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Kang Hoon is an experienced actor from South Korea. He has immense experience due to his many supporting roles in all genres. He is not just a good actor but also beats so many people in looks. 

His greater-known dramas include The Red Sleeve with the talented Lee Junho and A Time Called You with Ahn Hyo seop. He has worked with all majors actors of today and done an equally amazing job. 


Kang Hoon Biography

Date of BirthMay 23, 1992
Age32 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.84m (6’ Ft.)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$3 million
HometownGunsan-Si, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Kang Hoon Education

Kang has a background of education in Theater and Arts. He completed his degree from the University Of Suwon, like a few other famous television celebrities. It was before he started his higher education when he was casted in a short film.

Kang hoon Education

After getting some exposure in the industry, he chose his subjects carefully to equip himself for his future profession of acting. 

He has honed his craft over the years and it is visible in his work. 

Physical Appearance

Kang Hoon Physical Appearance

Hoon is one of the most good-looking actors of the South Korean Industry. He has an all time attractive height of 6 feet and weighs about 70 kg. Our boy monitors his weight closely and adjusts it according to his character requirements. He has a lean and toned body. He dresses naturally and looks the best in pastel colors. Although he rarely smiles, his smile is the best feature about him. He has a pale skin that every Korean envies. 


Kang Hoon Career

Kang’s career started as a teenager in the year 2009. It was a lesser-known short film called Gori. He continued appearing in various short films for the next few years and also continued his higher education.

 In 2017, almost eight years after his debut, he was cast in his first web series called Office Watch. That project proved to be his ticket to the television industry. His work was noticed and he got cast in his first television drama a year later. 

Kang Hoon Career

The name of his first drama was Let Me Introduce Her. Since then he has been casted in many supporting and major roles on the small screen. Despite not being a male lead, he still has many fans who love him dearly. 

Detailed account of all his dramas and short films is given below. 

Television Series

Kang Hoon Television Series

  • Let Me Introduce Her – 2018
  • Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryun – 2019
  • Moment At Eighteen – 2019
  • When The Devil Calls Your Name – 2019
  • Meow, The Secret Boy – 2020
  • Are You My Spring – 2021
  • The Red Sleeve – 2021
  • Twenty-Five Twenty One – 2022
  • Little Women – 2022
  • The Secret Romantic Guest House – 2023

Short Films

Kang Hoon Short Films

  • Gori – 2009
  • Picnic – 2014
  • Forever With Tiffany – 2014
  • Mind Control – 2015
  • Your Meaning – 2015
  • I Don’t Even Know You Are A Man Now – 2016

Net Worth

Kang Hoon Net Worth

Hoon has made a name for himself over the years with his wide variety of roles. He has worked hard for over a decade to get where he is. His net worth according to many sources is up to $3 million. It is still increasing as he continues to appear in different roles. Apart from acting as a major source of income, Kang works as a model and has deals with many brands. They also add to his total net worth. 

Family And Relationship

Kang Hoon Family And Relationship

It is a norm in South Korean Industry to maintain work life and private life separate. Kang has followed this norm and there is not much information about his family members or the number of his siblings. 

One thing we can assume as fans about his family is the fact that they have been very supportive of their son. They are not related to the industry themselves. 

Kang Hoon Family And Relationship

Hoon has been open about his dating status. He said that he is single. He has further explained that he did get momentary crushes but that has been the extent of it. 

We sincerely hope that Kang finds his best match soon. 

Social Media

Kang Hoon Social Media

Hoon is present on Instagram with an official account. He has raked about 561 k followers in all these years. His posts are about his daily life and the projects he works on. We get to see a very different side of him from what he appears on the screens. It is safe to say that his social media is very underrated and he deserves more people following him. 

Social Media Handles

Kang Hoon Social Media Handles


Kang Hoon Hobbies

Besides working with passion, Kang is a great photographer. He has a great eye and takes amazing photos. As opposed to his general look, he likes to hang around and travel with people he loves. He has various posts of himself from the places he has been to. He loves to drink coffee in different forms. Kang also has a taste for k Pop music and listens to them regularly. 

 Some Interesting Facts

Kang Hoon Some Interesting Facts

  • He won an award for his role in The Red Sleeve.
  • He holds fan meetings in various countries of Asia. He had a fan meeting in Japan some time ago. 
  • He lost about 15 kgs for his role in the drama, A Time Called You.
  • He knows how to cook well.
  • His current Instagram account was started only in 2018.
Kang Hoon Some Interesting Facts

IS Kang Hoon famous?

Hoon is a well known actor and well liked too. Even if people don't know his name, they still recognize him for his roles.

Is Kang single?

Yes, he is certainly single.

How tall is he?

Kang is about 6 feet tall but he seems taller due to lean physique.

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