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Ji Chang-Wook is a legendary South Korean actor and singer famous for his skillful acting and singing. He has been in the industry for over a decade and has done some remarkable work. 

He is known to have great control over his expressions and has not stuck with one genre of acting. His latest projects include The Sound Of Magic with the amazing Choi Sung-Eun and  Hwang In-Yeop. He has also worked in another web series, released only a while ago known as The Worst Of Evil with the talented Im Se-Mi.

Ji Chang-Wook Biography

Ji Chang-Wook Biography

Date of BirthJuly 5, 1987
Age36 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.82m (6’ ft)
Weight75 kg~
Net Worth$13 million
HometownAnyang, Geyonggi, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Ji Chang-Wook Education

The actor developed a passion for acting and industry at a young age. While he was still growing up, his mother wished for him to become an engineer but he had other plans. After completing high school and convincing his mother, he was admitted to Dankook University.  He followed his newfound passion and took admission to the Department of Performing Arts.

His background education earned him a  few theater jobs in the beginning as well and helped him refine his craft as an artist. 

Physical Appearance

Chang-Wook is one of the most good-looking men in the South Korean Industry. He is about 6 feet tall and has a well-maintained body carved with abs and muscles. Ji weighs around 75 kg and his weight has altered over the year but never into an unhealthy range. 

He has a pale face complexion with sharp features that set him apart. However, many people argue that he has work done on his face. Regardless of any plastic surgeries, he was handsome when he debuted and he is attractive to this very day.


Ji Chang-Wook Career

He started his journey when he was 21 years old. He had a few small roles in theater and television before he began his career in the year 2008. 

Just in two years, he jumped from being a supportive actor to a major artist with the daily drama called Smile Again. The drama proved to be his golden ticket to success as he received an award for his acting in it. 

For the next few years, Ji continued working his way up with a variety of dramas and films including a role of a villain in the year 2012. By this point, he had become a domestic name, especially with his portrayal of Ta Hwan in the historical drama Empress Ki. His acting skills were acclaimed by all at this point and he received big praise for the role. 

Chang-Wook spread his charm to the film industry and theater as well. He has numerous good films in his work history. 

Musical theater was his specialty and he never gave up on it despite his fame on both big and small screens. His latest theater performance was in the drama The Days in 2023 where he reprised his role for the musicals. 

For his singing, he released several singles. Most of his songs were the original soundtracks of the dramas or films he was in. He also has many music video appearances for different artists.

A detailed account of his films, dramas, and web series is given below. 

Television Series

JI Chang-Wook Television Series

  • My Too Perfect Sons – 2009
  • Hero – 2009
  • Smile Again – 2010
  • Warrior Baek Dong-Soo – 2011
  • Bachelor’s Vegetable Store – 2011
  • Five Fingers – 2012
  • Empress Ki – 2013
  • Healer – 2014
  • The Whirlwind Girl 2 – 2016
  • The K2 – 2016
  • Suspicious Partner – 2017
  • Melting Me Softly – 2019
  • Backstreet Rookie – 2020
  • If You Wish Upon Me – 2022
  • Welcome To Samdal – ri – 2023


  • Sleeping Beauty – 2008
  • The Weird Missing Case Of Mr. J – 2009
  • Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp – 2010
  • Confession – 2011
  • How To Use Guys With Secret Tips – 2013
  • The Long Way Home – 2015
  • Fabricated City – 2017
  • Your Name – 2017
  • The Bros – 2017
  • Hard Hit – 2021

Web Series

  • Kar: Secret Love – 2014
  • 7 First Kisses – 2016
  • Lovestruck In The City – 2017
  • The Sound of Magic – 2022
  • The Worst Of Evil – 2023

Net Worth

Ji Chang-Wook Net Worth

Chane-wook has continued to entertain mass audiences for many years. He has mostly been cast as a lead actor and was paid handsomely. His net worth has always been on a growing curve and his current net worth, according to many sources is nearing $13 million.

A few sources also claim that it is much higher than even that. But it is a fact that he is among the richest actors in the South Korean industry. He has stayed put and done everything from theater to films to music and he is a king of television. His current net worth, whatever the exact value may be, is very well deserved for he has worked hard for it. 

Family And Relationship

Ji Chang-Wook Family and Relationship

Wook hails from a very small family, comprising of just his mother. His father died while he was still very young and his mother took his responsibility upon herself. Ji confessed that his childhood was difficult and sad but his mother stayed with him and pushed him towards a better future. He still resides with his mother and is highly praised for his quality of being a dependable adult in her life. He has no siblings.

As for his love life and any possible girlfriends, Chang has done an amazing job at hiding almost everything about that aspect of his life. He has been linked with various co-stars in the past due to amazing off and on-screen chemistry but most of it has always been wistful thinking of the fans and nothing more. He is single as of 2023.

Social Media

Ji Chang-Wook Social Media

Unlike so many other celebrities, our favorite man is not just on Instagram. He is also available on Twitter/X and YouTube

He has a huge following of 26.2 million followers and about 700 posts on his Instagram. 

His YouTube channel has about 1.12 million followers on 140 videos. His videos prove to be a treat for all his fans. On X, he has surpassed 287k followers but it has been a long time since he tweeted. 

Social Media Handles


Ji Chang-Wook Hobbies

This multi-talented man is an expert in his profession and does not have much time to spare due to his busy schedule. However, when he is free, he likes to spend time with his mother with whom he is very close. He loves to swim and be by the water. Chang Wook also has a passion for travelling and has many vlogs on his YouTube channel from different places. 

Some Interesting Facts

  • Wook has won more than 10 awards for his various performances. 
  • He has completed mandatory two years of military service and was a platoon leader. 
  • He is scared of amusement park rides and that has earned him the title of Gob Wookie
  • He is rumoured to have had a nose job and surgery for double eyelids. 

How old is Ji Chang-Wok in 2023?

Chang is 36 years old as of 2023.

Is Chang married?

Chang is not married and has not expressed any intention to get married anytime soon.

Which are the most recent dramas of Wook?

He recently appeared in a Web series named, The Worst Of Evil.

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