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Kim Ji-Won is a multitalented actress rising from the South Korean Industry. She started as an actress at a very young age and has become a big name all over Asia due to her acting skills. 

She is not only an amazing actress but also has breathtaking beauty. Her success has made her a Hallyu Star just like Lee Min-Ho. Ji-Won’s name is recognized all over the world. 

She has worked with many actors such as Park Seo-Joon, Kang Ha Neul, and even Ji Chang Wook.

Kim Ji-Won Biography

Kim Ji-Won Biography

Date of BirthOctober 19, 1992
Age31 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.64m (5’4ft)
Net Worth$3 million
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Kim Ji-Won Education

When Ji-Won was still a middle school student, she was scouted by an entertainment agency. She began training at a very young age for all kinds of skills such as singing, dancing, and acting. She continued her studies while training and studied at Peakahm High School

After completing high school, she did not give up her education and chose to pursue higher education at Dongguk University and studied at the Department of Drama. 

She trained for three whole years and finally chose acting as her major career option. 

Physical Appearance

Kim Ji-Won Physical Appearance

Ji-Won is one of the actresses who are blessed with not just amazing looks but also a great personality. She is a charming woman with a height of 5’4 feet. Kim has maintained her weight around 45 kg which is considered a standard for South Korean actresses. 

She has large innocent eyes and a beautiful smile that has stolen the hearts of many lads and ladies alike. 


Kim Ji-won Career

Although there were plans to introduce Ji-Won as a singer, Kim chose to be an actress. She appeared in a commercial prior to her debut and after her first screen appearance, it was confirmed that she was meant for the television. 

She started aooearing in various commercials of local brands and gained popularity as the Lollipop Girl due a lollipop add. 

Her first film debut was Romantic Heaven. She was cast in quite a few dramas during that era one of which was To The Beautiful You

Although she was a major actress, she was not cast as the lead girl until 2017. Her first drama as the main lady was Fight For My Way alongside Park Seo-Joon.

Her role won her an excellence award and made her one of the notable lead actress of South Korean Industry. 

Since then she has worked with many famous actors in popular and high rated projects such as Arthdal Chronicles, Lovestruck In The City, and My Liberation Notes

Ji-Won has appeared in a few music videos and has also released singles of her own. 

Television Series

KIm Ji-Won Television Series

  • High Kick: Revenge Of The Short Legged – 2011
  • What’s Up – 2011
  • To The Beautiful You – 2012
  • The Heirs – 2013
  • Gap Dong – 2014
  • Hidden Identity – 2015
  • Descendents Of The Sun – 2016
  • Fight For My Way – 2017
  • Mr. Sunshine – 2018
  • Arthdal Chronicles – 2019
  • My Liberation Notes – 2022
  • Queen Of Tears – 2024


Kim Ji-Won Films

  • Romantic Heaven – 2011
  • Horror Stories – 2012
  • Horror Stories 2 – 2013
  • Detective K: Secrets Of The Living Dead – 2018

Net Worth

Kim Ji-Won Net Worth

Afer becoming a leading lady of the television, Ji-Won has done many projects. Her major profession is acting although she can sing as well. She has a hige fan following and alsdo endorses different brands through her influence of social media. 

Her net worth as of 2024 according to many sources is $3 million

With her appearance in a new series this year, her net worth is expected to rise more. 

Family And Relationship

Kim Ji-Won Family And Relationship

Kim comes from loving family of four. Besides two loving parents, she is a younger siser to another amazing woman just like her. Her family has always shupported her on her decision to become an actress. She have stayed with her from young age while she was training. She ows her success to her family as well as herself. 

As for the love life of this charming woman, she is single as of 2024. Ji-Won has not shown any inclination towards getting married anytime soon. 

Social Media

Kim Ji-Won Social Media

Kim is officially available on Instagram and Facebook. She has more than 8 million followers and about a 100 posts on her account on Instagram. 

Although she has a Facebook page as well but she is  ot active on it anymore. Nevertheless, fans still follow her page and she has 2.4 million followers on Facebook too. 

Social Media Handles 


Kim Ji-Won Hobbies

Ji-Won is not just a beautiful woman, she has a tender heart as well. She is extremely busy with all her projects and events and rarely gets time to relax but when she gets time, she hangs out with friends close to the nature

She maintains a balanced diet and takes care of her skin too. 

Some Interesting Facts

Kim Ji-Won Some Interesting Facts

  • She has won a total of 11 awards for various projects.
  • Kim sang the OSTs of High Kick: Revenge Of The Short Leged and What’s Up. 
  • She is rumored to have gotten plastic surgeries, facial fillers and botox. 

How old is Jin-Won?

Ji-Won is 31 years old at the moment?

Is Kim Ji-Won available of social media?

Yes, She is active on her official Instagram account.

Did Kim get any plastic surgeries?

There are rumors of her getting eyelid surgeries, botox and cheek fillers but there has not been a confirmation of any sort from her.

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