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Choi Sun-Eun is a new actress in the film and drama industry of South Korea. She has gained popularity in the last few years soon after she started. 

She has managed to impress many audiences with her performances in different films. Choi made a huge impact with her performance in the web series called The Sound Of Magic. Just in a few years of her work life, she has managed to work with many great actors such as Ji Chang-Wook and Hwang In-Yeop

She is as talented as the many other actresses of this era such as Moon Ga-Young and Cho Yi-Hyun

Choi Sung-Eun Biography

Choi Sung-Eun Biography

Date of BirthJune 17, 1996.
Age27 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.61m (5’3ft)
Net Worth$1 million
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Sun-Eun harbored a great passion for acting and performing arts from a young age. She grew up in Seoul and was able to attend the Kaywon High School Of Arts. Even at that age, she knew what she wanted to do with her life and chose the Department of Theater and Film. 

After completing her high school education, she pursued higher education and chose the Korea National University Of Arts. She worked extremely hard for the next few years in the Arts Department. Having a background education in acting has helped her a lot all these years and she has achieved much more than so many people of her age. 

Physical Appearance

Choi Sung-Eun Physical Appearance

Choi is a true Korean beauty and fits all South Korean beauty standards. She is about 5’3 feet tall and has a slender figure with a rough estimate that her weight is around 45 kg or even less. 

Sung-Eun has very dark eyes and matching dark hair giving her an elegant yet mysterious look. 

She has captured the hearts of so many on the big screen and fans want to see her on the small screen as well. 


Sung-Eun started her career after completing her education. She has a degree in acting so naturally she pursued the field and stepped into the world of theater in the year 2018. Her first stage drama was called Grain In The Blood.

Due to her amazing acting skills on the stage, she was noticed and hired into the film industry. She first starred in a short film called I Want To Go To Paris. Then next year she was cast in a proper first film called Start-Up. Her film career kicked off after that and she has numerous good films under her belt. 

Choi Sung-Eun Career

In the year 2020, she got her first break on the small screen in the drama SF8. The next year, she was cast in another drama called Beyond Evil. 

Choi has only one web series in her work history from the year 2022 but it was enough to get her internationally acclaimed. The Sound Of Magic was a game changer for her career and fans desire to see more of her on their screens.

Television Series

  • SF8 – 2020
  • Beyond Evil – 2021


Choi Sung-Eun Films

  • Start-Up – 2019
  • Graduation Film – 2019
  • The Dog Days – 2019
  • Pus – 2019
  • Nipple War 3 – 2020
  • Ten Months – 2021
  • Gentleman – 2022

Net Worth

Sung-Eun debuted only a few years ago. Although she has many films in her work history, she has done a few leading roles. Her net worth as estimated by many sources is $1 million for now. It is expected to increase in the coming years due to her sheer talent and skills. 

Family and Relationship

Choi Sung-Eun Family and Relationship

Sung-Eun comes from a family of five. She has an older and a younger brother besides her parents. They have all been very supportive of her choice to enter the industry. However, no other member of her family belongs to the same field.

Besides this basic information, Sung-Eun has kept other aspects of her life private and does not like to be open about it on camera. 

As for the dating history of Choi, she has stayed single as far as we know. There has never been any confirmation from her about any sort of relationship in the past. 

Surprisingly enough, she has also stayed above any such rumours. 

Social Media

Since Choi is more of a film actress rather than a Television Actress, she is still undiscovered by the mass audience. She has an official Instagram account where her followers have reached 132k. Besides Instagram, she is not available on any other platform from now. However, her true fans can not wait to see her in more shows and on more platforms giving her more insight into her life.

Social Media Handles


Choi Sung-Eun Hobbies

Choi is a shy and introverted human being. She is very mature for her age. Our girl has a great eye for photography besides being very photogenic herself. She loves taking photos of sunsets and other marvels of nature. Sung-Eun uses her social account to promote her new work and for different brand endorsements. She has very few posts and is not big on overusing it either. 

We can guess by her looks that she takes amazing care of herself as she has maintained herself very well. 

Her few posts on Instagram tell for a fact that she loves to travel and has been to many places. 

Some Interesting Facts

  • She is an inch shorter than the ideal height of women in South Korea. 
  • She has won two film awards, both in the year 2020. 
  • She is managed by a company called Ace Factory.
  • She has contributed to all songs of The Sound of Magic and

Which is the best drama of Choi Sun-Eun?

Choi is mainly a film actress. She has appeared in only two dramas but her best work was a web series by the name of The Sound Of Magic.

How tall is Choi?

Sung-Eun is 5'3 feet tall.

When did Sung-Eun debut?

She debuted in the year 2018 with a short film and theater.

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