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Ha Jun is a talented South Korean actor. He has been continually appearing in important supporting roles in various dramas of all genres. His serious expressions make him look like a mysterious brood. 

He is also known by his old stage name, Soon Ha-Jun. Jun recent appearance along with Rowoon in the famous Rom Com, Destined with You as Mr. Kwon left our hearts fluttering. 

He is great at acting just like Lee Joon-Gi, Kim Namjoon and many more from the South Korean Industry. 


Ha Jun Biography

Date of BirthApril 3, 1987
Age36 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.80m (5’9 ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$1 million
HometownChangwon, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Ha Jun Education

This mature man is educated and handsome. He has honed his acting skill and studied Theatre as a major subject. He graduated from the Seoul Institute of Art. Like many others, he came to the city with the goal of pursuing a career in industry and he made sure to prepare himself for it.

Physical Appearance

Ha Jun Physical Appearance

he has a serious face that attracts all girls. He is about 5’9 feet height and he is packed with charm that exudes from his whole existence. Jun has a lean physique and weighs about 70 kg.

He surely works out well and also takes a healthy diet to maintain his fitness. 

He has a big and energetic laugh that we have seen a few times. Beige suits him the best and he always rocks a formal outfit. 


Ha Jun Career

Jun started his career about a decade ago in the year 2012. He was a theater student so he naturally went that way first. His first theater drama was Fantasy Couple. After this one stage drama, he entered the Korean drama industry in 2013. He was cast in many supporting roles over the years. Some of his good dramas include Bad Papa, Arthdal Chronicles and Bad Prosecutor. He also has a wide range of film roles in his name. He started getting big screen roles in the year 2016 and onwards. 

Ha Jun Career

After impressing a lot of fans in the drama Destined with you, he soon appeared in another drama. This time as the male lead. The drama airing right now is called Live Your Own Life. Many people are finally his true place as a male lead and hopefully he will get more major roles from now on. 

Television Series

Ha Jun Television Series

  • Who Are You – 2013
  • Three Days – 2014
  • Gap-Dong – 2014
  • Six Flying Dragons – 2015
  • Radio Romance – 2018
  • Bad Papa – 2018
  • Arthdal Chronicles – 2019
  • Black Dog: Being A Teacher – 2019
  • SF8 – 2020
  • Missing: The Other Side – 2020
  • High Class – 2021
  • Crazy Love – 2022
  • Bad Prosecutor – 2022
  • Destined With You – 2023
  • Live Your Own Life – 2023


Ha Jun Films

  • The Boys Who Cried Wolf – 2016
  • The Outlaws – 2017
  • On Your Wedding Day – 2018
  • Girls’ Stories – 2019
  • Festival – 2020
  • The Roundup – 2022

Net Worth

Ha Jun Net Worth

Despite being great at acting and having good looks, Jun still got supporting roles for many years. He gets paid a good amount. His current net worth is known to be around $1 million. He has started appearing as male lead which will surely bring him more money and more modeling jobs as well. Despite all this, Jun still leads a comfortable life. Fans can’t wait to see him soaring to new heights. 

Family and Relationship

Ha Jun Family And Relationship

Like so many other actors and celebrities, Jun has maintained his secrecy. He has kept his family and other private matters completely separate from his professional life. There is no information about his family background, his parents and siblings. 

All we were able to uncover was the fact that he is very close to his family and cares for them very much. 

Ha Jun Family And Relationship

Jun is single as of 2023. He is not married or dating at the moment. If there was a girlfriend in his past, he has managed to keep that a secret as well and eluded all questions on the matter. 

Social Media

Ha Jun Social Media

Our new favorite Rom Com star is available on Instagram with an official account. His account is quite old and he posts regularly about his projects and other activities. He has 427k followers to be exact as of 2023. Many of his videos from different big accounts are available on YouTube but he does not have an official account just yet. We hope that with rising popularity, Jun will appear on more platforms for us to follow him. 

Social Media Handles

Ha Jun Social Media Handles


Ha Jun Hobbies

Despite looking very serious and mature, Jun still indulges in many fun activities. Ha loves to eat good food and enjoys it very much. Our guy loves to be by the water and beautiful sunsets. Jun is good at many sports such as golf and ice hockey. He loves to relax in open spaces. He enjoys his company too. 

Some Interesting Facts

Ha Jun Some Interesting Facts

  • Jun ‘s grandfather was also associated with the industry. He died this year. 
  • He is a dog person and loves petty dogs.
  • He won a Best New Actor award in the year 2021.
  • His birth name is Song Joon Chul.
  • He loves cold coffee

Who Is Ha Jun?

He is a South Korean actor currently appearing as a male lead in Live Your Own Life.

How old is he?

Jun is 36 years old as of 2023. he was born in April 1987.

How tall is Jun?

Jun is about 5'9 feet tall.

Is Ha Jun married?

No, Ha Jun is single at the moment.

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