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Daniel Thrasher is an ultra-talented musician, actor, and social media personality. He is from Florida, United States. Unlike many other social media stars Thrasher’s first career choice was not social media star. He is a genius piano player and one of his piano-playing videos became the reason for his fame. 

Daniel has centered his content around music and even medieval times. He also makes relatable content for today’s youth. Thrasher has racked up millions of followers because of his unique content and amazing skills as a musician.  

One of Trasher’s earliest videos on YouTube is the fourth most-watched video on the platform. 

Daniel Thrasher Biography

Daniel Thrasher Biography

Date of BirthFebruary 24, 1993
Age31 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.78 m (5’9 ft)
Weight70 kg~
Net Worth$8 million
HometownFlorida, United States


Daniel was always inclined towards arts and music. His parents recognized Thrasher’s potential and he was lucky enough to attend the Pinellas County Center for The Arts.  It was a public school that taught specific subjects according to a child’s choice and potential. After graduating from the Magnet School, Daniel continued on the path and was admitted to the Savannah College Of Art And Design. Daniel secured a degree in Performance Arts and was free to take it further when he graduated in 2015. 

Physical Appearance

Daniel Thrasher Physical Appearance

Thrasher is a very good-looking man who underestimated his looks. He is 5’9 feet tall and has maintained a body weight of around 70 kg. Although Daniel does not work out regularly, he exercises enough to maintain himself physically fit. His most attractive features are his green eyes and curly hair. 


Daniel Thrasher Career

Thrasher did not initially take social media seriously as he was busy pursuing studies in music. However, he created a YouTube channel for personal use in 2013. Daniel posted a video of himself playing the theme song of The Office a year later just for fun. The video went viral without Daniel’s knowledge. 

When COVID-19 drove everyone into their houses, Daniel also took notice of his viral video and decided he could start posting similar content. He created a TikTok and revamped his YouTube in 2019. 

Thrasher’s content was not only hilarious, his piano-playing skills were immaculate. He also created unique and funny videos about medieval times, which helped him stand out among many musician creators such as Issa Twaimz and Alex Warren. 

Daniel’s video has been ranked as the fourth most-watched video on YouTube and has billions of views earning him a large sum in revenue.  

Due to his immense fame, Thrasher has been sponsored by many big tech companies such as Raycion, Flowkey, and Squarespace.

Thrasher has always come across opportunities for acting and he has taken them. After many small roles for both big and small screens, Daniel is now appearing as a mai character in the television series Dinner With Parents. 

A complete list of all of his original singles is given below. 


Daniel Thrasher Singles

  • Once Upon A Paradise – 2018
  • The After – 2021
  • When You Make A Musical Promise – 2022
  • I Play Piano Too – 2022
  • Shiny Object Syndrome – 2022
  • Igowallah – 2023
  • The Weiner Song – 2023
  • Lainad’s Waltz – 2024

Net Worth

Daniel Thrasher Net Worth

Just like Ian Boggs, social media is not Daniel’s first and only source of income. He was already a great piano player and a certified bartender when he quit it to become a social media star. He has earned a good amount via social media and his musical knowledge has only aided him in becoming a millionaire. According to various sources, his current net worth is more than $8 million and has only increased manyfold in 2024 due to billions of views. 

Family And Relationship

Daniel Thrasher Family And Relationship

Thrasher was born in Florida just like fellow social media star Brooke Monk. His family might not be well off but were living a comfortable life. He was the youngest child of his parents with two older sisters and an older brother to accompany him. Thrasher’s parents are divorced now and his sisters are married. Besides this general knowledge, Daniel has not revealed any details about his family. 

Just like his family life, Daniel has kept his love life a secret as well. He has never revealed anything about whom he is dating. There have been rumors about him dating Dakota Kelly but the relationship was never confirmed. Thrasher is single in 2024. 

Social Media

Daniel Thrasher Social Media

YouTube being his playground, Daniel has 5.06 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 350 videos so far. His next most popular social media account is TikTok where he has garnered 3.5 million followers and 101 million likes

Thrasher’s Instagram is very much underrated. He has posted more than 200 times and has 474k followers. Fortunately, more people are discovering his page every day. 

Daniel being a millennial has a Facebook page with 431k followers. He has not been active on it in 2024. 

Social Media Handles


Daniel Thrasher Hobbies

Thrasher has a very quirky personality. He is full of life and knows how to out his talents to good use. Most of his time is spent in creating content for his socials and also in making music. When he is not working, Daniel likes to spend time with his family specially sisters. 

He is the owner of two beautiful cats whom he loves dearly. 

Some Interesting Facts

Daniel Thrasher Some Interesting Facts

  • Daniel has also acted in  a fewTV series and a film back in 2017 and 2018. 
  • He has a main role in 2024 Television series, Dinner With Parents. 
  • He was nominated for Streamy Awards in 2022.

How is Daniel Thrasher so rich?

Thrasher became rich due to his viral videos on YouTube and other ventures in music and acting.

How old is Thrasher now?

He turned 31 in 2024.

Who is Daniel's girlfriend?

Daniel has never revealed any information about his dating life and is single for now.

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