Alissa Violet Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family, Hobbies & More

Alissa Violet is an Instagram model and influencer turned actor. She is an American It girl through and through and comes from Ohio. Alissa is one of the very initial Instagram influencers and YouTube beauty bloggers who gained fame and made way for many more internet personalities. 

Violet also gained immense fame when she was the girlfriend of content creator Jake Paul. She joined Team 10 with Emilio Martinez and Tessa Brooks but later left the group due to controversies. 

Since then Alissa has made her career alone and excelled in the field of fashion. She has amassed followers from all over the world who aspire to be as trendy as her. 

Today, we will dive into her private and professional life to learn about this brilliant young model.  

Alissa Violet  Biography

Alissa Violet Biography
Date of BirthJune 12, 1996
Age28 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.75 m (5’ 8 ft)
Weight55 kg~
Net Worth$3 million
HometownBrunswick, Ohio, United States


Alissa Violet Education

Violet has been known to be a good student since the beginning of her education. She was an intelligent child and good at studies. Alissa attended the Brunswick High School in her hometown. In 2014, she finally graduated. Violet had already gotten interested in social media before she graduated. Her passion for fashion took precedence and she changed her plan of pursuing higher education. As a result, Alissa did not attend any college and focused on her social media.  

Physical Appearance

Alissa Violet Physical Appearance

Alissa is among the top Instagram models and hence possesses a great sense of fashion, besides good looks. She stands 5’7 feet tall and has maintained her weight around 55 kg

Violet has kept herself slim and up-to-date according to current trends. She has often experimented with her hair. These days, Alissa is sporting blond hair and bleached eyebrows, setting a new trend among the fashion community. 


Alissa Violet Career

When Violet was still a high school student, she started posting her photos on Instagram which received moderate attention but encouraged her to keep producing more content. 

By 2013, Alissa was an active Instagram and Vine app user. She had gathered thousands of followers on Vine with 6-second videos about fashion when that platform was dissolved. 

Violet widened her horizons when she joined Team 10 and was dating Jake Paul but that partnership did not last long and they parted ways both romantically and professionally. 

Alissa joined YouTube and posted a lot of fashion and makeup-related content. 

Violet’s acting debut came with a thriller film called The Deleted in 2016. It gave her a lot of exposure to the challenges of acting. 

She has also appeared in the music video of Love Race by Machine Gun Kelly in 2021 with Noah Beck, who is also a content creator and social media star. 

Currently, Alissa is signed under Next Models as a professional model and works diligently to take her modeling career to the next level. 

Net Worth

Alissa Violet Net Worth

Alissa is one of the early users of Instagram and also had a huge following on Vine. She has earned herself a good sum of money over the years through her talent and hard work. Violet has worked hard to be hired as a professional model, working with different brands as their model, and for sponsorships. She leverages her social media following in the best way possible and for the benefit of audiences as well. The exact estimate of her net worth is not present. However, we can say that her net worth is around $3 million tentatively

Family And Relationship

Alissa Violet Family And Relationship

Violet has kept her family life private and does not indulge in much talk about her family. Some sources suggested that she has two brothers who grew up with her in Brunswick, Ohio. 

She was an intelligent student and chose the path of social media with her parent’s approval. 

However, Alissa’s love life is no secret and most of her relationships have been public. 

She dated Jake Paul and FaZe Banks

Since 2023, Violet has been in a relationship with fellow creator, Marshmallow. According to her posts on Instagram, their relationship is going strong and steady. 

Social Media

Alissa Violet Hobbies

Violet was one of the initial influencers on Instagram so naturally, she is most popular on it. She has 12.6 million followers and 407 posts so far.  Her TikTok account is the second most popular put of all her socials with 4 million followers and 84.1 million likes. Alissa has made a good impact with her YouTube channel and has 3.5 million subscribers as of now. Although she is not very active on it, Alissa made a Twitter account in 2012 and has 2.3 million people still following her on it. 

Social Media Handles


Alissa Violet Hobbies

Violet is a hard-working young woman. She spends most of her time working, attending events, or modeling. When she is not working, Alissa relaxes with her boyfriend and attends parties

She takes good care of her health by working out regularly. 

Some Interesting Facts

Alissa Violet Some Interesting Facts

  • Alissa left Team 10 due to Jake Paul controversies.
  • She was also a part of another social group, CloutGang.
  • Some people consider Violet to be a Kendal Jenner lookalike. 

Why did Alissa Violet break up with Jake Paul?

Alissa left team 10 and Jake Paul due to various controversies.

Howl old is Alissa in 2024?

Violet turned 28 in June 2024.

Is Violet a professional model?

Yes, she is signed under Next Models.

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