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Kim Jung-Hyun is a well-known South Korean actor and model. He is internationally known for various roles that he portrays extremely well, such as the King in Mr. Queen and his role in the famous drama, Crash Landin On You

Jung-Hyun has often appeared in romantic comedies but can play all sorts of characters very well. 

He has worked with many famous leading ladies. Jung-Hyun is considered as good-looking as any of today’s actors such as Bae In-Hyuk, Ryeoun, and Song Kang

Kim Jung-Hyun Biography

Kim Jung-Hyun Biography

Date of BirthApril 5, 1990
Age33 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.83m (6’ ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$10 million
HometownBusan, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Jung-Hyun started his educational journey with BunPo High School. His passion for performance arts took him farther down the path. For higher education, he was admitted to the Korea National University Of Arts just like many other actors and actresses such as Choi Sun-Eun.

Due to being in the industry for so long and all thanks to his educational background, he is a mature actor with great control over his expressions during acting.

Physical Appearance

Kim Jung-Hyun Physical Appearance

Jung-Hyun is known for his dimpled cheeks that give him the most comical yet handsome look. He is about 6 feet tall and has maintained his weight within the ideal limit of around 70 kg as most South Korean actors do.  

Besides a beautiful face, he flaunts a beautifully sculptured body with abs and toned muscles. 

His natural dark hair suits him the best especially when he grows them out a little bit. 

He likes to dress casually but still fashionably. 

He has the looks of a younger man despite his actual age. 


Kim Jung-Hyun Career

Kim Jun completed both his education and his military service before he entered the industry. He stepped on the stage of theaters as a twenty-five-year-old and managed to impress some producers. This led him to start his journey the same year on the big screen with the film called Overman

His drama industry debut started with a small supporting role in the drama called Don’t Dare To Dream. After his first appearance, he moved on to a historical role which was more major than his previous ones. Even with just a few performances at this point in his career, he was still able to get nominated for different awards. 

His career picked up pace with more dramas such as Welcome To Waikiki and School 2017

He continued working in different films and on the small screen in different dramas of varying genres when he hit a wall. In 2018, while playing a major role in the drama Time, he withdrew midway. The reason for his withdrawal from the project was said to be a decline in physical and mental health. 

Many controversies surrounded him for a year or so when he finally made a comeback in 2019 as the second lead in the internationally famous drama Crash Landing On You

After this drama, he gave his fans another hit drama called Mr. Queen. He was nominated for awards for both of these roles. 

He is an active actor even today and fans wish to see their favorite rom-com boy in more dramas.

Television Series

Kim Jung-Hyun Television Series

  • Don’t Dare To Dream – 2016
  • The Rebel – 2017
  • Frozen Love – 2017
  • School 2017 – 2017
  • Welcome To Waikiki – 2018
  • Time – 2018
  • Crash Landing On You – 2019
  • Dinner Mate – 2020
  • Mr. Queen – 2020
  • Kokdu: Season Of Diety – 2023


Kim Jung-Hyun Films

  • Overman – 2016
  • One Day – 2017
  • Stay With Me – 2018
  • Rosebud – 2019
  • Black Out: Mafia Game – 2021

Net Worth

Kim Jung-Hyun Net Worth

Although Kim Jung has countable work projects under his name, He has worked on both big and small screens. His characters were mostly major roles and he has played each one very well. His current net worth, due to all his previous hard work, as estimated by many sources is around $10 million. 

He has amazing acting skills and he has also modeled for a fair number of brands due to his handsome looks. 

Family And Relationship

Kim Jung-Hyun Family And Relationship

Jung-Hyun has maintained a complete silence on his family and private life regarding his parents or siblings. Strangely enough, the paparazzi or nay media were not able to get that information about him.

 However, it is a known fact that he was in a relationship with Seo Ji-Hye, also an actress. However, they broke up after the controversies about Kim arose. 

This handsome man is single as of 2023.

Social Media

Kim Jung-Hyun Social Media

This shy man can not be found easily on social media platforms but he is available with an official account on Instagram. He was not active even on Instagram this past year. However, he posted two weeks ago and received many positive and welcoming comments from his fans there. He has 1.2 million followers and has made over 80 posts altogether. 

Social Media Handle


Kim Jung-Hyun Hobbies

Although Kim has improved health and mental health now, he is not very keen on posting about his life on social media. He seems to be a shy man who enjoys his own company rather than loud gatherings. 

He enjoys being close to nature and working out. These two activities take up most of his time when he is not working on any projects. 

Some Interesting Facts

Kim Jung-Hyun Some Interesting Facts

  • He has won an award as the best actor and numerous nominations throughout his career. 
  • He has an amazing voice and he lent his vocals for one of the drama soundtracks.
  • He had an eating disorder in the past which he has managed very well now. 
  • He knows martial arts and has also some experience in Horse riding. 

Why Did Kim withdraw while filming Time?

While filming the series, Kim had mental and physical health issues causing him to withdraw.

How tall is he?

He is 6 feet tall.

Did he complete military service?

Yes, he has completed service before he steeped in the industry.

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