Go Yoon Jung  Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Go Yoon Jung is a model and actress of exceptional beauty. She is a rising star in the South Korean Industry and belongs to the same country. 

Yoon Jung has managed to capture the eye and attention of the public through her various roles, especially due to her supporting/major roles in Alchemy Of Souls and Death’s Game. 

Her fan following in real life and on social media is increasing with each passing day as more and more people discover her acting talents. 

She has worked with many actors of the same era such as Lee Jae-Wook, Jung So-Min, and Song Kang

Go Yoon Jung Biography

Go Yoon Jung Biography

Date of BirthApril 22, 1996
Age27 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.67m (5’5ft)
Net Worth$3 million
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Go Yoon Jung Education

Yoon Jung had decided at a young age that she wanted to enter the industry. To achieve that goal, she chose to study at Seoul Women’s University. While Yoon was a student, she did not multitask like many other actors and actresses. She focused on her education and graduated with good grades. 

Physical Appearance

Go Yoon Jung Physical Appearance

As mentioned earlier, Yoon Jung is a woman with breathtaking beauty. She is about 5’5 feet tall has maintained a perfect body figure and weighs somewhere around 45kg

Her beauty has captured many hearts and she can be considered a true South Korean beauty standard. 

She has large beautiful eyes and a v-shaped chin, making her an ideal face for the screen. 

Many people suspect that she has undergone surgeries. However, there has not been any confirmation of that so far. 


Go Yoon Jung Career

Yoon Jung stepped into the world of showbiz only after she had completed her education and graduated successfully. She was signed under MAA managing company. 

She first started as a model which was befitting her beauty. Yoon was not an ordinary model and she started with advertisements for big brands such as Nike, Giorgio Armani, and many such names. 

It was in 2019 when she finally felt she was ready to act on the small screen. Jung first appeared in a cameo role in the popular television series He Is Psychometric. Her short screen appearance was enough to get her noticed and she bagged a supporting role later in the series called Law School. 

Her most notable role so far has been that of Naksu, a deadly assassin in the internationally famous Netflix series Alchemy Of Souls

She continues to appear in bigger roles on both television and in films and fans are desperately waiting for her to appear as the leading lady as well. 

Television Series

Go Yoon Jung Television Series

  • He Is Psychometric – 2019
  • Law School – 2021
  • Alchemy Of Souls – 2022


  • Hunt – 2022

Web Series

  • Sweet Home – 2020
  • Moving – 2023
  • Death’s Game – 2023

Net Worth

Go Yoon Jung Net Worth

Yoon Jung has only entered the acting field a few years ago. However, she has been in the modeling field for a long time and has done an amazing job. Her major sources of income are both acting and modeling. Besides these two, she works for brands by endorsing them on her social media. She has a good fan following on her social media giving her leverage and making it a good side income source. Her net worth, as estimated by many sources, in the beginning of 2024 is reaching $3 million

Her net worth is expected to increase in the coming year as she appears in more television series in major roles and becomes more popular among the audience. 

Family And Relationship

Go Yoon Jung Family And Relationship

Yoo Jung has kept her private life away from the prying eye of the camera. It is rumored that both her parents were actors just like her but there is no confirmation of that news available. The media were not able to find out anything about her siblings apart from the fact that she comes from a comfortable house in Seoul

Go Yoon Jung Family And Relationship

As for her love life, Yoo has never disclosed any information about who she is dating. However, due to their amazing chemistry on the screen, many fans speculated that she and Jae-Wook were in a relationship. Both actors have publicly addressed that they are not dating but maintain a close relationship as friends. 

So to the eye of the public, Go Yoon is single as the year begins. 

Social Media

Go Yoon Jung Social Media

Go Yoon is available with an official account on the most famous social media platform these days and that is Instagram. She has a whopping fan following of 6.5 million from around the world. Yoon has made more than 350 posts and is very active there. 

Her photos give fans an insight into her daily life, interests, and activities. 

Social Media Handles


Go Yoon Jung Hobbies

Go Yoon is a fun-loving girl who likes to go out and have fun. She has many friends and she likes to spend time with them. Yoon is a hard-working girl and is mostly busy with work. But when she is not busy, she reads to pass her time

Besides such interests, she maintains a strict healthy diet to maintain her figure and also does skin routines religiously to keep her young. 

Some Interesting Facts

Go Yoon Jung Some Interesting Facts

  • She has won four awards until now.
  • She was ranked first as the most-watched new actress of 2023. 
  • She has an upcoming television series called Wise Resident Life in 2024. 
  • She is close friends with Lee Jae-Wook.

Is Go Yoon Jung dating Jae-Wook?

No, they are only close friends.

How tall is Youn Jung?

She is 5'5 feet tall.

Is her family from the industry?

No information is available about her family. However there are rumors that both her parents are actors.

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