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Haley Kalil or more commonly known as Hayley Baylee is a social media celebrity and a former model. She is originally from Minnesota, United States. Haylee started as a swimwear model and has won many pageants. She has kept herself up to date and jumped on the social media bandwagon during Covid 19. 

Kalil managed to gather millions of followers and became a TikTok and YouTube star in a very short time. Her content was full of sarcasm and satire making it hilarious and relatable at the same time. People caught on to her famous past soon and were amazed at her many skills. 

Hayley has made it to the news due to a controversial video of hers from Met Gala 2024. 

Keeping her already successful career in mind, we have gathered all the information about Kalil and provided it for our lovely readers!

Haley Kalil Biography

Hayley Kalil Biography

Date of BirthAugust 6, 1992
Age32 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.73 m (5’ 8 ft)
Weight55 kg~
Net Worth$5 million
HometownExcelsior, Minnesota, United States


Hayley Kalil Education

Hayley is not just a woman of beauty but also possesses brains. She started her educational journey in her hometown and graduated from her High School in Excelsior. Kalil had an interest in the medical field and chose to attend St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She graduated with flying colours with her major subjects being Medical Biology and Psychology.

Physical Appearance

Hayley Kalil Physical Appearance

There is no denying the fact that Kalil is one of the most beautiful Social media models today. She stands 5’8 feet tall and has a body weight of about 55 kg. She has maintained her figure slim and herself physically fit. Hayley was a model and pageant winner so naturally, she is very graceful and knows how to groom herself. She has honey-colored hair and brown eyes.


Hayley Kalil Career

Hayley started running in pageantry at the age of 16. She participated in Miss Minnesota Teen USA for two years and managed to win the crown a second time in 2010. 

She was able to represent Minnesota in Miss Teen USA the same year. This talented woman ran for Miss Minnesota USA in 2013 again and won the crown. She was one of the Top 20 contestants in Miss USA 2014 after which she quit pageantry. 

Kalil started her modeling career in 2018 after she won the competition of Sports Illustrated Swin Search the previous year. She was photographed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue until 2021.

Kalil started her social media journey by the name of Haylee Baylee just before COVID-19 hit worldwide just like so many other creators such as Luke Davidson and Daniel Thrasher. Her content was full of satire that people loved. She quickly became popular on TikTok and YouTube and gathered millions of followers. 

Hayley has been under fire since she appeared on Met Gala 2024 and created a very tone-deaf short video that hurt the sentiments of many people around the world. She lost a lot of followers as a result and had to post a video apology. 

People are still waiting for Hayley to redeem herself. 

Net Worth

Hayley Kalil Net Worth

Just like Nick DiGiovanni,  social media is not Hayley’s first or only career. She was a very successful model until she found personal joy in creating content. Kalil earns a good amount by endoresing and partnering with famous brands such as KFC and Cocoacola. Kalil has an impressive net worth of $5 million as of 2024 and it is increasing with her popularity. 

Family And Relationship

Hayley Kalil Family And Relationship

Hayley was born in a well off family of Minnesota, United States. She has two other siblings, a brother and a sister and Hayley is a middle child. Kalil always ad the support of her parents. Her family has appeared in her videos a few times refelecting their strong bond. 

Hayley married a famous Football Player Matt Kalil when she was 23. The couple remained on good terms for many years but fell into disagreement later. Hayley is now divorced since 2022 and enjoying a single life

Social Media

Hayley Kalil Social Media

Out of all social media accounts, Hayley’s TikTok is in the kead with 10 million followers and 1.1 billion likes. She has garnered 6.35 million subscribers on her YouTube channel with 2.7k videos. Kalil usually posts reels on her Instagram where she currently has 5.76 million followers on 2.2k posts.

Social Media Handles


Hayley Kalil Hobbies

Kalil is a free spirited and hilarious woman. She has taken control of her life and does what makes her happy. One of the things that gives her happiness is creating content. She has a large circle of friends and often collaborated with other social media stars. When Hayley is not working, she takes a break from social media while she rests. She loves New York and having fun in New York life. 

Some Interesting Facts

Hayley Kalil Some Interesting Facts

  • Hyaley was signed under Wilhelmina Models just like Olivia Ponton until 2023. 
  • Kalil went through surgery for Endometriosis, urethritis and Ovarian cysts. 
  • She shares her zodiac with fellow content creator, Mia Hayward.

Who is Hayley Kalil's husband?

She married an American football player, Matt Kalil but are divorced now.

How old is Kalil now?

Hayley will turn 32 in August of 2024.

How many surgeries does Hayley have?

She has a few procedures performed on her but the exact number of plastic surgeries is unknown.

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