Kang Young-Seok Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Kang Young is a good-looking actor coming from South Korea. He has been a part of the South Korean Industry for a long time. He has been a theater artist and has very good acting skills. 

Kang has worked very hard to rise up in the Industry. 

Young-Seok has starred in many supporting roles throughout his journey as an actor. 

However, he has landed a major role in an ongoing drama called. Welcome To Samdal-ri where he accompanies the famous Ji Chang Wook and the queen of South Korean Industry, Shin Hye-Sun. He has also worked with popular actor Jo Bo-Ah in the television series Military Prosecutor Doberman. 

Kang Young-Seok Biography

Kang young-Seok Biography

Date of BirthAugust 12, 1991
Age32 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.81m (5’10 ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$1 million
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Kang Young-Seok education

Like so many other top South Korean actors, Young-Seok also received an education related to performance arts. 

He first got interested in acting when he was still in Gaepo High School and he was still exploring which path to take. A musical play at school caught his attention and he took admission in an Acting Academy.

After spending some time there, learning, he was sure he wanted to pursue acting. He was lucky enough to be able to get admission to Chungang University. He has chosen the Department of Theater and Film. His educational background earned him his initial theatre plays. 

Physical Appearance

Kang Young-Seok Physical Appearance

Young-Seok is a man of reasonable appeal. He is 5’11 feet tall and has maintained his weight around the ideal weight which is 70 kg for Korean men. Kang has wide eyes making him look handsome and intimidating at the same time. He looks best in neutral colors and his white-blond hair looked good on him. To his fans’ dismay, the blonde hair was only short term and he is back to his original dark hair which also looks good on him. 


Kang Young-Seok Career

Due to his degree in the Theater and Film field, he started his acting journey with musical stage plays. The year was 2014 when he set foot on stage with his first play B Adult Year.

He continued on the stage for many years onwards. His last play was in 2020. Some of his plays are Another Country, History Boys and Save The Earth. 

In 2017, he started his small screen career, and his first drama was called The Bride Of Habaek.  

He has appeared in many television series and just this year has done two projects. Besides Welcome To Samdal-ri, e he has also appeared in The Kidnapping Day in 2023. 

The complete list of dramas where he acted as a supporting actor are given below for our readers. 

Television Series

Kang Young-Seok Television Series

  • The Bride Of Habaek – 2017
  • Revolutionary Love – 2017
  • Should We Kiss First? – 2018
  • 100 Days My Prince – 2018
  • When My Love Blooms – 2020
  • Undercover – 2021
  • Military Prosecutor Doberman – 2022
  • Insider – 2022
  • Mental Coach Jegal – 2022
  • Poong: The Joseon Psychiatrist – 2023
  • The Kidnapping Day – 2023
  • Welcome To Samdal-ri – 2023


  • Waiting For Rain – 2021
  • Cabriolet – 2021
  • The Test Takers – 2022
  • When I Sleep – 2022
  • President Jeong Yak-Jong – 2022

Net Worth

Kang Young-Seok Net Worth

Kang Young is a relatively new actor in the Industry and he is still working very hard for his place at the top. He has only appeared in the supporting roles so far which are not paid as much as main actors. 

There has not been much information about his net worth and no estimate available so far about his net worth. According to our estimate, his net worth is below $1 million for now. 

He has started to appear as a model and a few magazines have covered him for now. His net worth is predicted to increase as he bags more and more major roles and maybe a lead role as well.

Family And Relationship

Kang Young-Seok Family And Relationship

Kang Young is extremely secretive and private regarding his personal life and family life. 

There is no information available about his family, parents, or a possible spouse. We expect that he will reveal more about his family and himself later on. For now, we just make do with the information available. 

Kang Young is single as of 2023. He has not revealed if he has dated anyone in the past or not but at the moment, he is only focussing on his career. 

Social Media

Kang Young-Seok Social Media

Same as other celebrities of

 this era, Young-Seok is also only available on Instagram with an official account for now. He has made about 172 posts since he started the account and he has 32.9k followers as of 2023. 

His social media is a reflection of his daily life and we get a glimpse of this handsome actor from behind the scenes. 

Social Media Handles 


Kang Young-Seok Hobbies

Young-Seok is an extrovert and likes the company of people. He has many friends with whom he often hangs out. He has multiple posts on his social media with his colleagues and his close friends. 

Besides that, we can guess by looking at him that he works out regularly to maintain his lean physique. He has an exuberant laugh and he is a friendly guy. 

Some Interesting Facts

Kang Young-Seok Some Interesting Facts

  • He was nominated for the New Best Actor award for his role in Military Prosecutor Doberman. 
  • He started his journey as a musical actor in the production of Hwarang. 
  • He has appeared in the musical Mary Poppins on stage. 

Who is Kang Young-Seok?

Young-Seok is a South Korean actor appearing in supporting roles in various dramas.

How tall is Young-Seok?

Kang is 5'11 feet tall.

Is he a new actor?

Yes, Young-Seok is a relatively new actor and has no worked as a male lead in any dramas yet.

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