular workouts. 

He is a great swimmer and has spent years in practice. He owes his agility to this healthy passion of his. 

Despite having a down-to-earth personality, he is an extrovert and has many friends with whom he hangs out. 

Some Interesting Facts

Kim Min-Gue Some Interesting Facts
  • He is a cat person and has two cats.
  • He has had no surgeries so far. 
  • He is very humble and somewhat shy.
  • His charm is in his clumsiness according to him. 
  • He has regular fan meetings in various countries. 

How tall is Kim Min-Gue?

He is about 1.83 m tall which is 6' ft. 

What is the latest project of Min-Gue?

Kim starred in a fantasy drama this year called Heavenly Idol.

Did Kim serve in the military?

Kim is currently serving the South Korean military as per their law. 

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