Hwang Min-Hyun Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Hwang Min-Hyun is a well-known South Korean celebrity. He has proven his worth in various industry sectors such as acting, singing, modeling, and even songwriting. He is famous among the audience for his more-than-average looks and beautiful voice. 

Hwang is usually known by the single name of Minhyun. 

He gained international fame with the popular South Korean series Alchemy Of Souls where he appeared alongside Lee Jae-Wook and Jung So-Min

Hwang Min-Hyun Biography

Hwang Min-Hyun Biography

Date of BirthAugust 9, 1995
Age28 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.81 m (5’9 ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$3 million
HometownBusan, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Hwang Min-Hyun Education

Minhyun developed a passion for performance arts at a very young age which is why he attended the School Of Performing Arts, Seoul. He was scouted for the entertainment industry at a very young age. After he debuted, he managed to continue his studies. He pursued higher education in the same field and attended Hanyang University. He has also studied at the Inha University. 

Besides literary studies of his profession, Hwang trained very hard for two years before he debuted as an idol. 

Physical Appearance

Minhyun is blessed with a beautiful face. He is 5’9 feet tall and has maintained a perfect weight of 70 kg. Due to his dance and modeling practices, he is physically fit and lean. 

He has very mysterious-looking eyes and a perfect v-shaped chin which gives him a very young look. 


Hwang Min-Hyun Career

After training for two years with the Pledis Entertainment Company, he debuted with a boy band known as NU’EST. The same year in 2012, he also appeared on the runway as a model which was a success. 

He continued with the band until year 2017 when he appeared in the tele vision show Produce 101. He was among the of 11 contestants and moved on to another boy band, Wanna One

While he was working as an idol, he did not let any good opputunities slide. His big screen break came in the year 2016 with a Japanese film called, Their Distance

After the boy bamd Wanna One disbanded, he went back to NU’EST in the year 2019. However, that boy band also disbanded and he is currently a solo singer

Hwang starred on the small screen in the year 2020 with the television series known as Live On

His most notable role till date is Seo Yul from Alchemy Of Souls. Minyun’s fan base increased with drama and he was internationally recognized. 

Television Series

Hwang Min-Hyun Television Series

  • Live On – 2020
  • Achemy Of Souls – 2022
  • My Lovely Liar – 2023


  • Their Distance – 2019


  • Daybreak – 2016
  • Universe – 2019
  • Again – 2022
  • Hidden Side – 2023

Net Worth

Hwang Min Hyun Net Worth

Minhyun has been an idol since 2012. Due to continues banding and disbanding of the groups, he has not been able to soar to the heights he was capable of. He started acting in the past few years and still has a long way to go. His current net worth, as estimated in the begning of 2024 is near $3 million. It is the combined value of assets and his monthly income that comes from being a solo artist in the music industry, an actor and model for various brands and endorsements. 

Family And Relationship

Hwang Min-Hyun Family And Relationship

Minyun comes from a family of four like most South Korean families. He is a younger brother to a sister. He was always supported by his family in his life endeavors and it is due to their love and support that he has come this far. 

As for the dating life of this handsome young man, he has never dated anyone and has a squeaky clean history. There were many runors of him dating Yeri from Red Velvet but any such news were never confirmed. For all we know, he is single  as of 2023. 

Social Media

Our favorite star is not only present of Instagarm but is also available on YouTube. He has a whopping 6.5 million followers on Instagram and about 420 posts. His YouTube channel has 140 videos and 418k followers.

Social Media handles


Hwang Min-Hyun Hobbies

Minhyun is a shy and introverted but still a friendly guy. He likes to focus on his music and playing instruments in his free time. Like most artists, he like to relax close to the nature. Hwang has maintained a clean diet to keep his physique and agility. He takes ood care of himself by working out regularly. 

Some Interesting Facts

Hwang Min-Hyun Some Interesting Facts

  • He plays piano very well. 
  • He learnt swordsmansip for his rolein Alchemy Of Souls. 
  • He has won four awards until now for his various acting roles. 
  • He has been nomiated for an award for his song as well. 
  • He was enlisted as the Man of year in 2019 by GQ Korea

Which project is Hwang Min-Hyun most famous for?

Minhyun is most famous for his role in Alchemy Of Souls.

Who is Minhyun dating in 2024?

He is Single as of 2024.

Has Minhyun served in the military?

No, he still has to serve in the military.

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