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Kim Ji Soo is a South Korean actor and model with exceptional looks and build. He has been an active artist for a long time until his military service. He is mostly known by his last name Ji Soo commonly. 

Ji Soo has done many amazing projects during his active years. His most famous role was in the drama Strong Girl Do Bong Soon and a Netflix series called My First First Love

He has shared the screen with many loved and famous actors such as Park Hyung-Sik, Park Bo-Young, and Lee Joon-Gi

He has a huge fan following considering he has been inactive for some years. 

Kim Ji Soo Biography

Kim Ji Soo Biography

Date of BirthMarch 30, 1993
Age30 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.86m (6’1 ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$1 million
HometownBusan, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Kim Ji Soo Education

Ji Soo was an student of Kyungdong High School. He was an athletic boy while he was growing up after high school. Kim attended the Ahyeon Polytechnic School for a while. 

He ultimately ended up attending the Digital Seoul Culture Arts University after deciding that he wanted to pursue the profession of acting. He studied film in te university and benefitted greatly from him in his professional life. 

Physical Appearance

Kim Ji Soo Physical Appearance

Ji Soo is a good-looking and masculine-looking guy from the South Korean Industry. He is 6’1 feet tall and has maintained a perfect weight of around 70 kg

His body shows the hard work he does to maintain himself and look good. 

Two years of recent military service has left him looking more rugged and handsome than before and fans can not wait to see him on their screens again. 


Kim Ji Soo Career

Ji Soo was originally meant to be an athlete. He was very good with sports in his school but suffered many injuries which left him incapable of continuing in the sports. 

This resilient man did not give up hope and changed his direction. 

He started training for performance in the year 2012 just as a 19-year-old.

Before he was even a trainee, he had already appeared in various short films and as a male lead in an independent film. Those experiences built his confidence and once he officially debuted, he nailed all his performances. 

His first drama aired in the year 2015 and it was well-liked by the audience. 

For the next five years, Ji Soo’s career was looking up as he appeared in many dramas such as Page Turner, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and Strong Girl Do Bong Soon. 

His international fame came with his first Netflix series called My First First Love. 

In 2021, he was cast in his first leading role in a television series called River Where The Moon Rises. 

It looked like Ji Soo was meant to succeed in the industry until a scandal arose. 

Kim Ji Soo Career

Several anonymous news broke over the internet all accusing Ji Soo of the same thing that is, bullying. Ji Soo suffered a great downfall over the news and his managing company cancelled his contract. He was also replaced from the television series and things started looking very bad. 

He decided to serve in the military and left soon after but not before he publicly apologized to anyone who was ever hurt by him and also took legal action against false accusations. 

His military service ended recently and he had broken the silence over the allegations of bullying. He has stated that he was never involved in such activities and it was all false news. 

He has not yet signed with any company but many fans wish that he does it soon. 

Television Series

Kim Ji Soo Television Series

  • To The Beautiful You – 2012
  • Family – 2012
  • Angry Mom – 2015
  • Cheer Up – 2015
  • Page Turners – 2016
  • The Doctors – 2016
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo – 2016Fantastice – 2016
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Yo – 2016
  • Strong Girl Do Bong Soon – 2017
  • Bad Guys 2 – 2017
  • My First First Love – 2019
  • When I Was The Prettiest – 2020
  • Amanza – 2020


  • One Way Trip – 2016
  • Our Joyful Summer Days – 2020

Net Worth

Kim Ji Soo Net Worth

Ji Soo had a rough career journey as it was cut short because of false allegations of bullying against him. He was working hard to build his net worth but became unsuccessful due to the scandal. He also went to serve. His current net worth is less than $1 million and not many figures of it are available. 

Family And Relationship

Kim Ji Soo Family And Relationship

Ji Soo has been very quiet about his personal life. There is not much information available about his family. One thing his true fans know about him is that he is very close to his mother. He regularly spends time with her and has also posted a picture of them together on his social media. 

As for the dating life of this charming man, he is single as of 2023. He just came back from spending his time with the military and we doubt that he was dating anyone in the past two years. 

Social Media

Kim Ji Soo Social Media

Like so many other actors and actresses of his age, Ji Soo is also available only on Instagram. He has 5.3 million and almost 450 posts at the moment. After returning, he started regularly posting and getting likes and comments from fans. 

Social Media Handles


Kim Ji Soo Hobbies

Ji Soo is also a dog lover and owns a cute. He has started focusing on getting work again and has been busy with that. He works out regularly which is important given the nature of his profession. Kim also spends time with his mother as he is very close to her. 

Some Interesting Facts

Kim Ji Soo Some Interesting Facts

  • During his short career span, he won three awards and was nominated for many. 
  • He was very active in theater in the early years of his career. 
  • He has a music video appearance under his belt too. 

Was Ji Soo actually a school bully?

No, Ji Soo has denied all such allegations and has gone through legal way to all those who accused him.

Will Kim Ji Soo come back to acting?

So far, he has not been cast in anything since he returned from the military but fans hope that he will act again.

When did Ji Soo return from military?

He returned in December 2023 after two years of service.

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