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Alex Warren is a social media content creator turned musician and songwriter. He comes from California, United States like so many other famous internet personalities. 

Alex has worked hard for more than a decade to achieve his dream of becoming a professional singer after he started on social media. He is among the most popular YouTubers during Covid-19. 

Warren gained international popularity with his comedic and skateboarding videos on YouTube and TikTok. His music became equally famous due to Alex’s vocals and heart-touching lyrics

Besides being a successful social media star, Warren is also one of the founding members of the social media collaborative group, Hype House. 

Alex has always maintained a low profile despite being so famous. Today we will discover more about his life in his biography. 

Alex Warren Biography

Alex Warren Biography

Date of BirthSeptember 18, 2000
Age24 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.74 m (5’ 7 ft)
Weight60 kg~
GirlfriendKouvr Annon
Net Worth$3 million
HometownCarlsbad, California, United States


Alex Warren Education

Warren started his schooling at a nearby school in his hometown. He became interested in music at a young age but didn’t think he could become a musician while he was growing up. Due to a tough life at home, Alex barely graduated from high school. He could not go to college, instead, he focussed on making content and working hard on his social media career. 

Physical Appearance

Alex Warren Physical Appearance

Alex is a very naturally good-looking man who is also down to earth. He is 5’7 feet tall and weighs around 60 kg. Warren has very distinctive red-colored hair. In his recent videos, he was seen sporting a beard and looking dapper. 

Warren is not an excessively muscular guy but he has kept himself healthy by not drinking or doing drugs. 


Alex Warren Career

Warren has a long journey to success. He has faced many difficulties on his path to success. After he was out of high school, Alex was almost homeless and relied on his friends for support. He made video content during the day and slept in his friends’ cars during the night. 

He started posting on YouTube in 2015. His content was hilarious and engaging.

 Warren’s skateboarding videos got a lot of attention and his consistent efforts eventually paid off. 

By 2018, his social media career had picked up and he joined TikTok as well as Instagram. 

He started the Hype House collaborative to build a community of creators who can support each other. 

As a result of his recognition among the masses, he became a host of the show called Awesomeness TV’s Next Influencer in 2020.

At this point, Warren had gathered enough confidence and finances to be able to produce his music and he fulfilled his lifelong dream. He released his debut song, One More I Love You. His music was compelling enough that Atlantic Records signed him in 2022. Warren has been making music consistently after that. He holds tours and concerts for his music attended by thousands of fans. Alex’s career arc and popularity are similar to that of Morgan Wallen.

A list of all his singles is provided below for any fans who want to check out his music. 


Alex Warren Singles

  • One More I Love You – 2021
  • Screaming Underwater – 2021
  • Remember Me Happy – 2021
  • Headlights – 2022
  • Chasing Shadows – 2022
  • Give You Love – 2023
  • Change Your Mind – 2023
  • How Could You Be Okay – 2023
  • Yardsale – 2023
  • Before You Leave Me – 2024
  • Save You A Seat – 2024
  • Carry You Home – 2024

Net Worth

Alex Warren Net Worth

Warren happens to be a very humble and modest man. He has never shown off his assets or based his content solely on it. Alex has made quite a good amount of money first from social media and brand sponsorships and then from his music career. His music continues to gain popularity and bring him a steady stream of money. Warren’s current net worth is around $3 million and he is in no way done. Alex has the potential to grow further and become richer in the coming years.

Family And Relationship

Alex Warren Family And Relationship

Warren was born in a family of five in Carlsbad, California. He has a brother and a sister. Alex was very close to his father who introduced him to music. Unfortunately, his father passed away when Alex was nine years old. His family was in shambles after that and his mother was unable to take care of the kids due to her issues properly. As a result, Alex left home at 17 and made his career on his own. 

Warren has a very clear dating history. He did not date much when he was building his career. He started dating a fellow social media creator in 2018 and has been going strong ever since. 

Social Media

Alex Warren Social Media

Warren has the highest number of followers on TikTok. At the moment, he has 15.7 million followers and 970 million likes. His YouTube channel comes next where he has released most of his songs. Alex has 2.66 million subscribers now. 

Surprisingly, Warren’s Instagram account stands third with 2.2 million followers on 622 posts. 

Alex also has a Twitter account that he made in 2014. He has 967k followers that wait for his tweets. 

Social Media Handles


Alex Warren Hobbies

This charming young man has a wide circle of friends and people who love him dearly. He often hangs out with them. Most of the time, Warren is busy creating content for his socials. These days, most of his time is taken up in preparation for his upcoming tour. 

When Alex wants to relax and unwind, he takes small breaks from social media and relaxes with his girlfriend. 

Some Interesting Facts

Alex Warren Some Interesting Facts

  • Alex is set to marry Kouvr as they both got engaged in 2022. 
  • He starred in the Netflix show about Hype House. 
  • He is closely associated with Mia Hayward and Jack Wright. 

When did Alex Warren start making music?

Alex released his first song in 2021. He has been working on it prior to that.

When are Alex and Kouvr getting married?

Exact date of their wedding isn't announced yet. However, they will et married in the coming year.

How old is Warren now?

He will turn 24 in September 2024.

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