Corinna Kopf Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Corinna Kopf is a well-established Instagram model and social media influencer. She is from Illinois, United States. Corinna is among the first lifestyle Instagramers just like Alissa Violet and Anastasia Karanikolaou. She started when the platform was still new and made a solid fanbase for herself over the years.

Kopf is blessed with breathtaking looks as well as her sense of style, setting her apart from other content creators. She has always worked hard and stayed true to herself. 

Corinna serves as an inspiration for so many younger generation Instagram and TikTok models. 

Let us know more about this young and successful woman to know the secret to her dream life!

Corinna Kopf Biography

Corinna Kopf Biography

Date of BirthDecember 1, 1995
Age28 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.65 m (5’ 5ft)
Weight60 kg~
GirlfriendSammy Wilk
Net Worth$16 million
HometownPalatine, Illinois, United States


Corinna Kopf Education

Corinna was a popular girl while she was growing up. She was a student at a local High School in Palatine. It was at that time that she discovered and started her social media. Kopf’s parents wanted her to attend college. There is no confirmation if she participated in a community college in the area. 

Physical Appearance

Corinna Kopf Physical appearance

Kopf is a true beauty with her Barbie-like looks. She is 5’5 feet tall and has a body weight of 60 kg. Corinna is famous for her Kardashian-like hourglass figure. She has blonde hair and blue eyes making her instantly attractive. 


Corinna Kopf Career

Kopf started her Instagram in 2012 when it was still a relatively new social media site. She worked consistently for many years and garnered millions of followers as a result of her style and makeup. 

Besides Instagram, Corinna also played games like Fortnite. She did live streaming on Twitch just like Lia Shelesh. Kopf was a well-known player and Facebook Gaming signed a contract with her in 2019. 

Corinna started her YouTube channel in 2020 after becoming successful on Instagram. She used the Platform to post vlogs and lifestyle-related videos

Kopf cashed her popularity by making an OnlyFans account. She earns a very good income from it although it can not be considered a respectful source of income. 

Kopf is working closely with another famous social media personality, Taylor Caniff. 

Net Worth

Corinna Kopf Net Worth

Kopf has an impressive net worth of $16 million according to various sources. All her assets are a result of her years’ worth of hard work. Corinna also works in partnership with various brands. Social media revenue accounts for her major source of income. She has gifted herself luxurious cars with her own hard-earned money. 

Family And Relationship

Corinna Kopf Family And Relationship

Corina is a very private person when it comes to her family. There is not much known about her except the fact that she was born in Illinois. Kopf has not shared the names or details of her siblings and parents. It is evident that her parents did not approve of her line of work but have accepted it now.

Corinna has dated multiple people in the past. She was previously in a relationship with Toddy Smith as well as Turner Tenney. Kopf has surprisingly been more open about her dating life. Currently, she is dating Sammy Wilk who is also well-known among social media users. 

Social Media

Corinna Kopf Social Media

Kopf is actively using TikTok and YouTube besides Instagram. She has the highest popularity on Instagram as it is her oldest account with 6.6 million followers. Her next famous social media account is TikTok where she has 4.7 million followers and 23.5 million likes. 

Corinna has garnered 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube with only 62 videos

Social Media Handles


Corinna Kopf Hobbies

Kopf is a social butterfly. Due to her line of work, she has a luxurious life. Corinna spends most of her time creating content for her socials. When she is not working, Corinna goes to the beach and likes to relax. She has a wide circle of friends and is often seen with them partying.

Some Interesting Facts

Corinna Kopf Some Interesting Facts

  • Corinna has moved to Los Angeles like many other creators such as Brooke Monk and Micheal Le.
  • Her nickname online is Pouty Girl. 
  • She was associated with Vlog Squad which played a big role in her success. 

Did Corinna Kopf get any plastic surgeries?

Corinna is known to have some Botox and fillers done on her.

Who is Kopf dating these days?

Corinna is in a steady relationship with Sammy Wilk.

How old is Corinna at the moment?

Kopf is 28 years old as of July 2024.

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