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Im Yoon-Ah is a successful actress and singer from South Korea. She started in the Industry very young and has made a name for herself through her hard work and resilience. 

Yoon-Ah is mostly known as Yoona in the Industry. She is not only a great artist but also possesses remarkable beauty. 

Yoona has proved her versatility through all her capabilities and acting in projects of all kinds of genres. This famous young girl has been a co-star with many big names such as Lee Junho and Ji Chang-Wook

Im Yoon-Ah Biography

Im Yoon-Ah Biography

Date of BirthMay 30, 1990
Age33 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.68m (5’5ft)
Net Worth$20 million
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Im Yoon-Ah Education

This skillful actress had multitasked from a young age. She studied at the Daeyoung High School and graduated after she had already debuted as an idol in the year 2009. 

After a few years of focusing on her career, she was enrolled in Dongguk University in the Department of Theater. She was an exceptional student and graduated in the year 2015 as a 25-year-old. 

Furthermore, besides literary studies, she has trained long and hard to become an idol, and all her hard work paid off due to her success as both an actress and singer. 

Physical Appearance

Im Yoon-Ah Education

Yoona has a very unique look and fits most of South Korean beauty standards. 

She is 5’5 feet tall and has maintained a perfect weight of around 45 kg

She maintains a lean figure to be able to dance with agility. Her complexion is naturally fair and her dark hair suits her the best. Im Yoon has won millions of hearts with her innocent and sweet smile and many consider it her best feature. 


Im Yoon-Ah Career

Yoona’s journey is filled with hard work. She trained for five years in singing and dancing to become an artist. Before she was introduced as an idol, she had already appeared in a few music videos and commercials while she was a teenage student. 

Yoona began her singing career with the girl group, Girls’ Generation and was the center of the band. 

The same year, she started as an actress as well but with a minor role. It wasn’t until another year when she landed a leading role in the television series You Are My Destiny

For many years, she starred in different dramas in leading roles, gaining experience and popularity with each passing year. She debuted on big screen in the year 2017 in the film, Confidential Assignment. Her performances have always received positive reviews and this project was no different. 

This brilliant artist has worked hard throughout the years and has a powerful screen presence. She has always carried her singing and acting side by side. 

She rocked fans’ world with her cute performance in the television series King The Land in the year 2023 and is expected to rise further in the future. 

A list of most of her projects is provided below. 

Television Series

Im Yoon-Ah Television Series

  • 9 End 2 Outs – 2007
  • Woman Of Matchless Beauty Park Jung Kum – 2008
  • You Are My Destiny – 2008
  • Cinderella Man – 2009
  • Love Rain – 2012
  • Prime Minister And I – 2013
  • Summer Love – 2015
  • Because It’s The First Time – 2015
  • Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long – 2016
  • The K2 – 2016
  • The King In Love – 2017
  • Hush – 2020
  • Big Mouth – 2022
  • King The Land – 2023


  • Confidential Assignment – 2017
  • Exit – 2019
  • Miracle: Letters To The President – 2021
  • A Year-End Medley – 2021
  • Confidential Assignment 2: International – 2022

Net Worth

Im Yoon-Ah Net Worth

Yoona being one of the most brilliant artists of the South Korean Industry had always bagged lead roles. Her singing won international recognition along with her girl band. Besides, Im Yoon has worked very hard and juggled multiple projects at the same time. Her net worth according to many sources as of 2023 is almost $20 million. She build this huge value slowly over the years. Im Yoon deserves success and financial uplift. 

Family And Relationship

Im Yoon-Ah Family And Relationship

Our charming girl comes from a family of four like an ideal South Korean Family. She has an older sister who gained fame after Yoona revealed her and fans thought she was as pretty as Yoona. Her family has always supported her career choices and has been with her through her tough journey of success. 

As for the dating life of Yoona, singe King The Land aired, everyone rooted for the lead couple to get together. What fans didn’t know was that Yoona and Lee Junho were dating before they started filming for the show and have been going strong since.

Social Media

Im Yoon-Ah Social Media

Yoona has a great social media presence and is available on Instagram and YouTube with official accounts. To None’s surprise, her Instagram is taking the lead with 17.1 million followers with more than 750 posts whereas her Chanel has 75 videos and 627k followers

Social Media Handles


Im Yoon-Ah Hobbies

Yoona is a fun-loving lovely girl who loves to be around people. Her general hobbies include eating good food, traveling, and dressing herself up in cute clothes. She is usually busy with her work and does not get much time to herself. 

Some Interesting Facts

Im Yoon-Ah Some Interesting Facts

  • She is currently a member of the Girls’ Generation Subgroup called Girls’ Generation-oh! GG.
  • Moreover, Yoona is actively involved in many charities, especially during Covid. 
  • She made it to the list of one of the 30 most influential people in the entertainment and sports industry in 2016.
  • She was a member of an advertisement campaign for tourism in Korea with the same Imagine Your Korea. 

How tall is Yoona?

She is 5'5 feet tall.

Who is Yoona dating in 2023?

Yoona and Lee Junho have reportedly been dating since before the filming of King The Land.

Did she get plastic surgeries?

Various photos from her childhood and young age show that Yoona had some surgeries but not many. She looks beautiful either way.

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