Cho Yi-Hyun Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Cho is a beautiful and young South Korean actress. She is a true Asian beauty with a beautiful smile and v shaped face. Despite being very young, Cho has managed to work in many dramas and done an amazing job in each one of them. 

She has won two awards for Best New Actress already. Cho is gaining fame rapidly as more people discover her work each day. 

She is proving to be a breath of fresh air just like Pyo Ye-Jin. She sure will rise to the fame equal to that of Kim Sejeong and Jo Bo-Ah soon. 


Cho Yi-Hyun Biography
Date of BirthDecember 8, 1999
Age23 years old (as of 2023)
Height1.60m (5’2ft)
Net Worth$1 million
HometownGwangmyeong, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Cho Yi-Hyun Biography


Cho Yo-Hyun Education

Cho is one of the intelligent and educated actresses of the industry. She has a background of education in the performance arts as well. He joined Hanlim Multi Art University in 2015. She took musicals as her majors. She graduated from that school in the year 2028. Later she got admission in Kyung Hee University. She continued her higher education in the subjects of Acting And Film. We can surely say that her amazing work is also a result of her professional degrees in the same field and shows her passion for this form of art. 

Physical Appearance

Cho Yi-Hyun Physical Appearance

Yi-Hyun is a natural beauty. Her height is about 5’2 ft i.e. 1.6 m. She is a beautiful petite woman and her stature makes her look even younger for her age. As for her weight, it is about 45 kg. She has a perfectly sculpted body with an hourglass shape that all women envy. 

Over the years, she has lost some face fat. She has beautiful Asian eyes and a cute smile that is equally attractive to both boys and girls. 


Cho Yi-Hyun Career

This beautiful actress started her journey only as a young teen while she was still studying in school in the year 2017. She changed her management in a year and started getting better roles in the year 2018. She spent two more years working in small roles, gaining experience and also continuing her studies. Year 2019 was her year for she was casted in two films, Metamorphosis and Homme Fatale. Her acting abilities were getting noticed by this point and she got her first major role in a television drama called How To Buy A Friend in the year 2020. Since then she has been casted as the female lead in movies and drama series including Ditto and School 2021. 

Cho Yi-Hyun Career

Her current drama The Matchmakers is airing with her as the female lead alongside Rowoon. They are both stirring hearts of millions as the matchmakers of Joseon era. 

Television Series

Cho Yi-Hyun Television Series
  • Witch At Court – 2017
  • Bad Papa – 2018
  • Less Than Evil – 2018
  • My Country: The New Age – 2019
  • Hospital Playlist – 2020
  • How To Buy A Friend – 2020
  • School 2021 – 2021
  • The Matchmakers – 2023


Cho Yi-Hyun Filmography
  • On My Way Home – 2018
  • Metamorphosis – 2019
  • Homme Fatale – 2019
  • Ditto – 2022

Net Worth

Co Yi-Hyun Net Worth

Cho is a new actress and has only been active for some years. This twenty three old is still working her way up. In the short years that she has been working, she has managed to make a good name for herself due to her talents. Her net worth is between $1 million to $5 million as estimated by various sources. Which makes her quite rich for her age. She was recently seen endorsing and modeling for big brands including Tiffany and Co. She is sure to become even a greater name in coming years for her amazing looks and acting. 

Family And Relationship

Cho Yi-Hyun Family And Relationship

Yi-Hyun is one of the actors who keep their professional and personal life separate. Fans have not seen any information about her family background yet. All we do know is that she comes from a small family of four. She has an older brother. None of her family members are associated with the Korean Industry. 

Judging by her social media posts, she comes from a well off background. She continues to grow at a fast pace on her own as well. 

Cho made headlines a while ago when she announced that she had never dated. This cute and innocent looking lady is still single. She only seems to be focusing on her acting career for now. 

Social Media

Cho Yi-Hyun Social Media

Cho is available on two social media platforms namely Instagram and Twitter. She has 5 million followers on her Instagram account where she posts every week. Meanwhile, she has about 154.8k followers on twitter/X. She is not much active on her twitter account but still has a large following there. 

Social Media Handles


Cho Yi-Hyun Hobbies

Cho is an outgoing person. She is often seen in her Instagram posts being photographed outside. She absolutely loves to dress up in cute trendy outfits and fans are all for it. Her social media is filled with her selfies and one of the captions stated that she loves herself. Being an eloquent person, she takes care of herself well. 

Yo-Hyun also tries new food and posts pictures of those as well. 

Interesting Facts

Cho Yi-Hyun Some Interesting Facts
  • She owns a pet dog. 
  • She loves all animals equally, even cats.
  • She has lost some face fat. Any confirmation of plastic surgery is not given.
  • She has an amazing chemistry with all actors she works with.

Is Cho Yi-Hyun a movie actress?

Cho has worked in both dramas and movies. She has done an equally amazing job in both of them.

Which is the latest drama of Yi-Hyun?

Yi-Hyun's latest project is The matchmakers, a historical comedy drama.

How tall is Cho?

Cho is about 5'2 ft tall.

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