Hwang In-Yeop Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Hwang In-Yeop is a talented and handsome actor, model, and singer. He has his roots in South Korea but is known internationally for his looks and abilities. 

Since he has amazing looks, it is not surprising that he was a model before he was known as an actor. He still models more but all fans wish to see more of him on their screens. He ranks in the same league as Kim Young-Dae, Cha Eun-Woo and Baek In-Hyun. 


Hwang In-Yeop Biography

Date of BirthJanuary 19, 1991
Age32 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.85m (6’1 ft)
Weight65 kg~
Net Worth$70 million
HometownUijeongbu, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Hwang in-Yeop Education

Although he was born in South Korea, In-Yeop moved to the Philippines in his teens. He had a passion for fashion and pursued his studies in those subjects. He attended the Philippine Women’s College of Davao and studied fashion design. He also attended Philipine Nikkei Jin Kai International School.

He has a great sense of fashion and looks amazing in all his looks. Despite having no official training for acting, he is still an amazing actor. 

Physical Appearance

Hwang In-Yeop Physical Appearance

Hwang has set standards for male Korean beauty very high. He is bout 6’1 feet tall and has a perfect weight of around 70 kg. He is not just lean, he has maintained his body well and has six abs that he shows off once in a while. 

Is perfect Asian eyes set him apart and many people have suggested that he resembles the legendary Lee Joon-Gi. He has a very innocent smile which he rarely flashes to melt fans’ hearts. 

Because he is a model, he is often dressed formally and rocks those outfits. When dressed casually, he looks handsome still. 


Hwang In-Yeop Career

As stated above, Hwang debuted as a model and the year was 2017. He was a runway model and carried himself with ease. A year later, he started his acting career and starred in a web series called Why?

It was another year later when he started his small-screen career in a supporting role.

In 2020, he landed his first major role as the second lead in the famous coming-of-age drama called True Beauty. He earned Asia-wide and also international fame due to his bad boy look and a soft-hearted boy in high school. 

Hwang In-Yeop Career

Besides this drama, he has some other good dramas in his name such as 18 Again and Why Her. 

He does not belong to a band but sings sometimes contributing to the music of different dramas. 

 A brief account of his career is given below. 

Television Series

Hwang In-Yeop Television Series

  • The Tale Of Nokdu – 2019
  • 18 Again – 2020
  • True Beauty – 2020
  • Why Her – 2022

Web Series

  • Why – 2018
  • Freshman – 2019
  • The Sound Of Magic – 2022

Net Worth

Hwang In-Yeop Net Worth

Hwang has earned most of his assets through modeling. He has been at it since he started in the industry. Although he has few dramas in his work history but he has done such an amazing job in each one of them that he has made a fortune. His current net worth is estimated to be near $5 million according to our sources. Some claim it is much higher than that considering his work for different brands, especially Dior. Whatever his financial status is, he has worked very hard for it. 

Family And Relationship

Hwang In-Yeop Family And Relationship

Like almost all South Korean celebrities, In-Yeop also keeps his private matters away from his professional. There is not much known about his family apart from the fact that besides his parents, he has a brother. His brother’s name is Inof In-Yeop and is a well-known YouTube star, just as handsome as Hwang. Hwang’s parents have always supported his decision to enter the fashion industry and have helped him get an education in a similar field. 

Hwang In-Yeop Family And Relationship

Judging by In-Yeop’s gentle nature, he sure comes from a very loving set of parents

As for the dating history of this gorgeous man, he has been involved in some dating rumors with his co-stars and ladies from outside the industry. There has never been a confirmation from him about such rumors and he has officially been single until 2023. 

Social Media

Hwang In-Yeop Social Media

This Godly artist is available on Instagram with an official account. He has a massive following of 17.7 million. He has about 173 posts at the moment. Although he is not present on other social media platforms, there are hundreds of fan pages of him everywhere and so many fan edits circulating the internet. 

Social Media Handles


Hwang In-Yeop Hobbies

Hwang is a naturally introvert and a shy human being. He loves playing his guitar and sings as he pleases. Besides this, he loves to work out regularly maintaining a perfect six abs throughout the years. He is a big fan of arcade games and is good at it. 

He likes to be near water and swims too. 

Some Interesting Facts

Hwang In-Yeop Some Interesting Facts

  • He contributed to the soundtracks of both True Beauty and Sound Of Magic.
  • There were rumors of him dating Moon Ga- Young but they were not true. 
  • He spent his teen years in the Philippines.
  • He has held various fan meetings as well. 

How tall is Hwang In-Yeop?

Hwang is 6'1 feet tall.

Did Hwang serve in the military?

Yes, he has completed his service before he entered the industry.

Is his family also from the South Korean Industry?

Hwang's younger brother is a famous youtuber. They do not belong to the industry.

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