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Kim Hye-Yoon is a breathtakingly beautiful actress and model from South Korea. She has worked hard for many years to become a mainstream actress and her resilience has paid off. Hye-Yoon is known for her many famous roles in different television series and films. 

Kim is blessed with a beautiful brain that has proved that achieving your dream is possible through consistent effort. 

She has worked alongside many well-known actors such as Rowoon, Lee Jae-Wook, and Kim Young-Dae

We have provided a complete biography of this beautiful actress for our readers to enjoy!

Kim Hye-Yoon Biography

Kim Hye-Yoon Biography

Date of BirthNovember 10, 1996
Age27 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.6 m (5’2ft)
Net Worth$5 million
HometownSeongnam, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Kim Hye-Yoon Education

Being a woman of high intelligence, Hye-Yoon decided her path at a very young age. When she was a student at Sunil Middle School, she developed a passion for acting. Her interest in the profession did not die down with age. While she was a high school student, Kim attended an Acting Academy to learn about the art. She was a bright student and received a full scholarship for higher education at Konkuk University. Hye-Yoon chose the subjects of Film Studies as she was very serious about pursuing acting as her full-time career. 

Physical Appearance

Kim Hye-Yoon Physical Appearance

Hye-Yoon is shorter and cuter than most actresses of the South Korean industry and her height sets her apart. She is 5’2 feet tall and currently weighs around 43 kg. Kim lost some of her weight in the previous years and has maintained herself very well. Her best feature are her two dimples on the glowing complexion making her attractive lookin to both genders. 


Kim Hye-Yoon Career

Hye-Yoon began her television journey in 2013 when she appeared as a supporting actress in the series Samsaengi. A year later, she was again cast in a supporting role in the series Bad Guys. For the next several years she only took on the roles of extras to keep herself in touch with the drama industry when she was a student at Konkuk University. Her first major role came in 2018 in the television series Sky Castle. Hye-Yoon bagged her first leading lady role in 2019 with the famous television series Extraordinary You

Her popularity was raised up a notch with that series and she established her position on screens. After Snowdrop in 2021, she took a break for two years and finally will be back on our screens with a new series by the name of Loverly Runner in 2024. 

Kim’s big screen journey is small and she only had a few significant roles in films. One of her popular movies is Ditto

Although it is not known widely about Hye-Yoon she has a long list of short films from when she was a student at the university. 

Television Series

Kim Hye-Yoon Television Series

  • Bad Guys – 2014
  • Man In The Kitchen – 2017
  • Sky Castle – 2018
  • Extraordinary You – 2019
  • Secret Royal Inspector And Joy – 2021
  • Snowdrop – 2021
  • Loverly Runner – 2024


Kim Hye-Yoon Films

  • The Bacchus Lady – 2014
  • Memoir Of  A Murderer – 2017
  • Ditto – 2022

Net Worth

Kim Hye-Yoon Net Worth

Hye-Yoon has worked tirelessly and has not given up on becoming a lead actress. For a long time, she was cast as an extra. Her pay was not very well but she stayed put. After showcasing her skills and finally becoming a lead actress, Kim has been smart about financial decisions. Many sources claim that her net worth, in 2024 is nearing $5 million. This truly reflects the results of her long struggle and is well deserved. 

Family And Relationship

Kim Hye-Yoon Family And Relationship

Hye-Yoon comes from a usual four-member South Korean family. Her older sister is not part of the showbiz industry and neither are her parents. Her success is a result of their undying support and love for her. She was born in Gyeonggi Province of South Korea and has since moved to Seoul for studies and then her career. 

Although Kim has been linked to various actors over the years, she was never really in a relationship. She has always focused on her career and is still in no mood to mingle or get married. We can safely assume that Hye-Yoon is single in 2024

Social Media

Kim Hye-Yoon Social Media

Kim has taken Instagram as her official social media platform as a source of influencing and interacting with her fans and general audience. She has 287 posts and 3 million people follow her as of February 2024. Her posts are always fun to watch and filled with fans’ support. 

Social Media Handles


Kim Hye-Yoon Hobbies

Hye-Yoon is full of life and energy. She is also a workaholic. Most of the time, Kim is busy with work-related events and fan meetings. When she is not working, Hye-Yoon travels to relax. Her favorite place is Disneyland. Besides, she has the usual workouts and skincare routines to maintain her good health and fresh look. 

Some Interesting Facts

Kim Hye-Yoon Some Interesting Facts

  • Kim has won a total of 13 awards until now. 
  • She was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 celebrities in 2023. 
  • Hye-Yoon has a long list of short films in her career most of which were featured in different film festivals. 

How tall is Hye-Yoon?

Kim Hye-Yoon is 5'2 feet tall?

Did Hye-Yoon get any plastic surgeries?

Yoon has No surgeries or work done on her.

Is Kim married?

No, she is not married nor dating anyone in 2024.

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