Brooke Monk Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Brooke Monk is a young and successful social media personality and entrepreneur. She has made quite an impact on her life and gathered a loyal fanbase in only five years. Brooke comes from Florida, America, and is an American It girl through and through. 

Monks started when she was a teenager and made content that was very relatable to any college or high school girl. Due to her short videos, Brooke became famous on multiple social media platforms at the same time. She not only has people following her in America but her content is watched everywhere around the globe

Although Monk was part of Hype House for a short time just like Alex Warren and Mia Hayward, her popularity is not due to that social group and she worked hard on her own. 

Let us know more about the life of this charming and successful young girl!

Brooke Monk Biography

Brooke Monk Biography

Date of BirthJanuary 31, 2003
Age21 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.65 m (5’ 5 ft)
Weight52 kg~
BoyfriendSam Dezz
Net Worth$4 million
HometownJacksonville, Florida, America


Brooke Monk Education

There is no denying the fact that Monk is an extremely talented individual as she was in her childhood. Brooke was homeschooled by her parents along with her sisters for unknown reasons. She found social media while she was still a teen. Although Monk wanted to attend college, she could not pursue higher education because of her increasing fame. Instead, she decided to focus on being a full-time content creator.

Physical Appearance 

Brooke Monk Physical Appearance

Brooke is a gorgeous woman who knows her style. She stands 5’5 feet tall and has maintained her body weight at 52 kg. She has long brown hair with blonde streaks. Monk has deep-set eyes that she adorns with makeup and it has become her signature style of eye makeup. 

She has a slim body which instantly makes her enviable to all girls.


Brooke Monk Career

Brooke started her social media journey in 2019 just as Covid 19 hit. As most people were home, her content became viral very quickly. She mostly posted on TikTok and her content was mostly dance and lip-syncing videos. As her views increased, Monk decided to make content for a wider audience. 

After Brooke became famous on TikTok, she decided to experiment with other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram as well. By that point, Monk had become a domestic name and well-known among the young generation so she had no problem gaining followers on other social media accounts. 

In Five years, Monk has achieved much more than most people. She is now signed under the oldest talent agency in America, WME since 2022

Besides being a content creator, Brooke has her own merchandise. Like so many other social media stars such as Devin Caherly and Noah Jay Wood, 

Monk’s self-titled merch has a wide range of items that attract so many of her audience. 

Due to her success and gorgeous looks, Brooks has partnerships with multiple big brands such as Shein, Too Faced Hyundai, and Amazon Prime.  

Net Worth

Brooke Monk Net Worth

This beautiful young entrepreneur has so many talents and skills that she knows how to cash. Monk has multiple sources of income. Her social media is her biggest and first source of income but since she became popular, a large portion of her income comes from brand sponsorships.

In addition to that, Brooke makes quite a good sum with her merchandise, Monk’s net worth in 2024 according to many sources is around $4 million which is a lot considering Brooke’s young age. 

Family And Relationship

Brooke Monk Family And Relationship

Brooke was born in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. She has a big family of a total of five sisters and her parents. Monk is a middle child and hence very mischievous. Her parents raised her and all of her sisters with a lot of love and care. Brooke appreciates her family for their efforts and likes to buy them expensive gifts. 

This intelligent girl has been open about her love life. She started dating fellow content creator, Sam Dezz in 2020. They have overcome any ups and downs that came their way and are going strong even in 2024.

Social Media

Brooke Monk Social Media

Since TikTok was her first social account, Monk is most famous on it and has 33.2 million followers with 2.8 billion likes. Her next most popular social account is Brooke’s YouTube channel with 6.89 million subscribers on only 1.9k videos. 

Monk’s Instagram has become popular in the past few years and currently has 5.5 million followers on 211 posts. 

Social Media Handles


Brooke Monk Hobbies

Brooke is full of life and likes to have fun. She has a limited number of female friends but is close to her family. Most of her time is spent working and creating content. She works out to maintain her figure and stay fit. Monk loves to be by the sea of water. She loves swimming and sunbathing to relax herself. 

Some Interesting Facts

Brooke Monk Some Interesting Facts

  • Brooke designs her merchandise herself.
  • One of her sisters is also a social media celebrity famous for dancing. 
  • She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

How old Brooke Monk in 2024?

She turned 21 in January of 2024.

Why is Brooke so famous on TikTok?

She is famous for her hilarious and engaging content across all platforms.

Who is her Boyfriend in 2024?

Brooke is dating Sam Dezz in 2024.

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