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Dylan Conrqiue is an American actress, dancer, and singer. She is rapidly gaining more and more followers on various social media platforms making her a popular social media personality as well. 

Dylan started as a dancer first at a very young age. She later officially joined the industry as an actor and has been rocking both fields ever since. Conrique had a deep passion for country music and she started making her own songs soon after she gained enough confidence. 

She is a young woman of many talents gathering fans worldwide as more people come across her work. 

Her career arch is very much similar to that of JoJo Siwa with Conrique being only a few steps behind. 

For any of her fans looking to know more about Dylan, we have compiled a few facts about Conrique’s life! 

Dylan Conrique Biography

Dylan Conrique Biography

Date of BirthApril 13, 2004
Age20 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.64 m (5’ 6 ft)
Weight56 kg~
Net Worth$1 million
HometownGilroy, Santa Clara County, California, USA


The exact names of institutes where Dylan studied have never been revealed by her. However, she started her educational journey in her hometown, Gilroy. Since Dylan is a pro dancer, she received dance training and has attended classes since school. There has been no record of any higher education on Conrique’s part. But she is a creative queen and has made a mark in all the fields she has stepped in. 


Dylan Conrique Career

Dylan got a chance to act and dance as early as three years old. She was cast in a television show for one episode. Her parents knew right off the bad that Dylan was also a talented child. Conrique made a comeback in 2014 when she again appeared in a television show The World’s Astonishing News 2014 for two more episodes. 

After that gig, she started taking acting and dancing seriously. 

Comrique has done many projects since then including Chicken Girls alongside Avani Gregg and Mads Lewis.

Her latest television series was The Rookie where she played the character of Tamara Collins. 

Conrique has also acted in a few movies gaining experience in both series and films. 

Dylan’s music career is the most impressive so far. She has released many singles in the past years on her Spotify and YouTube channels gaining thousands of streams. 

A complete list of her songs with respect to popularity on Spotify is given alongside all her acting projects by year. 

Television Series

Dylan Conrique Television Series

  • The World’s Astonishing News – 2008
  • Weird Wild Wonderful Days Of School – 2016
  • House Of Darkness – 2016
  • Henry Danger – 2017
  • Frolic ‘N ae – 2017
  • Chicken Girls – 2017
  • Baby Doll Records – 2018
  • Chicken Girls: The Movie – 2018
  • The Rookie – 2021
  • My Life Stopped On 15 – 2022


Dylan Conrique Singles

  • Birthday Cake 
  • I Miss You (Skin To Skin)
  • Never Get Over You 
  • Last One To Love Me
  • When I Go
  • Bitter 
  • Pieces 
  • Get Over You
  • Never Change

Net Worth

Dylan Conrique Net Worth

Conrqiue is an immensely talented young woman who has been working very hard since she was just a teen girl. She has experience in the fields of acting, singing, and also dancing. 

Her major source of income has been her acting and singing. Dylan’s social media has also gained enough followers over the years to give her a small side income. She mostly uses them to endorse and promote her songs. 

Dylan’s net worth in 2024 is surpassing $1 million and is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. 

Family And Relationship

Dylan Conrique Family And Relationship

Conrique was born in a comfortable home in Gilroy, in Santa Clara County California. She has an older brother, Caden Conrique who is also an actor and appeared in the famous series Chicken Girls as well. Her parents saw Dylan’s potential and helped her in every possible way to help her fulfill her dreams. 

As for dating life of this charming young girl, she has been associated with Sebastian Moy and Skylar in the past. However, she is single these days and not dating anyone for now. 

Social Media

Dylan Conrique Social Media

Our gorgeous celebrity has surprisingly the highest popularity on TikTok out of all her social media accounts with 3.7 million people following her and 79 million likes

Dylan’s official Instagram page has 1.6 million followers and 340 posts so far. 

She has more than 300 videos on her YouTube channel with 474k subscribers

Conrique also has a Facebook account with 59k people following her there. 

Social Media Handles


Dylan Conrique Hobbies

Conrique has a passion for creation. She spends most of her time making music and working on her songs. She loves to travel and enjoy scenic places. Her favorite activity is Skiing. Dylan has a close knit circle and does not party very often. She regularly makes content for her socials as well.

Some Interesting Facts

Dylan Conrique Some Interesting Facts

  • Dylan performed at the Rock Your Hair Concert as a dancer four years ago.
  • She has moved to a neighboring city of Los Angeles for work purposes. 
  • Her favorte actress is said to be Angelina Julie. 

Who is Dylan Conrique dating in 2024?

Dylan is single in 2024.

Which are the most famous projects of Dylan?

Her most popular series have The Rookie and Chicken Girls.

How old is Conrique now?

She turned 20 this year.

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