Jang Ki Young Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Jang Ki Young is a well-established model and a rising main actor in South Korean Industry. He comes from the rich land of South Korea.

 Ki Young started out as a Model about a decade ago and slowly made his way into the field of acting just like Byeon Woo Seok. 

Jang has been very successful in almost all his projects and is now a big name in Korean Industry. He has raked up millions of followers after his latest project, Atypical Family on Netflix. New fans find his work every day adding to his popularity.

Due to his rising fame and popularity among international fans, we have compiled some facts about Ki Young’s life for our loyal readers!

Jang Ki Young Biography

Jang Ki Young Biography

Date of BirthAugust 7, 1992
Age32 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.87 m (6’ 1 ft)
Weight75 kg~
Net Worth$5 million
HometownUlsan, South Korea


Jang Ki Young Education

Ki Young started his educational journey in his hometown, Ulsan. When he was a student at Ulsan High School, he first got attracted to fashion and photography. However, his parents did not initially favor his career choice. After Jang convinced his parents, he was admitted to the Young In University of Seoul in their musical acting department. 

Ki Young continued auditioning to be a model and finally landed his first gig a year later. He then decided to study Modeling and Acting at Sekyeong University

Physical Appearance

Jang Ki Young Physical Appearance

Being a professional model, Jang is one of the most good-looking men in the South Korean industry. He stands 6’1 feet tall. Jang has maintained his weight of around 75 kg with his figure carved with abs and muscles. 

Ki Young has a chiseled face and muscular body reflecting that he works out regularly and pays special attention to physical fitness. These days, he is sporting long hair for his new look in the drama which will start a new trend among his fans soon. 


Jang Ki Young Career

Jang stepped into the world of modeling in 2012 at the age of 20 and walked at the Seoul Fashion Week. That opened opportunities for him and he was considered one of the best Rookie Models of the time. He was inspired by the famous model and actor Lee Soo Hyuk

 He gained more popularity as a model when he appeared in two music videos by IU in 2013. 

More good luck came knocking on his door in 2014 when he made his small-screen acting debut in the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love with a minor but unforgettable screen appearance. 

For many coming years, Jang continued acting and modeling at the same time. 

While his small screen popularity increased, he was also cast in many commercials making him a familiar face among households in South Korea. 

Some of his most notable characters were from the series My Mister, The Liar, And His Lover, and Kill It. 

In 2019, Ki Young made his big screen debut in the film, The Bad Guys. He was also cast in a Netflix film, Sweet & Sour in 2021. 

Jang wrapped up all his projects before he left for mandatory military service. He has made a comeback in 2024 from the ongoing drama, Atypical Family as Bok Gwi Ju, the main lead. 

A complete list of all his projects as an actor is given below. 

Television Series

Jang Ki Young Television Series

  • It’s Okay, That’s Love – 2014
  • The Greatest Marriage – 2014
  • Schoolgirl Detectives – 2014
  • This Is My Love – 2015
  • A Beautiful Mind – 2016
  • The Liar And His Lover – 2017
  • Go Back – 2017
  • My Mister – 2018
  • Come And Hug Me – 2018
  • Touch Your Heart – 2019
  • Kill It – 2019
  • Search: WWW – 2019
  • Born Again – 2020
  • My Roommate Is Gumiho – 2021
  • Now We Are Breaking Up – 2022
  • Atypical Family – 2024


  • The Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos – 2019
  • Sweet & Sour – 2021

Web Series

  • We Broke Up – 2015
  • Love For A Thousand More – 2016

Net Worth

Jang Ki Young Net Worth

Ki Young has been in the fashion and acting Industry for more than a decade. He has mastered the art of modeling as well as acting. Since he came back from military service, Jang’s acting career has also picked up with the new Netflix series making him not just popular in South Korea but worldwide. 

Jang has made quite some assets with his hard work and multiple sources of income. His current net worth is surpassing $5 million as he gains more popularity. His hard work is finally paying off with the well-deserved recognition. 

Family And Relationship

Jang Ki Young Family And Relationship

As already mentioned, Ki Young grew up in Ulsan, South Korea. He was born into the home of two loving parents who already had a son before Jang. His older brother’s name is unknown but it is a fact that Ki Young’s family played an important role in his journey to success. He is still very close to his family although he maintains their privacy and has not posted any photos of them. 

Ki Young is often rumored to be in a relationship with various co-stars due to his crazy chemistry with them. However, Jang has only ever confirmed being in a relationship with the actress, Lee Ye Na. He broke up with her in 2019 and since then there has been no confirmation of any of his relationships. Ki Young is single in 2024 as far as we know. 

Social Media

Jang Ki Young Social Media

Like most South Korean stars, Ki Young is also only present on Instagram and YouTube. He has 4.3 million followers on Instagram with more than 900 posts. Whereas, his YouTube channel has 1k subscribers on more than 100 videos. 

Social Media Handles


Jang Ki Young Hobbies

Janghad has a very shy and introverted personality but his profession made him come out of his shell and mingle with people. He has a close friend’s circle although he gets along well with all his co-stars. Jang likes to give time to his family. He has a close affinity with the ocean and enjoys all activities that allow him to be close to water. Jang frequents the gym regularly to maintain physical and mental health. 

Some Interesting Facts

Jang Ki Young Some Interesting Facts

  •  He has been nominated for many awards and won 8 in total for both acting and modeling. 
  • He hosted the 2022 Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo.
  • Ki Young has also acted in a Theater drama in 2022. 

Who is Jang Ki Young dating in 2024?

Ki Young is presumably single in 2024.

Did Ki Young serve in the military?

Yes, Ki Young has already completed his mandatory military service.

Which is Jang's most famous acting project?

Ki Young is starring in an on going Netflix series which is his most famous character so far.

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